23 July 2019

Nutritious Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Snail Sauce / O.Doris Healthy Meals

Nutritious Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Snail Sauce / O.Doris Healthy Meals In this video you will lean how to make simple reach and healthy fluted pumkin leaf Snail ...

so hi guys

thank you for subscribing so today so for to do they're using snail to prepare this first I'm going to start by cooking unless I'm going to be a Denise just need to shorts to see how we usually have tablespoon of swatch but according to thunders adult identity true and just thank you from one of these let's cover it and allow you to cook for 10 minutes but I've made him eat on how to properly wash your steel you can check my other video on the description below so you put a link there this size is not as large as size of each you might take your 50 to 20 minutes to get such then I don't watch it up there with stones so at this point with the on your side is the best way I like exit light on your kidneys but if I want to make you this fellow who keeps dry Andy oh that's ugly tonight on you to patch all you [Music] in semesters what you love [Music] Hawaii for two minutes then how a DVD table and it should be ready so it's two minutes and I just added the range so it's two million I just identified you

to be sorry when I was adding vegetables you know anytime you feel you don't have enough iron in your system just come and prepare this eat it for 3ds one check your PCB or the PVC and you see the difference I like repairing this and it is ladies just refresh the seals my vintage table every to Joe's house so I've come to pick the right parts of my cooking and that is testing testing testing yeah please every half work deserve a reward right this glycolic supersoft is very rich in nutrients I must tell you vegetable curry fish vegetable crayfish snail and another special thing about these noodles that everything is fresh or the ingredients are fresh none of them is done when none of them contains preservative mana no I love using fresh ingredients observe you can I hope you liked this video like subscribe share with your lets you so that they know how to have the sources