31 December 2018

Nutrition with Ningxia Red, Wellness Support from Thieves, Natural Skin Care

Ningxia Red- Offers complete nutrition to the body. Its a fabulous supplement to take daily to rid the body of oxidative stress. Ningxia is fabulous for eye health ...

hey it's amber Hilliker I'm a leader

with team abundance and in this video I'm going to show you what came in my wellness box this month and we're gonna be talking about nutrition and things to keep you healthy and some beauty tips for you so stay tuned to this video so I think the first thing I want to talk about is because it's always hard for me to decide what to talk about first and I'm big on product education I want to teach people how to stay healthy because that's what young livings all about as wellness and the number one most popular product in young living believe it or not is not an essential oil no really yes it's not an essential oil to this right here no it's not wine I know what you're thinking that looks like wine it's called Ningxia red it's really beautiful it's a really beautiful bottle and yes a lot of people do you think it's wine sorry however it's just as good tasting his wine what what mingsha red is it's a superfood and that provides absolute complete nutrition to the body and feeds the weakest cells of your body first and it helps against oxidative stress it promotes eye health and it helps overall body house so when you give your body

the tools you need your body does what it does best and that's to heal itself and that's what young living is all about every every product they have is just a tool to help your body live at its optimal potential so you're right is one of those it's a supplement it's a supplement that you can take it to drink that you can take daily she mounds is the recommended dose for that and I give it to my kids my kids are 2 and 5 I give it to them daily I take it daily so that's when I wanted to talk to you about today that is an amazing that helps cardiovascular health the the key to it is the wolfberry so I want you to look up wolfberry online and find out all the amazing health benefits is this ningxia right is packed with so much food like nutrition wise it's unbelievable so go check out wolfberry and see some of the amazing benefits for yourself because I want to keep this kind of short so speaking of wolfberry the thing that I also got is my probiotics this is in the consent line however adults are welcome to take it and it tastes delicious it's kind of like the Pacey sticks we had when we

were children it's a pre and probiotics need a probiotic if you've been taking an antibiotic and I'm saying biotic probiotic so you have to balance that out so you've already done the anti now you need the pro and what it's gonna do is it's gonna help support the the gut health of your body did you know a lot of your immune system is found in your gut also serotonin the happy hormone is also produced in the gut so if your gut is out of whack then you might not feel so happy or your immune system might not be as well as it should be so make sure you're taking a probiotic daily I especially say that when people say they're sensitive like their skin's really sensitive I say take a probiotic make sure you're taking a probiotic it's great for the health of your system so this is really great because it also has wolfberry it's the only probiotic I know of that has wolfberry and we just talked about that inning charrette so when you're going to do your research you're gonna find out why wolfberry is so amazing and so then again when we're talking about our health and supporting our immune system

did you know that Beavs comes in a rollerball I'm so happy because I you know I take my fingers and I get the oil on my fingers and I apply it to my feet that's how I use thieves in the comments below I'd like to know how you use thieves essential oil the other thing that you can do when you don't have the roll-on you can put the thieves that comes in the regular dropper bottles you can put some oil in your diffuser and use it to kill boar so kill some of the airborne bacteria in the air to purify the air also to breathe it in it's really good for the immune system to breathe it in if you have the theives vitality line which is this but in the vitality bottle it's the same compound but the label says it's for dietary use you can add a couple drops to some tea or some water and it's fantastic for supporting the immune system so what I like about this is I don't have to get my hands dirty because I always say we're gonna touch oils wash your hands right away because the second you forget it's gonna get in your eye and it's okay if it gets in your eye don't use water you're gonna use a carrier oil like olive oil almond oil jojoba oil coconut

oil anything that's a fruit or a vegetable oil from a fruit right now and so I like this because now my hands are not dirty anymore I don't have to worry about it I just roll it on the bottom of my food we're ready to go check out I was so impressed they have such a huge role online now and they have a kit that you can get all the raw ones it's very tempting so go check that out so then the other thing I got is let well let me show you some of the free things like well okay let me show you the free things I got everything's okay so what I got for free this month is let's talk about lemongrass I got that for free what the heck do you do with lemongrass let me tell you it also supports the immune system it's fabulous to keep in your little first-aid kit it's fantastic for that make sure you keep it with that it's great to support the joints and the cardiovascular system you can use it after exercise helps stress to support your body against oxidative stress supports they digest the system so you could rub this on your stomach but look it's in the vitality line so you can add it to some water add it to some Veggie capsules and take it

internally so you can use it topically or internally it's up to you so that's some of the benefits of lemongrass I got that free this month I got my frankincense vitality free this month again you can take this internally what is frankincense good for it's great for meditation it's also the Swiss Army knife of essential oils hello we love we love frankincense I love this stuff a good for immune support number one great for immune support it's fantastic for skin for nails and speaking of skin okay so I got this free this month it's art intensive moisturizer frankincense my frankincense is in my moisturizer this is comprised of sandalwood and frankincense frankincense is great for wrinkles to keep a healthy youthful appearance I always say if you don't know what to get you get your frankincense and you try it and see how that works so I was so excited to get out my moisturizer my art intense and moisturizer have you tried this yet if you have not tried it you are missing out missing out you get the benefits of real essential oils in your moisturizer it's none of the synthetic garbage none of these parabens and and

