02 February 2013

Nutrition plan for weight loss - Which Diet is Best For Weight Loss - Low-Carb, Low Fat Or the

http://bit.ly/UBPBsw This is a VLOG about my weight loss journey on the HCG diet. I will be on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) diet for 21 days. Goal: 15-20 lbs ...

hi guys the show girls I got enough one

to do this video dog because I'm starting this new diet which is the HCG diet I'm sure most of you heard about this diet for those who haven't it's a very low calorie diet that helps you lose about a pound or two and a the count the diet consists of only 500 calories a day there are three phases to the diet though that she would be doing so I'm gonna give you just a short history about the ACG there was a doctor named Simeon back in 1954 he published an article that hormones that are produced by pregnant women which the ACG will help you suppress your appetite and lose weight so that's the brief history you can also google him and you know read about if you want to go to any way that you can get his book here's a book that's called pounds and inches a new approach to obesity and it gives you a strict diet a protocol that he wrote that he Ritt that would help you lose weight so um so I thought starting to diet and I had got mine there's there's two ways that you can take the sign you can take it through injections with the needle or you can take it with the drop and that's what I have I have I got the drugs I got my drops from GNC which was

forty dollars and this is the box is the ACG solution and mine is called an engine biotech so it says it's a hundred percent 1mon free and you want to make sure that when you're looking and you're researching about this that you don't that you do not get the whole plastic one because that is not the correct one you want to get the one that is not home at and what I got I got the one fluid ounce the one point out is a 15-day diet all the all the drops well let me show you how about this is a one ounce bottle and it comes with a little dropper and what you want to do is you're going to take about 10 to 15 drops depending on the read the directions of what you get you want this one says take 10 drops three times a day and you want to take them under your tongue so you just and but you want to make sure that you do not eat or drink at least 15 minutes before you take them in 15 minutes 10 to 15 minutes after you take it so I just rounded off and just wait 15 minutes before I eat or drink anything there there's three phases to this diet they're known as the loading phase the maintenance phase and the debilitating

face so the loading phase which I am one now is consist of two days so I'm on the first date so what you want to do is you want to be on this the loading phase is a two days wait no space where you get taken high calorie foods saying they suggestions in any of everything that you can eat without making yourself sick so if you want to eat as much cookies and ice cream and cakes and pies and everything that you want to eat pizza hot dogs hamburgers anything that you want to eat you can eat within these two days because what's going to happen is all that fat and sugar the truth ticking it it's going to be inside your body so when you start on that phase two which is a very low-calorie diets the 500 can be nice that's when you're cutting off a lot of things so you're going to need something that you know to eat off of so again you know make up for those extra calories that you're not eating for so so with HP g is is going to it's going to take off abnormal fat reserves that's in your body and that's what it's going to be feeding awful to replace those extra calories that you're not going to be so that's what I'm doing now I'm one the loading phase and I'll be only for

today my dinner and just want to give you a brief update again I'll put a link at the bottom you know when you can probably get some information you might want to google it because there's different websites they do offer and sell these products which is you know a lot more than what I bar before I just want to genius e because I did as a available at GNC and I got the fifty dollar bottle which is so I'm sorry to forty dollar bottle which is a fluid ounce which is the HCG it's not homo path day and this is what i will be using for the next 15 to 21 days now they do give your extra six days because they want you it's a minimum requirement that your honor for 21 days even though it's a 15 days and your honor even if you're trying to lose a minimum amount you still required to do it for at least 21 days and this way i will be doing for the next 21 days so i'm hoping to lose about between 10 to 20 pounds hope that can reach my tuning power mark but it's saying that you will lose about a pound to two pounds a day so that's what my goal is so i'm thinking about in 15 days i will meet my goal mark and what's going to do is gonna eat all the fat so

you know you're not going to exercise at all and when you're on this dive from the videos that I've been seeing online on YouTube and everything has not been doing my research before i purchase the stuff i think a lot of videos where one of the people you know they showed the before pictures and ensuring the after pictures well it looks like they've been working out every single day while they're better why they've been on this diet that you know always spent on their arms and stuff it looks like they've been working out and they're tired up and i was good job that they've been totally rocking dream people good job that's funny well they've been exercising look like they've been doing sit-ups every single day and they haven't did any sit ups they didn't look like they be no no marina look like a Madonna you know they exist and all this other stuff but they have not been doing it a CG drops the speed off all this on one aspect that we have problems with so I'm very excited about it I hope that if you want to try it after looking at this video in this and I can you know have any way about expiring you expiring you

to do this I'm very excited so I'm hoping that you would be excited about it too so i'll be doing you know updates i charge you updates every two days or I'll do it I do another update when i started my face to just let you know how i'm feeling with the drops in it if this making me hungry or just suppress my appetite already i'll be keeping you updated about what's going on with this so i hope you enjoy my video if you have any questions please feel free to leave them we don't feel like you want email a message on the thing you would ask me something you know more personal about the diet you can you know impact me on youtube so hope you guys have a great day and thank you for watching