09 October 2019

Old Navy Part 2 // What Size Fit Me? // Weight Loss Clothing Haul

Ok, I went back to Old Navy and exchanged 6 of the 8 pieces I ordered. By the way, it's cheaper to shop online than in store because I had to pay an extra 14 ...


hey guys what's up I am on my way back to Old Navy and we're gonna go try on some clothes I hate returning like 80% of my order I decided to keep the pink leggings and the black leggings only because I checked online and they didn't have those sizes in a large so I'm just idea they fit fine I'll keep them for now and I'll return the rest so let's go see if I can fit into a 14 or maybe even a 12 let's go find out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you all size 12 and they fit well oh wow never thought I'd see the day where size 12 would be I mean that they are painted on the 14s fit perfect they were a little loose though so I felt like they would be too big by the end of the day so I figured I'm losing weight go for the twelves I put them on they button they zipped and so I got them so in about 10 pounds easily perfect but I am so okay love I believe it right now I can't even believe it right now like how did I how I can't even believe it right now like

whoa so let's see what else I got so I got this sweater this sweater came in a bunch of colors it's a size large and it's so cozy and so soft so with the boyfriend jeans super skinny boyfriend jeans they are 12 and my top is a large so I finally have some clothes for fall and I pick I don't worry I'm not gonna wear this bra with it I'm going to the gym so umm pretending that I'd have a regular bra on but I am wearing a black bra and you can't see through this sweater so that's exciting and I plan on wearing this outfit with a nice scarf and some tall boots or my cowboy boots so cool sweater nice and soft there you go and this color is like beige I think so let me show you what else I got now I ordered this shirt originally and I just exchanged it for a large because the extra-large was too big but I really really really really really really liked the shirt so here we are in the large I'm so I'm glad I returned the extra-large because this wooden fits perfect right now and it will let a little on the snug side but it will lose ten pounds it's still going to fit where I felt like the other one that was borderline it fits me and

the armpits better so overall I just like the fit better of the large on mates which is really really crazy but the look is gonna be obviously tall boots maybe a scarf and I'm just blown away right now so I got this year also on white I'm gonna spare you the details and then I also got it in gray all right here's the same shirt in gray now mind you I have a little bit of a muffin top showing because the jeans are a little snug but if once these fit in about five pounds this outfits gonna be perfect but for right now as of today I mean it fits but I do I do look forward to another five pounds or so but I love these shirts they're so soft they're not see-through and they're lightweight so that when it gets like we have really cold mornings here in Texas in the fall and then it warms up so who would by the end of the day you don't need it so heavy so this is like a great thickness for here in the south so now I got obviously got it in white the white I'm use for lots of layering and stuff and then also another pair of jeans so give me one second to switch to another pair of jeans jeans are a size 14 misses and I got them because they may thinking

right now like I don't have any jeans that fit so I'm in-between the 12 and a 14 but police fit right now and I needed a pair of jeans that fit right now so they fit the bill they're nice whisper fading right here and I like the dark wash and for my mom who's watching she's not a fan of ripped jeans so these have know their districts but there's no rips in them so yeah so I know I would say I'm a 1214 depending on brand cuz old maybe the four teens were too big so I needed the 12 and I could not locate these at Burlington and these aren't the brand wax jeans I could not find this exact color way in a 12 so being that the 14s you can see they're nice and loose they fit right now and that's what I need so I need something for the meantime I'm waiting for the twelves that fit perfectly so and then also because I'm going to be continuing working out I got some cute workout shirts so these I'm already wearing my sports bra so I just go throw in my leggings but you got some nice fun look cute that's how it has the twist so and I've been working hard on this area at the gym doing lots of whatever I can do

to taking that area up but I got this in black I got like they were seven bucks so I got a pile of colors but they will obviously I'm wearing with my jeans but I've got it to go with all of my leggings so anyways I cannot thank you guys enough for how special you made me feel with my last video on trying on everything from Old Navy and I purchased online so I long story short I will until I'm done losing weight and know for sure my size I can't order online anymore lesson learned I I'm not going to the store to dress this body but now that I know I'm a solid large or solid size 12 or dish and clothes and then kind of can go with with that as a guideline now but I was very pleasantly surprised and so excited to have this problem I mean it wasn't inconvenient so it's 11:45 today and all I've done is like go shopping and exchange things and then I went while I was out shopping I did more shopping so if while it was a little bit of an inconvenience to have to order online the whole purpose was to avoid the store it was really easy to return everything and I got everything except the the striped shirts from the video that

proved my previous video those are getting shipped to me because thus my store here didn't have a large in stock so they will be shipped to make that so stay tuned because my jeans will bit perfect by the time those arrived they said 5 to 7 business days so that means probably in the next week or two of those will arrive and I'll be smaller by the ends now so I'll do a I'll probably insert some selfies not an upcoming video but I want to thank you guys for helping me figure out how I'm supposed to dress this body I literally have not dressed a body to show it off in 15 years so and then prior to that the clothing style was like so different you know we're talking early 2000s here um so I mean I think all of my jeans that I had in my closet that I'd saved from then are like wide leg or straight leg or like super low-rise like that was like the style back then so so when I could dress that body it was a completely different body so I'm like starting all over with my how to dress myself in the front of going from this mantra of I always would shop online because I knew if I bought this giant shirt it would

it and now I don't need to wear parachute anymore I'm okay with showing a little bit of my body so this whole journey has not just been wait but is also coming out of my shell and coming back so it's gotta be a long learning process if you liked this kind of video where I go shop and try to dress this body that has recently lost a lot of weight comment below and let me know I don't I know this is a weight loss channel and all that but I don't know if you like to see little extra stuff like this from time to time so and pretty much one of the reasons I picked Old Navy's because most of the people that are following me probably have been to an Old Navy and can go buy these things and it's kind of fun and to see somebody try on some stuff so if you like this please let me know if you said if you don't like it you want don't want to see any more videos where I try on clothes or whatever um do let me know too so now since I already have my gym shirt on I'm gonna pull the tags off for some leggings on and I'm gonna go to the gym so I will see you at the next video I'm Jess and you're watching keto rewind [Music]