11 October 2019

Nutrition That Goes the Distance– Juice Plus+ TV | Juice Plus+

For American record-holding distance swimmer Zane Grothe, good nutrition was a wake up call. He shares how proper nutrition through Juice Plus+ has fueled ...


hi everyone welcome to this episode of juice plus TV my name is Alexis bustled Minh and I'm excited to be introducing my brother Sankranthi Zayn is a member of the USA national swim team so if you know if any swimmers are athletes you'll definitely want to tag them in this video so they have a chance to hear Zane's story and the world Nutrition plays in his daily training success before I jump into his bio and turn the screen over to him I did want to share a little bit about our family's health journey 18 years ago Zayn and I as well as our two sisters we're swimmers and competing at a very high level like many young athletes we were faced with hard training in addition to our re demanding school schedules our bodies were broken down and even though my mom was doing the best she could to provide home-cooked meals and many servings of fruits and vegetables daily she knew that we still weren't getting enough it was during that time period that our family was introduced to juice plus whole food not a vitamin fact I research and through the Children's Health Study which is now the family health study we were provided

an opportunity to receive our product for free with each adult order if you're not familiar with the family health study over the last 20 years they've found that by consuming Juice Plus children are having less sick days and less doctor's visits and positive things too and consuming more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water now as a mom myself I am so grateful for the impact this has had on my health the last 18 years we've come full circle as my oldest is on the family Health Study herself my children have never had a sick visit to the doctor and they've never needed an antibiotic it's been an incredible blessing for my husband and I to think about how my mom's decision years ago is playing such a significant role in our children's health today jumping back as kids my siblings and I experienced some incredible health changes ourselves when Juice Plus was incorporated into our daily routines you'll hear more about that one Zane shares all four of us went on to accept Division one scholarships for swimming at top universities around the country zane has continued to pursue his

swimming career even after graduating from auburn university in 2014 he received a degree in aerospace engineering were originally from Boulder City Nevada but he now resides in Bloomington Indiana where he trains with the Indiana Hoosiers while in college he was a two-time SEC champion a seven-time all-american and he still currently holds seven Auburn records over his career he's collected multiple accolades including USA national titles World Cup medals World Championship medals three US Open Records and as the current American record holder in two races he is a major contender for our 2020 Olympic team next summer I'm gonna go ahead and turn it over to him to share more about his health journey and athletic career what's up guys this is super cool being on something like this so yeah at least this gave me an awesome introduction I wanted to talk about how I am a swimmer somebody's already an endurance sport but I'm what you know as a distance swimmer that means I race the longest paralysis and they were between 500 yards freestyle and the mile which takes about 15 minutes in order to train for

stuff like that I I train about 45 miles per week and that there's really not much time off during full peak training I'm consuming about 7,000 calories a day and because of that I have I have such an understanding now of how important nutrition is you know could if you could imagine eating 7,000 calories of junk how quickly things would go downhill but it's been you know it's been quite a journey and a long way to get to this point and you know same with my understanding with how nutrition affects me and small checkpoints here there and I'm you know I love be able to share stuff like that with you so um I started useful ice when I was about 10 years old and when you're 10 you probably don't understand the full impact of how nutrition affects your body you know you you might understand what a carbohydrate is and what a protein is but micronutrients macronutrients you know all the nuances of the the details of you know eating enough eating the right meals friend it out you know drink enough water simple things like that that really affects how you know how you feel and your health overall when I was younger I think one of the reasons why

we they started Juice Plus was I had severe pollen allergies you know every spring it came around and it was a smack to the face I was because I was from her and I was you know constantly stressing my lungs I by the time I was 10 or 11 years old I had been sick with everything you could think of in the respiratory system you know strep throat and double pneumonia and laryngitis bronchitis everything even as a little kid and it was tough and I was constantly on inhalers and antibiotics and medications and when I was healthy we're constantly trying new medications to you know keep the allergies at bay and keep me healthy and it was tough I can still remember just you know trudging through all this medication I did it tasted like crap or made me feel horrible but one day you know mom mom came in the kitchen said here's the next thing we're gonna try it's gonna be juice plus its whole nutrition and it's healthy and I said okay cool you know I didn't know anything about nutrition but it was the next thing started taking it his mom recommended and before I knew it my allergies

