20 September 2018

One FULL week of EASY Optavia Lean + Green Meals | Easy Keto Recipes

Hi guys! This video is a little different than any of the rest but I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to get healthy! Mexican Zucchini Skillet Recipe: ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Brittany if you're new here I had my twin boys one year ago on August 7th I gained 39 pounds when I was pregnant with them I feel very fortunate that I didn't gain more weight than that basically recently I've lost that weight along with I guess 414 extra pounds so I've lost 53 pounds I lost 40 pounds in eight weeks and then as I'm trying to remember and I've I lost 50 pounds or I have lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks so it's it's coming off real fast this program is amazing this program really does work I love it so much that I want to become a coach so bad but basically these are just my leaning green meals and if you're doing keto you can eat these meals as well it's basically the same thing except octavia they have the meals that you can buy from them so I love that part about it it's super convenient I don't have time to meal prep I really don't so basically this is just my week's worth of lean and green meals and I hope you enjoy this [Music] what I did here is I basically wanted to make spaghetti so I did one cup of SU Dalls and then I added 4 ounces of 96%

lean ground beef and then I added one 1/4 cup of Rosen er naira sauce and then on top I just added two ounces of light mozzarella cheese so basically you have the 4 ounces of lean ground beef and then you add the 2 ounces of the mozzarella cheese and you have your total of 6 ounces and then these oodles is two servings of your green and the quarter cup of Rao's marinara is your third serving of greens if you can believe it I actually still needed to add my healthy fat to this but I ended up having two laughing cow light cheese's earlier in the day with one of my biscuits here I made tacos basically I took three slices of provolone cheese place them individually on a wax plate microwaved it for 40 seconds and you basically sizzle it to the point where it's burnt and then you take it out super quick once it's done and I put a cupcake pan upside down and I place it in there so it makes like a taco shell and then I just put my fixings on there so I had an additional three ounces of my leaner that I needed to have so I had 96% ground beef and then I just added like my fixings on there and I put actually

put guacamole on my tacos on the side here is just my extra fixings that I didn't have room for on my tacos we'll link this recipe down below I just wanted to let you know that I don't know the exact measurements for this one I just found it on Pinterest and it looked delicious so I just tried to eyeball what I thought I've been on program three months so I've kind of gotten the hang of what everything looks like but I actually ended up having about 1/2 a cup of rice cauliflower on the side of this you for this salad what I did is I got a little bit of bag to butter lettuce and some spinach then I added a half of a cup of grape tomatoes and then I added three ounces of chicken and then for my other portion of my leaner I added three slices of cheese that you can see here it's light provolone cheese I believe it's low-fat basically what you do is you put it in the microwave on a wax plate and you sizzle it you basically burn it that's the same thing you do with the taco shells but 40 seconds is usually what works in my microwave and then I just cut it up with a pizza cutter and it's almost just like

having croutons it was so so good and they were perfectly crunchy and then because I was allowed one healthy fat I added three tablespoons of Bolthouse Caesar dressing here I just had a healthy choice chicken broccoli alfredo pasta frozen meal basically all that you have to have added to that for your full lean and green is one serving of your green and then one healthy fat so I just had a side salad here is one of our all-time favorite meals ever we used to eat it with rice I still make the rice for my husband but basically I have rice cauliflower on the bottom and then I have six ounces of a 96 percent ground beef and then one cup of broccoli and cauliflower and then on the top I add my coconut aminos so as many servings as I have left for the day that is a compliant condiment last but not least I have my ultimate favorite who doesn't love in and out or you can order this anywhere really basically what I order is a double-double protein style with cheese without onions extra tomato add pickle mustard only I wouldn't recommend making this a regular thing but we do this probably once every

10 days or so but you guys it's so delicious it's juicy and you will never miss your bun I promise so so so good I plan to do more videos like this and videos on my weight loss and things of that sort so don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it we'll see you all in the next one bye you