01 January 2019


Subcribe to me and Flamingo because my cousin was bothering me to Say that in the video.

guys um it's a bleep roll back in here

for a 2019 review it yeah my stupid cousin right here he recording like five fireworks and he ended up like stopping the hoarding they get uploaded because oh yeah hey guys so it's pro again so I'm doing the 2019 tradition on 19 number bar despises me know anyways mingos trash your mom track you but your mama's awesome my mug Happy New Year's [Music] anyways today for my saying say nonsense yeah thousand nineteen guys happy new year 2100 by on my letting go so Clyde don't subscribe to something will go on my mind only go in the microts do you have a mic over there blessed blessed but dark doesn't mic right there so I'm gonna go there I'm gonna be like hey you guys make sure to go on discord I'm gonna say mix it this will stop the throw and go to on my discordant it's fine on my snapchat because I'll go do it right now actually thanks [Music] [Music] what I mean by sometimes [Music] anyways guys so thank you very much for this very bad year for the memes uh

sorry XD fireworks for me wait wait wait wait wait sorry guys for the blankness snow Clyde Lily no Clyde anyway so thank you for the horrible year for memes and stuff thank you for the great year guy and now subscribe to finito he's better youtuber than pearl it's true he has more subscribers I don't have thirteen ball cares go go go sucker they should go Dinah home go t pose and go suck a microwave and where's byes