24 August 2018

Nutrition with Amy | Episode 2 - Food Swaps!

In this episode, Holistic Nutritionist Amy Ritchie shares with us her top 5 food swaps for healthy living.


hi I'm hollow stick nutritionist Amy Richie and today we're gonna be talking about five of my favorite healthy swaps so the first one and one that I probably make about once a week is cauliflower rice so the only ingredient in this is cauliflower so if you're trying to lower your carbohydrates or just get more veggies in your diet this is a really simple way to do it you can buy it frozen at the grocery store it's very quick to prep or you can make it yourself by putting cauliflower into a food processor it's really good when you have any kind of sauce that goes on top of it it really just takes in the flavor so healthy swap number one cauliflower rice over rice so healthy swap number two is lentil pasta if you're one of my clients or have done any of my online programs you have seen this ingredient before I love it because it's really quick to make it can go in place of anytime you would regularly use pasta and for 1/3 ounce serving it has 21 grams of protein and about half of your intake of folate and fiber for the day so if you love pasta but are trying to increase your fiber maybe beans and legumes get some more nutrients in and

decrease your refined carbohydrates lentil pasta is the way to do it so healthy slop number three is almond flour the other name for this is almond meal and the only ingredient in it is almonds they're literally just ground up this one has the skin taken off so it's a lighter color than some of the other almond meals that you would see I'll show you here so this can be used in place of bread crumbs at almost any recipe so if I'm making burgers this is what I sub in for bread crumbs in it or if I'm making a coating on top of fish or chicken I like to use almond meal great because it has protein and fiber in it as well so my fourth healthy swap is to use zucchini noodles in place of lasagna noodles so you can do this with a mandolin but you can also do it at home with a sharp knife you want to be really careful and try to get the noodles fairly thin I always take off the ends of the zucchini first and then you're gonna just thinly slice along the outside here it's okay if they're not exactly the same width all the way down so you're just gonna thinly slice these and you would just layer these into lasagna like you would typical lasagna

noodles when you get near the end here you can lay it down and thinly slice it that way so you can see here we have our thin zucchini slices and it will be a delicious vegetable rich lasagna so my fifth and final healthy swap is instead of ice cream try making banana ice cream at home so I always have bananas that I put in the freezer so here's some bananas that I froze earlier so for banana ice cream this is literally all that you need today we're gonna make a chocolate banana ice cream so I have some cocoa powder here that I'm gonna add but you can do it as easily as just blend you're not frozen bananas so I have my Vitamix blender here and I'm going to put three bananas in and this will make enough for two people to have some I'm gonna put in all of the cocoa powder and we're gonna blend that up I have some almond milk on hand if it's a little bit thick and I need to thin it out but the bananas are all you really need to make banana ice cream or nice cream as I like to call it so we're gonna blend [Applause] okay so we blended up our bananas and we

have our banana nice cream if you eat it right out of the blender it's more like a soft serve if you prefer a hard serve or something that you can scoop you can put it in the freezer for about an hour so those are our five healthy swaps today number one we have using cauliflower rice instead of regular rice number two lentil pasta instead of regular pasta number three almond flour instead of bread crumbs number four zucchini noodles instead of lasagna noodles and number five banana and ice cream [Music]