15 January 2012

Nutrition Response Testing (Muscle Testing - Applied Kinesiology)

What is Nutrition Response Testing? - It is a tool that can test what organs and glands are under the most stress, uses 100% natural whole food supplements to ...

hi my name is dr. Scott graves and today

I wanted to talk to you about something that also has radically transformed the lives of many people that come and see me if you think about our bodies our bodies are pure energy I mean think about it for a second we can test energy we can manipulate energy we can change energy we can make energy stronger and we can make energy weaker in fact if you've ever watched the movie The Matrix what do they say about our bodies and energy and the matrix they say that our bodies are the purest and most powerful form of energy in the universe when we do an electrocardiogram what does an electrocardiogram do it measures electrical activity in the heart when you do an electroencephalogram what are you doing you're measuring electrical activity in the brain when somebody's heart stops beating we take the paddles and we do what we give them electricity to help the heart to start beating again every single solitary cell in our body communicates through electrical signals we are 100% pure energy as one being a natural healing and natural medicine I've always wondered if we could use the

energy of the body to be able to communicate and see exactly what the body wants in order to be able to heal itself and if I had to give a criteria if I had to give criteria for what I would want a tool or a technology to look like here would be the criteria that I would want number one a tool or technology that I used would have to number one be inexpensive number two it would have to be extremely accurate in the results that it gave number three it would have to be 100% natural meaning no drugs involved it would have to use natural substances to be able to use their facilitate healing in the body number four it would have to be something that didn't take a lot of time number five it would have to be able to identify and you the body to know exactly what the body needs and what parts of the body are under the most stress so it would have to identify which glands and which organs are the weakest or under the most stress in the body to be able identify where the body needs the most help number six it would have to be a tool or a technology where one could use 100% natural supplements or whole food

supplements to be able to help that particular part of the body to be able to heal number seven it would have to be a tool that helped identify exactly how much of a particular substance that somebody needed in order to be able to heal a person weighing a hundred pounds and another person weighing 200 pounds don't have the same requirements in terms of what they need to facilitate healing we're all different and we all have different needs and so a tool that I would want to use would have to be able to identify who got what and in what quantities because we're all different and this tool would just have to be powerful effective and have lasting results that could be checked sounds like if we had a tool like this it would be the ultimate tool against ill health and to bring people back to health in the body does a tool like this sound too good to exist sound too good to be true well it's not the tool that can be used to do this is called nutrition response testing nutrition response testing is a very non-invasive scientific way that helps to identify number one where the weakest areas of the body are and where

the body needs the most help number two what natural substances can be used to be able to heal those particular parts of the body and number three it's also a tool in a technology that helps to identify exactly how much somebody needs to take of a particular substance now what actually heals well I don't heal as the practitioner I don't heal anybody of anything this particular technology doesn't heal anybody of anything the body is what heals itself and if the body has the right nutrients and the right tools it can heal itself from just about anything the job of the practitioner and the job of using this tool is to help be able to identify what those specific needs are and so nutritional response testing is basically a feedback mechanism tool that we use to identify what the body needs where the body needs specific healing and how to be able to bring about that healing if you can find another technology which helps to identify exact places in the body that are under the most stress and need the most help which substances can exactly help with those problems and have it be more cost-effective and take less time I am

100% all ears but until this time I haven't found a technology that meets this criteria and has such a profound and powerful impact in the lives of the people that I have see a touch now what I wanted you to do is I wanted you to picture a very specific health problem in your mind it could be a specific disease could be just a health problem that you have could be something that somebody else has picture that in your mind for me right now for purposes in this video we're going to go ahead and use heart disease and what's really really important about heart disease to know is is that there are different causes and many symptoms related to heart disease but through nutrition response testing what we've discovered is is that anything can cause anything in the body and so if you picture for me a triangle and at the top of this triangle you have heart disease in one corner of the triangle down here you have nutritional deficiencies and in the other corner you have organ dysfunction now what we need to do is we need to figure out exactly why you have heart disease and what's causing the problems to heart disease so when we look at a

triangle if I were to pull out one angle of the triangle what happens to the other angles they basically fall apart it affects the other two sides of the triangle and the same is true in your body for the symptoms that you have and what's going on in your body if you're already experiencing heart disease I can assure you that you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals in the body and since these vitamins and minerals serve as fuel for your organs you can assume that your organs are not functioning 100% optimally and if they're not functioning 100% optimally their ability to digest to absorb and to metabolize nutrients and minerals and vitamins significantly diminishes this causes a vicious cycle that will make you even more nutritionally deficient and the more you become nutritionally deficient the more your organs are going to become nutritionally deficient and the more stress you place on your body because you don't have the nutrients that you need the whole system is going to suffer and so this is just one downward spiral that leads into the destruction of your health so what we need to do is we need