cleared it up and I felt great and it kind of was a wake-up call even for a little kid I thought this is good I like this you know let's definitely stick with this what is whole nutrition you know and I kind of kind of dip my toes into the water of you know healthy eating and stuff like that and I've kind of worked with the healthy eating aspect as as I grew up you know and then just worked with that when I got to alburn University in 2010 the only thing I had you know in my locker was Juice Plus but I joined the school like all burned because they were the number one school in the country and with that comes scoring a lot of points that NC dobles and the way you do that is you load up on sprinters sprinters score and their individual races but the sprinters also are scoring on the relays two relays are double points so there were a ton of sprinters on my team and by the time halfway through the year turning around the nutritionist said hey I'm gonna sit down with everybody talked about the supplements you're taking and I'm thinking you know I I think Juice Plus is all right I don't think of anything to worry about you know but as

I walked through the locker room and looked at all of my guys lockers I realize those guys were taking some serious stuff you know they you know this the first thing I wanted to do when they got to college like you know I'm gonna crew myself and get some muscle on my body you know lift heavy so they were taking these big tubs of protein muscle gainers and you know muscle milk and all kinds of you know different products that just I mean you leave it in a shaker for a day too long and you know it's quarantine you gotta throw that stuff away it smells so bad but I can't imagine what that was doing to the inside of their bodies and nutritionist sat me down you know intervention he's asking me what do you take him no show me what you got you know spill it and I popped up my juice plus bottles and I was like this is it you know is this okay he's like we're gonna look into it we'll get back to you I go back to me the next day I gave it all back they're like no this is good you know no problem and I was like okay I don't know what I was worried about I think I knew that not a problem but I

never even experimented with supplements whatsoever through college I you know I stuck with my whole nutrition and I stuck with Juice Plus and that works pretty well but once I graduated and I made the transition into professional swimming I was convinced by a new teammate of mine that it was gonna be tough you know and I was going to increase the volume and I was going to increase the intensity and there wasn't going to be much of an offseason I was gonna be trained full full full bore all year round and he recommended you know taking a protein supplement and a carbohydrate supplement and electrolyte supplements and all kinds of stuff and at first I didn't I performed really well and I think it was because of the increased load and training because it wasn't all the way a full year before I started feeling some side effects you know of taking some you know it's you know pulled apart supplement nutrition you know it kind of made my allergies a little more temperamental and it just it hurt my digestive system and it just it wasn't great but I realized maybe it was the the type of product or the quality of product I was taking so I thought

back to my Juice Plus I was like okay just plus has this NSF certification you know it's a third-party testing for quality control I was like okay I am getting drug tested now by the United States anti-doping agency and the world anti-doping agency because my success and I need to make sure I find some quality products and maybe something better that's gonna make me feel better so I started looking through the NSF certified website and looking for a new protein supplement I actually found the Juice Plus complete shakes and I had to sit back and laugh I say you're kidding me you know I've had this in my pantry for years and this what I'm gonna end up looking for I thought great you know and I used to keep you know granola bars in my locker now and I've switched to the complete bars as well and slowly I've I've used to declare about ten different supplements on my drug testing forms and now Juice Plus is the only thing I put on there and it's it makes it a lot more simple but it gives me a peace of mind to particularly because of that NSF sort of certification all Juice Plus products are SF certified and it it is

third-party quality testing quality control for what goes in as well as their final product when it is released I'm like I said before I'm getting drug tested now being an elite athlete I've been doing this for about you know getting drug tests for about seven years now and the United States anti-doping agency has always had the same stance they tell us don't take supplements they're not recommend they're not mmm they're not reformed by the Food and Drug Administration the FDA and they said if you do take it all liability is on you but just this year they came out with kind of a new feel they said if you're going to take supplements start with third-party quality control testing like the NSF for sport quality products and I I knew was another moment or I can I set back I was like what do you know just bless this ahead of the game again you know so that was another piece of mind and everything when when I get to school meets a lot of guys are taking supplements and they are legal supplements they're not on the banned substance list for performance-enhancing drugs but they are they they believe that it is you know helping them perform

