10 October 2019

Nutritional Lifestyle--I want to lose 100 pounds in a year

I am on a new journey to have a better healthier life. I have started taking Thrive by Level, which is a RAW nutrition program. I want to lose 100 pounds in a year, ...

hey guys so I wanted to kind of share

some things with you about a new lifestyle change that I'm undergoing if any of you follow my wife Paula on Facebook you've seen that she's doing a program called thrive by Lavelle which is a kind of a raw nutrition base program it's not a diet program it's a raw nutrition program where by taking a daily shake two capsules a day and a DFT patch which I'll explain to you a little bit later pumps nutrition minerals vitamins that type of thing into your body that most of us lack on a daily basis because we're not getting enough of it from the foods that we eat for me personally her personally she took it because she was always low on energy that's one of my big things I feel like crap all the time my body aches I got muscle aches and joint pain and all kinds of things always feel like a bump in a cloud like I can't think or focus properly this is was the same thing that was happening to her now I come present deenus as a skeptic I just got my package in the mail today and the only reason I ordered it whenever it first came out one of my friends actually got my wife put on on it and I

was a skeptic I was trying to pick it apart I was trying to research to find out if there was any flaws because I've done just about every kind of program out there to kind of make you feel good help you lose weight give you energy that type of thing so I went into this as a skeptic trying to break it so to speak and the more I researched it in the more that I found out what all the ingredients were how it worked I was convinced after watching my wife take it for a couple months she's lost 20 pounds she feels awesome she's able to work like nobody's business the fact that she you know she works two jobs she's able to stay focused and stuff like that it was amazing how I was able to see a difference in her sleeping a lot of times you know in between jobs to just continually stayin awake and feeling great and energized and that type of thing so I'm like okay I need to try this stuff and so this is why the first video I put out I want you to kind of kind of go on a journey with me if you're looking into it or you've want to know more about it or you want to say hey does this actually work trust me I don't advertise or promote anything that

isn't legitimate I've been a huge health proponent in raw foods and stuff like that for not most of my life probably after I have my gallbladder taken out I started really getting into what nutrition does and raw foods and vegetables and stuff like that so when I decided to do it I wanted to be all-in and do what I tell you know tells me to do because if it works for me which nothing works for me if it works for me then I know it can work for anybody so I want you to kind of come on this journey with me so that you kind of feel better about it if you have any questions that type of thing one of the things that got me and I want to show you the product here in a little bit I haven't started it today I'm going to start it tomorrow one of the big things that that they have that a lot of products don't is a DFT patch or derma it's derma fusion technology so basically you put a patch on your arm somewhere on your body the one that mean of the leaner part of your body and it works kind of like a nicotine patch does but instead of nicotine being pumped in your body raw nutrition is being pumped into your body and one of the things

that the patch has is raw green coffee bean extract now lot of you may or may not know what green coffee bean does so whenever you drink coffee in a daily basis that's the roasted coffee interesting fact about roasted coffee whenever they roast the natural green coffee bean it enhances the caffeine in it to a hundred basic cup of coffees about hundred milligrams a day a green coffee bean there's only 20 milligrams in a cup of coffee so whenever they roast it not only does it increase the caffeine which causes addiction and all that other stuff you also lose all of the nutrients and all the minerals from the green coffee bean so when I looked into more about the the green coffee bean and how it assists in weight loss it actually helps with blood sugar it's got neat anti-aging properties really good for disease prevention other diseases improves your and in this is one of the thing I think the secret ingredient energy level is focus and movement and that's what I need it for because I have my high anxiety ADHD and my energy levels are next to nothing another reason that I want to take this stuff is because some

of the and I'll put the link to Lavelle's website out there so you can maybe hear for yourself some testimonials of people that have been on it that I've lost tons of weight have ailments that have just gone away people with IBS people with depression people with anxiety joint pain that's other thing after months of taking it it's gone and that's another thing that you have to understand I'm not going into this gullible and naive to think that it's a miracle cure that it's just going to take everything away instantly anything good takes time I didn't get like this fat and overweight and unhealthy overnight so I know that anything I do to change my life is going to take time it's going to take months it's going to take maybe even a year or more so I'm willing to stick with it because sometimes you're doing things in eating whenever you change your eating habits you don't notice the difference right away but on the inside it is making a difference so this nutrition is raw nutrition that's being pumped into your body and I'll show you so when you wait in the morning and then I'm telling you

basically what my wife told me there's two capsules they're just gel capsules it's a pack you take them first thing in the morning and they make men's and women's capsules so you take two capsules in the morning and at a later time if you want me to I can go over all of the ingredients but um you know the two capsules have vitamin A b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 folic acid b12 b13 chromium selenium and van diem so there's a bunch of other proprietary blends in it one of the big things that I like about this product is that it has probiotics in it probiotics are really good for your digestive system for your gut the doctor if you've ever had antibiotics the doctor tells you take yogurt or something like that that's probiotics your gut needs probiotics in order to function properly and it's really healthy for you the other thing that you do is I got they have different flavors but this is a canister of strawberry smoothie that you mix with whatever kind of water almond milk whatever but it's got a bunch of other different nutrients in it your fiber proteins sugars vitamins basically everything that's in the in the the