SLS's and all that junk that you find in cosmetics none of that isn't Young Living you get like the diamond grade of skin skin health when you're using real products from real botanicals and so it's you have the sandalwood which is very uplifting it smells amazing you get the boswellia which is the frankincense anti-wrinkle cream to keep you looking good and the moisture is amazing and I live in the desert so I know about moisturizer so I got that free this month free this month so so far I got three things free this month I got pine free this month okay so let's ditch the pine saw people ditch and switch you get your faves household cleaner you put a capsule in your spray bottle you want that pine scent get the real pine scent from a real pine tree a real pine tree not a fake pine tree not something that's gonna make it off irritate your lungs irritate your don't get the real deal the real pine from the real tree and put that in your cleanser why are you settling for fake stuff when you can have the real thing you have a diffuser oh you want your house to smell like a forest bump got you covered with

the pie get a couple drops and your diffuser and now your house smells like you're in the forest and when you live in the desert smelling like the forest is pretty amazing so that's some ways that you can you pine is in your cleaning products for that pine scent that you want but don't want the junk or in your diffusers so you smell amazing now let me get real with you for just a second I got something else for free and the reason why I want to take a pause for the cause is because this next oil really helped me during the hardest time of my life I if you've known my history if you've watched my youtube videos I've talked about this before but I have infertility problems and it was my fourth miscarriage the weekend of my sister's wedding I wasn't one of the bridesmaids and I was standing there just crying naturally because I'm losing my fourth baby and and this time it was in my fallopian tube just so you know get you caught up I only had one fallopian tube left at this time because my third miscarriage check out the other fallopian tube so I have one kid one fallopian tube and there's a baby in it

so I'm devastated right I'm thinking oh I'm glad I have my one child praise God but you know I wanted more kids so I'm going through this devastating time in my life and the Lord said I put my joy on earth for you and this is what popped into my mind at that time this joy right here so this joy means a lot to me and when I got it free this month I was ecstatic it's one of the more pricier oils because it has it's a blend of so many amazing essential oils in it and one of them being rose and Rose is very difficult to extract it's very soft the petals are very soft so it's hard to extract the oil from it which makes it a little bit more pricey but I got this free this month and I put this into my diffuser when I'm feeling down when I'm feeling blue or just because I like the smell sometimes it's just because I like the smell this oil got me through the wedding I was able to get through quite a smile on my face be happy that my sister was getting married even though my heart was breaking on the inside so this means a lot to me because of that and I love sharing that just so I can encourage you if you're going through something difficult if you're

feeling down if you're feeling blue or even if you just want something because you just you're just not feeling you that day you know put this on your diffuser put on your recipe be smelling add this as perfume get a necklace diffuser add this to the necklace diffuser this is a very special oil and I'm really excited to share this with you this month so I want to take a moment with that now I am very big on a Savi mineral makeup because my self-esteem has gone like this why because I I'm not I'm not trying to brag I'm just trying to tell you that I have had so many more people tell me wow you look so pretty you look so nice your skin is so gorgeous I get more compliments I love you too Karen I get so many more compliments since I switched my makeup to Savi and I want all my friends to feel the way I do and that's what it boils down to I want my friends to feel as pretty as I do because in the savvy so I got my savvy mascara love this so sad mascara and then I'm trying something new from savvy and I got their savvy lip scrub it's the poppy seed lip scrub and I'm excited to try this because you

know there's times during the year that you get super dry and this is fantastic because just like your skin your face you have to exfoliate your lips too right oh hey Jennifer oh joy is the best it is really the best so I wanted to let you know I'm gonna try this I'm really excited so you could get the poppy seed lip scrub again everything Young Living has is natural it's from the best it's from nature you can't get better than real botanicals I'm sorry scientist you just can't that's when it boils down to if you're a Bible believer and you go into the story of Esther she was a woman that was in the in the line to be picked to be queen of her country the Pharaoh or the king was looking for a bride and she had a year of beauty training so now I'm gonna tell you they have Lancome back then so what do you think they had they had the real botanicals and she had a year gosh when that have been nice to have a year of free beauty treatments just because you were the potential to be that the queen of the country right so that's what they had back then and if it's good for her it's good for me and I get more compliments now that I switched

to the healthy young living savvy mineral makeup then I did with although the department store stuff well that's what I got in my wellness box this I'm excited about it I got a lot of free stuff I get a switch my points out that I get every year I'm trying to you know every time I get my wellness box I'm trying to switch out bad stuff for good stuff especially being this year you know a new year is a good start to start healthy and to switch the junk out of your house with actual natural stuff that's gonna get the same job done right and so I get a switch my points out and I got a lot of free product amazing product my favorite one this month is my joy this would be my favorite if you want to try essentials for yourself I have a link to get three free essential oils go ahead and click that link and we will send you samples 3 of the most popular oils thank you so much for joining me today hey put a comment on some of the stuff that you enjoy using to support your immune system if you have a way to use these put that in the comment and I will see you later