11 March 2019

OMAD + HIIT + Locs 🔸Weight Loss Journey Day 165

Weight loss journey day 165. I did OMAD one meal a day.

hi its Mika fasting weight loss and

today is day 165 of my 100-pound fasting weight loss journey 2019 on YouTube I want to say Facebook I don't even go on Facebook anymore I'm mostly just on YouTube so i forgot to mention what happened the day before yesterday saturday i went to work and i had a busy day and i was ahead of schedule which never happens so i really wanted to go to the gym so i asked people to come earlier everyone came earlier so i scrunched it up i have no brakes which i usually don't I finished at 5:30 I jetted home changed it to my gym clothes and jetted to the gym I got there about 6 o'clock I was excited for one hour workout and as I'm pulling into the gym parking lot I see no cars and I see people walking out I was so upset so they close at 6:00 on Saturdays I don't I rarely go after work on the weekend so I didn't know they closed at 6:00 I was so mad that's what made me break my fast and go to the grocery store cuz I was upset and I was feeling fine I wasn't hungry it was 40-something hours fasted and then I came home eight and just sat by the TV then I went to bed kinda early cuz probably that food made me sleepy even

though it was good choices it was a lot then still Fitness Raw did alive and I was like oh man this is a scientist and go to his challenge cuz I hadn't done the workout but I did it I just went to sleep so then yesterday Sunday I did the only exercise I did is what you guys saw on the left in the video for yesterday and I did a 21-hour fast I'm not really sure what I'm doing right now I'm trying to lose my ten percent body weight and March for the Big Jim slim challenge and trying to be strict so I was for the last few days trying to go as many hours as possible with the minimum being um I could only eat one meal that's what I was doing so it's either 24-hour fast or one meal that's kind of where I'm at right now but today I'm not filling that after I upload this I'm gonna see if I have work you guys I'm not organized so I don't even know if I have work today I need to look through all my text and see if I have clients I might put clips of work that I've done the last week of dreadlocks I do LOX for a living if you don't know I have a lock shop I've been there for nine years I'm running my lock

business let's see so what did I eat so I finished work probably 6:30 6:30 went to the grocery store I saw two people I haven't seen for a long time one is a beast in the gym she is at the gym every single day she's lost a lot of weight she's fit she's strong she hits those weights but she's very nice like small and muscular the other one man she moved from like 40 minutes away she used to be my neighbor in this apartment complex and I saw both of them at the grocery store that was so crazy okay so I came home I had a big salad made by me just different it had a lot of spinach and a lot of the I forgot what Italian mix I like iceberg which I know is not the best choice they didn't have any anyway so I had a big full plate of salad blue cheese dressing a lot of it was yogurt blue cheese dressing which is 35 calories but I put the regular one too I had sunflower seeds I had a whole pack of sunflower seeds on the way home I'm still calling this Oh mad because I'm pretty sure was within an hour or so that I had to eat in window I had my usual sugar-free stuff if you're know I'm not ready to give up fast food I'm not ready to give

a box stuff I'm not ready to give up anything that sugar free at this point I'm just trying to make it day by day um and what I am willing to give up which is my binges I am kind of feeling like giving a fast food I'm kind of filling that right now I'm not sure though okay so I had I took I took the little magic bullet filled it with frozen strawberries heavy cream a tiny bit of trivia and cream cheese maybe an ounce and I blended that put it in the freezer with macadamia in it and that was one and then the other one was the usual sugar-free pudding which I add I used heavy cream and almond milk and a little bit of cream cheese in macadamia nuts in those nut topping nuts and almond slivers oh and I have the turkey sausage links they are very low calorie and they have good protein that's what I ate yesterday yeah that's all that ate um I feel happy with that it was a large portion I'm not happy with my exercise I I told myself if you eat you're going to do another hit but I didn't so that's what I told myself and that's kind of what I think I would like to do too like if I'm gonna eat that day if I eat you

see I'm doing a video take your jacket off it's not even close to time to go I said I ate the turkey sausage yeah that's alright take the jacket off okay that's it sorry I feel like I did okay I feel like I didn't do as good as I could of them I should have done more exercise that's all I really feel like I should it there so no way in I'm excited to not weigh in I erased my board I don't know I want to have right here all of my day one today 165 I want to have my weights just so I can see it but I don't know how I'm gonna put it there yet okay so that's it right [Music] you