capsule riboflavin bb6 slowly biotene if you want to know more about what's in it just put a message on the link and I'll go over all of the ingredients that are in this and also maybe if I want to get through extensive what they do so you take the smoothie about 40 minutes after you take the capsule and one of the things that people kind of do wrong when they're taking this and I want to follow it to the tea is they think that well I can just buy just to save money I can just buy the capsule and maybe the DFT patch and they stop they don't want to take the shake to be upfront with you it's a hundred and fifty dollars mmm no there's all kinds of discounts that's everything so it's $150 a month when I first started when I first heard that I'm like wow that's a lot of money to spend on something that I could be buying food or groceries for my family because I have five girls and I was like okay that's just a lot of money and if my wife is on it I'm on it you know that's three hundred dollars and I'm just like okay what's going on here but the more I researched it I know for a fact that I don't eat enough

healthy stuff to get these nutrients I also look at long-term I want to be healthy I want to be around for my kids I want to feel good if I feel good the attitude in the house is better same with my wife I can think better process things better have better mood I don't have all the joint pain and the pains and the aches and stuff like that as long as this stuff works the way it should like I said I'm a skeptic but once I start trying it I will let you know how it works right now I'm 324 pounds I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm 324 pounds I know I need to lose a hundred pounds according to my doctor to be healthy so that's one of the benefits that I went from this but I also want it to make me feel good and just like I said that's gonna take time there are people that have been on this that said I felt good in a day two days three days okay that's cool if your body can process it and you don't have a lot of elements and stuff like that great but sometimes it could take a month it could take two months so that's what I'm gonna do I'm in this for the long haul I want to make sure that I'm healthy I'm 46 years old I need to get healthy again I

feel like crap I can't focus I'm a writer it's almost like I want to sit down and write but my mind isn't a cloud all the time I want to be able to focus and get things done without having to worry about all this hurts that hurts I can't you know I can't focus because of that the other thing that which I talk to you about is the DFT patch the dermal fusion technology the patch itself they're little squares you take them off and you put them on your arm your leg wherever the it's not as whatever there's not a lot of fat and what this does is it pumps into your bloodstream all the vitamins and nutrients and the the actual green coffee bean extract change your body throughout the day so one of the things that they say when you first start taking this in the first 15 days is don't be drinking any energy drinks don't be drinking any coffee because the green coffee bean at the extract is being pumped into your system so you're getting that caffeine so you don't want to overdose on caffeine until your body kind of gives used to it because you know more caffeine more stimulation and trust me I've drank I drink redbull not

a lot you know maybe a can a day and I do drink at least one coffee a day so that one coffee a day of course is a hundred milligrams a can of redbull of course you know 150 milligrams of caffeine so if I put that patch on and I was drinking that caffeine throughout the day my heart would just get a huge job that I don't want so they say the rec room they recommend to kind of cut caffeine out for about 15 days I know that's hard I'm a huge coffee drinker so I get that but if it means bettering my health I'm willing to do it so like I said there's a lot of benefit to this I'm hoping to see good results so that I can bring that to you but I wanted to kind of share my first experience with you I haven't taken it tomorrow will be my first day I'm not gonna come to you you know the first day but I will after a couple days let you know how I'm feeling on it and if you want me to give be more extensive with what's in it the ingredients the benefits of those ingredients I'll be more than willing to do that I'm actually going to put this on my youtube channel which I created my own kind of like raw health nutritional channel but I just wanted you to kind of

go with me all three products the DFT patch the shake and the capsules asked that they symbiotically work together you have to buy them if for some reason you just want to save money and only buy two you will notice a difference and I'm only saying it's not through from experience but from talking to other people that are on it like my wife you will notice the difference if you don't take one of them not saying that the other stuff is not giving you the nutrition that you need it is but they're they're designed to work together later on as I get to you know get into it I can tell you more about other products that they have different things that are really good for you but I just wanted to kind of share my story with you and this is the the beginning of my story this is the beginning of my path to losing 100 pounds my goal is a hundred pounds in a year my doctor told me that you cannot lose weight super fast because it's unhealthy for you and the reason is is because whenever you fat whenever you're fat and overweight the fat stores toxins in your system so he actually told me as you're losing weight you're actually gonna

start feeling worse before you feel better because as those toxins releasing to your system you feel can you get like cold symptoms coming on flu symptoms aches pains that type of thing because those toxins are being released in your system and that's one other things the DFT patch which is kind of amazing because I saw my I see my wife's when she first started taking it it actually removes toxins and wherever you take it off because you wear it for 24 hours there's black spots on it and those are the toxins that are being pulled out of your system so this also detox is you as you're losing weight which is great you can do other things to detox yourself but this is just one of the one of the things that you can do but I just wanted to kind of share that guy with you guys if you have any questions you know hit me up with a comment whatever if you need some more information I'll put the the website out there but I hope that this works that I can bring you good news and maybe some of you will come on the journey with me have a good day