better and because of that everyone's a little bit secretive you know they want to stay out of the I scrutiny of what they might be taking what their with their special formula is as well as you know what type of products they're taking and I've seen guys anywhere from unlabeled bottles on the pool deck to you know trying to mix a protein shake inside of a swim bag you know being all secretive about it I take my Juice Plus as a little recovery product as soon as I'm done racing I mean I'm still breathing hard I'm even taking out my racing suit to go you know one down the lactic acid I whip the bottles out they're colorful people have my eyes on me I you know I finally realized after I broke you know a couple American records that I can't set foot on a pool deck anymore without being scrutinized with every little step I take everything I'm doing between what I've been worn down as well as the colorful bottles of juice plus I'm taken after my races everyone wants to know what it is and I you know I pull them out I set them down on the bleachers little you know probably placement I don't want to see what's going on and I

take my Juice Plus and I get plenty of questions about it I love it you know sharing my story and what I'm taking as well as what you know this whole nutrition that could help everyone else you know besides the fact that it says nutrition facts on the label not supplement facts which is great you know something I really love but uh I it's something that I always have on me at every meet you know in this last year I've been to Singapore China Japan Korea Rio de Janeiro Brazil and every time I juice plus is one of the first things that I pack every time I get on the plane you can you'll know I've always got a handful things I got my water I got my food I got my electronics and I got my Juice Plus every time it's a must it's a must must have you know my flight from Singapore or my flight from Newark to Singapore just a month ago was 18 hours and I you know I thought I may have been going through my whole bottle Juice Plus on the flight but it was you know I'm really glad I had it and it's definitely something I bring everywhere there we go um another funny story about one time I forgot my juice plus one time I had three weekends in a row where I

was traveling you know there was a wedding or swim meet or you know a clinic that I was doing and I was packing the same bag everywhere I went and I was a nice convenient spot kind of on an inside pocket for my Juice Plus I fit perfectly so I stuck it in there and kind of towards the end of the three weeks I'd realized that I wasn't unpacking my Juice Plus every time I went and the way I realized that was my supplements or my sorry my hey my allergies how G's hit me so hard and I was kind of disbelief I'm like what what could be happening maybe I'm getting sick you know what is this I'm I should help my Juice Plus and I realized I had forgot to take in my Juice Plus and I kind of baffled me after 15 or 16 years that I still had seasonal allergies and didn't even know it because I had been so regular and consistent with my Juice Plus that it was finally hitting me again you know I remember there was a time in a meet that I went to and I I just grabbed my just blows off the counter and by the time I got out to Columbus Ohio like I didn't have enough to blast me through the meet my thought man this

is gonna count me down I hope I make it out on the other side still healthy I didn't think it was gonna be possible I called my sister and said hey you know it's an emergency I need help got unfortuntely what's going on is it I think we're on a Juice Plus before this meet ends can-can you overnight me some she's like yeah okay calm down you know no problem you know she filled out some Ziploc bags and you know sent in the mail and you know I you know kicked about that summer and ended up being the paper stuff champion and a record holder by the end of that summer it was great it was something that it was really important but to kind of wrap things up I was kind of I was kind of seeing a cool analogy between how you how you take Juice Plus and even build the business as well as how training is for an athlete especially swimming you know I train throughout the entire year but I only rest from my training maybe twice a year which means anywhere between 6 & 8 months I'm training full bore even through the in season meats to have a performance at the end the end of the season you know eight months have just go go go

trust the process then rest and kind of see what happens and I realize it was kind of like taking your juice blast you know every time I introduce it to a friend or you know someone new I let them know like hey this is not some type of high you know high power chemical medication you're gonna take that's gonna make it make a change in your body immediately this is this is healing this is whole body healing and your you're gonna have to make some time to bundle your cells you know reproduce in your body and let the body heal itself so you know give us some time trust the process and let me know a little ways down the road if you're saying any changes well yeah I thought that was a really cool analogy it was kind of the same thing that I've experienced my whole life with this course but this is super cool being on here with you guys and I I'm really excited to try and make the Tokyo 2020 team I just missed it you know I was less than less than a second away in 2016 and I'm a tough American in two races right now and I've got a good shot for 2020 and I hope you guys will be on board and that

thanks again for having me on here [Music] [Applause] [Music]