05 July 2018

Nutrition Made Easy | Breakfast Recipe: Oats Delight

Searching for the perfect basic oatmeal recipe? My tried-and-true formula is sure to be a keeper. Simple ingredients, easy directions, and plenty of fiber and ...

okay what's going on guys I'm Devon

Holland and today I'm gonna be sharing with you one of my favorite breakfast recipes you know people ask me all the time Devon what do you eat how do you stay so lean so in this series nutrition made easy I'm gonna be showing you guys when I eat breakfast lunch and dinner some of the things that I've learned along the way as a vegetarian made recipes and I want to share with you guys so you can try it out and let me know what you think alright so what we have here is some strawberries and banana we've got some love wildflower honey and some some quicker oats all right super simple setup you can make this in just a few minutes I mean if it really takes little to no time so I'm just going to toss the oats in here and water [Music] alright let's get started on cutting the fruit while the oats finish cooking now I try to put some kind of fruit with each bowl of oatmeal I eat rather blueberries strawberries sometimes blackberries or banana they are just packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients especially the blue and

black berries just a quick side note I am NOT a chef by any means I do try to cook regularly but honestly anybody can do this [Music] you know the great thing about eating oatmeal is you get about two to three hours of slow burning carbohydrates I mean it's a great before workout very filling if you want to gain weight it's great because it's so calorie dense and then also if you want to lose weight because it's so fulfilling okay now that the oatmeal is finished and we have a strawberries cut let's go ahead and add the honey you see wildflower honey and then go ahead and toss the strawberries [Music] now we're gonna have to cut up this banana and talk that right on top [Music] all right it's as simple as that this recipe takes about two to three minutes maybe he up to five minutes to make super easy to make like I said it's one of my favorite recipes if you like this video if you like this recipe let me know in the comment area and I'll talk to you guys soon thanks [Music]

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