to put a hole somewhere into this mechanism to stop any further damage from occurring and to support your body so that we can stop what's going on and many times to help improve what's happening in your body so what needs to be done is we need to find out which specific vitamins and mineral deficiencies that you have and which organs are being most affected in your body so that we can fix those things once and for all okay so taking the idea of heart disease what we want to do is use nutrition response testing to be able to assess how well the body is functioning and what particular nutritional needs the body has so I'm going to have the main get here demonstrate this for you now this is just a demonstration first what we need to understand is that Dominguez body has a certain amount of strength and energy and so you guys are familiar with the idea of hypothermia correct well if you go and you walk on an icy lake and you were to fall through that icy Lake your body in an attempt to stay alive will take the strength and the blood and the energy from the limbs and from the fingers and the toes and

reroute that into the core organs in the brain why because the body knows instinctively that it can't survive without the core organs in the brain but it can survive without fingers and toes so that's why somebody who gets hypothermia their fingers and toes are affected first now the same principle is at play with nutrition response testing now Dominguez standing here is not under any stress so if I have her hold out her arm in front of her okay so just hold out your arm in front of me and if I push down on her arm like this she will be able to match or resist my strength that I'm flying to her arm but if dominga has serious heart disease if I take my other hand and I were to place it on her heart her already stressed heart if I do that and I place the stress on her heart and then I test the muscle response in her arm guess what's going to happen to the strength in her arm her arm is going to go down now why does this happen because the body knows instinctively that it's more important to protect her heart than it is the muscle response in her arm so what we do is we assess all of Dominguez body all of her organs to see how the energy is

throughout the body if dominga has a particular organ that's under stress and when I test her arm the arm response is going to go down but if I test a specific part of her body where the or the energy is good and she's strong the arm response that she's going to have is going to be strong as well so we first we determine all of the particular areas of Dominguez body that are weak are strong and then we determine which one is the absolute most critical and most essential and that's the one that we deal with fur so everything in life has about two feet of energy though you may not normally be able to sense it everything around you has energy it's kind of like the idea if you were laying in bed next to somebody with your eyes closed you still would be able to feel the presence of the person that's lying next to you well the same energy is found in food in each of the bottles that we use there is energy that extends from the core of the bottle much in the same way as energy extends from the core of the Sun 93 million miles to the earth now the idea of the Sun is something that we can grab ahold of because we feel the energy from the Sun

almost every single solitary day but the example the energy in this glass bottle is much less obvious because we don't so readily feel the energy that's in this bottle however if I place this bottle on dominga so if dominga takes a hold of this hold it with this hand right there great and if she puts this directly on to her body like that and I have her extend her arm out like this and then if I place my hand on her heart if the energy in this bottle is an energy that her heart likes guess what's going to happen to her arm response it's going to become strong if the energy in this bottle is not the energy that her heart likes her arm response is going to stay weak now this analysis has been tested and has been found to be just as accurate as putting the supplements directly into the mouth and so be thankful that this discovery was made so that we don't have to put a lot of unpleasant supplements directly into the mouth when testing you thank you very much Domingo for assisting me so what we do is called design clinical nutrition and you can see that it is a very specific way to address your problems and the issues that you have in your

body it's not a magic bullet approach or even cookie cutter approach now it's as if we were going to design a tailor-made three-button suit directly for you now the suit may look very similar but the in seams are different the shoulders are different everything is a little bit different because it's tailor-made directly for you and so that's why if somebody else has the same problem that you do the program nutritionally is going to look different because you are you and your needs and your problems are specific to you that's the beauty of nutrition response testing and designing a clinical nutrition program so in this analysis what we needed to do what we need to do is determine whether or not you're a nutrition case because if you're not a nutrition case then we don't feel that this is something that will help you but if you are a nutrition case we feel that nothing else will help you nearly as much as a natural health practitioner I have seen the results of what nutrition response testing does for people and it's absolutely amazing I would highly encourage all of you to make an appointment and come in and have

nutrition response testing done or if you're out of the immediate area find a practitioner in your area who does nutrition response testing again nutrition response testing helps to identify exactly what parts of your body are under the most stress and your having the most problems what exact nutrition can be needed to make the energy strong in those particular places and it's a tailor-made program that's specifically designed just for you thank you for taking the time to watch this video about nutrition response testing and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us have a great day