19 July 2019

OMAD Fasting Results Day 4 - 2019 Weight Loss Journey

OMAD Fasting Results Day 4 - 2019 Weight Loss Journey + 5 David Goggins Quotes Today I share what I ate on OMAD One Meal A Day Diet and what exercise ...

hi its Mika fasting weight loss and

today is day four of my oh man intermittent fasting diet plan that I'm doing for two weeks I'm doing Oh mad Monday through Friday and a 48 hour water fast over the weekend I am on a fasting weight loss journey I started at two hundred and seventy three point two pounds and my goal weight is 183 point two that'll be a 90 pound loss of weight okay let's see today I'm gonna tell you oh no so they I'm going to tell you what food I ate and what exercise I did I'm gonna tell you my weights did I keep losing did I maintain that I gained I'm also gonna read at the very end man please stay to the end it really is helpful to me if you stay to the end let's see I'm gonna read five David Goggin quotes for weight loss motivation if you're trying to lose weight it's not even weight loss his quotes are not for weight loss his quotes are from any goal just to be a disciplined person and oh gosh you guys know I love him and I'm gonna keep talking about him because I think we need to really listen to what he says see where he came from where he went and apply it to our lives okay so

what did I eat dang it I didn't upload the picture okay what did I eat I had oh I almost didn't get to eat yesterday cuz I had to work I worked so many hours yesterday but I got a break in between I could either choose to sit down everyone or relax or go to the water park I chose water park for two hours because I had to come home and do hair again for like four hours okay so I had five eggs Colby cheese with it but and that was cooked in better scramble I had a little bit of baby baby spring mix salad with blue cheese dressing and goat cheese I had one of those packets of tuna it was like sriracha tuna so good um that's all I had as far as food yeah that's all I had as far as food um then I had dessert I'm doing dessert daily kind of because I want people to know there's not just one way to lose weight like you could do it the way you want to do it I'm not telling you you should have dessert I don't think it affects me and I kind of want to prove that and I kind of just want to eat what I want I'm gonna say this again on my weight loss

journey to losing 90 pounds I'm eating what I want period however over the years I've learned that low-carb is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight so and sugar is just not great in my opinion so but I still eat it okay so I don't want people to start thinking that because I'm eating eggs and salad that's what I eat no this is my two-weeks um I can't have fast food but it's I still do eat fast food it's just I'm doing a consistency plan for two weeks I'm doing three things I'm doing waist training I'm doing apple cider vinegar every day and I'm doing one meal where I could eat whatever I want I want fast weight loss results okay so that's what I ate oh my dessert I had five sugar-free Russell Stover's peppermint patties okay and that's what I have for yesterday I didn't eat much um let's see workout I did one full hour not straight but swimming and the wave pool in waves or walking around in the wave pool with the waves coming resistance okay that's all I did yesterday again I did not go the gym not happy I did not have hmm I could have got up early but I didn't I

did have time I don't want to say I didn't have time I chose not to go okay but I did work hard yesterday doing here I do here okay let me give the weight and then I'm going to read the weight loss motivational quotes well motivational quote from Dave mccoggins my way today 30 3.0 that's minus one point four I'm not I'm not even gonna talk about how I feel about that but its weight loss okay so now I'm gonna read five inspirational motivational weight-loss quotes by David gargons read a story watch him on Joe Rogan um there's a channel made I don't know if it's his but there's a channel with David Goggins clips um helpful motivational you have to build calluses on your brain just like you build calluses on your hand callus your mind through pain and suffering second one in order for me to be the person that I wanted to become I saw myself as the weakest person that God ever created I wanted to change that into being the hardest man ever created I haven't read these before first time three the only person who was going to turn my life around was me the only way

I was the only way I could get turned around was to put myself through the worst things possible that a human being could ever endure for as humans were reading books every day to try and figure out how to be someone else what we don't do is go inside turn ourselves inside out and read our own story you have to look inside to find out what you really want mmm love that okay one two three four five we use these words and phrases that only the strong survive and all of this other crap they're just expletive expletive words okay those are five motivational quotes by David Gardens I will see you tomorrow please share what you did yesterday and what you're going to do today and let's work harder today than we did yesterday you