10 December 2019

Nutrition lesson


hello my name is Nolan Burgess I have an

Orion and I would like to take about two minutes of your time to discuss diet and nutrition and how that's what correlates into calories and Louise losing it that's her goal or gaining weight of that sugar all the back history up news for over a decade I I for everyone to nurses school I was very very interested in diet nutrition to classes online at read many books or even already wasn't logon on diet nutrition and something I take very serious something I love and I like to share a little bit with you today with eating within the diet class they'll start with body type sicknesses in schools understanding body tightness or attachment your calories based on your body type you have ectomorphs Mezen worse in divorce and the morphs are hard games they're the skinny people they're the the people have heart something any fat or muscle and the ones you hate when you see an old pizza and they gain no weight the ones no one likes that's worse easy to lose easy to gain I'm sort of invisible myself but however the grass is always greener sometimes as a mesomorph you can gain too much back students too much backs in depending on your goals so you got to be conscious

there in divorce naturally heavy bigger people people that Mystere domina gain 10 pounds those are the people that struggling with diet and and have to take this these carbs calories or macro nutrients and calories were serious so first so secondly macro nutrients immunity everyone wants to understand we look at calories as the as the the almost that a court gave us on losing weight to something very true however understanding your macro news reaches macro meaning big micro mean small back earlier carbs fats and proteins Michael all your vitamins or minerals or amino acids or antioxidants and micronutrients carbs fats and proteins are broken down into the core highly simple complete fats or saturated unsaturated and proteins essentially just categorized quality proteins or lack qualities carbohydrates simple complex simple better grades meaning there's a simple molecule chain body breaks it down very quickly you want to use it for energy very quickly savers para mañana both new conception of both simple carbohydrates my routine morning time Jim creep region workout

for you a pre-workout those banana put carbohydrates it breaks down very quickly I needed use energy really quickly I don't need something like a compass carbohydrate a brown rice or a or a sweet potato that's gonna break down slowly give me energy through the day which is good if you are not active and it allows you to sort of maintain energy without putting on weight fat saturated unsaturated we like to lean more towards unsaturated or than saturated fats protein quality proteins are simple the I'm really the quality your your leanings are checking your fish some quality lean red meats your eggs are a great source of protein however protein quality really falls into you're looking at protein powdery whether it's a soy based on ammo based protein powder really research those are very important important calories calories this is important to understand 3500 calories we like to emulate the tax rate calories based on our on our die by looking at media the board at McDonald's the board at Wendy's whatever and try to answer that by exercise or had why I need to have Z you

know that it helps them understanding why you're doing that kind of it kind of helps your up your mind source or wrapping amount around it allows you to have a better better results in the future 3500 calories is equal to 1 gram of body fat 1 pound of body fat loss excuse me we're not going to stop eating the 36 hours a day to have but we would consider our 3500 calorie intake in that time we're not gonna stop eating some people would because we call them crash diets again and they by definition they you will crash it into that diet it's not very healthy it's not it's not sustainable it's not a it's not much of a life you know you need more of a lifestyle change so really realistically we want to cut 500 calories per day to lose 1 pound per week again you're a more emotionally attached to that your it's easier on your ignore your mind and physiological speak you're not gonna crash think that it's that our lifestyle it's easier to sustain BMR calculator be more on how it relates to college being harnessed or basal metabolic rate BMR is look how he/she burn while doing nothing it's the calories needed for our contraction 4G

on utility for neuronal transfer for the basic functions of the body that we never think nothing about activity in the brain uses calories if we're laying a bit tactician of the nutrition of the hospital Hekla to give our patients a permit patients who are laying the bids are two feedings or a teepee and they calculate that predicated on their being large since the calories in the wall ain't a bit you use your sex age weight and gender or scooted 6-8 weights and title student to calculate your BMR and your activity on the place of that summit by PMRF 208 pounds 511 a male and the C calculating BMR the Amara's very poor we we kind of negate via amara on x and we it is become our calculators everywhere there feel our calculators on what it will not calm you who be your calculator it's a very simple it's our formula to do it but it's easier to pipe the data and get an answer b-mart is the it stands for your basal metabolic rate and that essentially is the amount of calories you're going to burn doing nothing it's amount of calories your body needs to maintain GM utility heart rate brain function neuronal chef

transfers the calories you don't know you're using if you laid in bed all day the calories you burn and it's way throughout a period that's your basal metabolic rate dietitians nutritionists in the hospital calculate BM rs4 bit patients and they kind of touch with a diet based on whether to keep their TP another tube feeding based on whether it gain and losing weight while laying in bed sedated on dipper ban on the tube it with a bit on the bit after you kept your beam or not personally from my weight night is 1920 pounds my activity level I trained to three for two or three four times a week this kind of raises mind quite a bit some people just wouldn't maintain I training I gave my bear two hours a day sometimes my job is very active I'm pushing closer to three thousand dollars a day two thousand nine hundred and seventy five calories again I'm leaving on holidays bad diet the wintertime comfort food but I am not the sort of body that goes I'm not where I want to be right now so I would like to one pound per week so I'm cutting 500 calories a day that 500 calories a day

inducing with two thousand four hundred seventy five calories a day for my personal chloric base that's my flooring base now and that's going to help be maintained against all subjective everyone's done you can you can get your goal weird we got playing with these numbers because everyone body types different everyone's met metabolisms different it's just it's very subjective it's not one size fits all so sort of get an idea from this and base it off of your own body weight and body type the body it's 2004 to save up calories next step is fractioning fractioning is something that's is for most people they understand body type back nutrients calories be more even fracturing something that's different it's a very very good way to to make maintain your GP your body your goals they saw cars passive proteins or macronutrients a lot has to my fitness pal gut check all these tracking apps will allow you to put these goals in and get these numbers i like to use a 40-40-20 split and all that means is that out of that 2400 set about calories 40% since facts 40% since carbs 20% those students 2006 fats 40% are scored worse it's protein for the

recent cars ask the back forty base its 248 cars per day it's 248 grams of protein per day and it's 55 grams of fat on that 40-40-20 split different for everyone you can play around and flip it around do what you feel it's necessary for your own body i personally have seen great results of me and the 40-40-20 that calculated is 248 grams of protein car Henrick every gram of protein has more calories every time a car vassal calories every game of a fat has nine calories very important to realize that the meals we eat at fast food restaurants the pizza the breezy peaks of the french fries and burgers hot dogs all those grease and faster there they cookies mules in our empty calories that are getting from fact that's very chlorine cleanest ninety calories per gram of fat so with that math though 2248 times for two hundred eight six four fifty five times nine gives me 992 gram of calories for my farts 990 calories for my protein 195 calories for my fats totally 2,400 and sending down calories which is close enough to that to of 2475 to considered accurate or useful and last but not

least if you understand your body type type of nutrients your calories and your fractions understanding which foods are good to eat very simple people make a weight little place of what it is we start by saying you want to stay away from processed foods closest to the core moves you to get example is a potato instead of potato chip a cucumber instead of a pickle you can go down the line a process rice rather than buying some rice and bloating yourself making something healthier deep fried breaded chicken rather than a chicken breast screw it on the griddle so or bacon so quality proteins real simple eggs great quality proteins they're the only protein and the actually fun Bhagalpur today contains all of the amino acids the only sealer protein it contains everything very very high quality I eat a lot of eggs they just uh they're a great way digested are quickly broken down there's a great way to maintain the muscle mass and they they're lean meats you're nothing on red meat or against a lot of times if red meat is lean a little marbling in it it's using an antibiotic for you the same goes for chicken and

fish those are your two sources of protein there are some plant-based proteins in the diet world and they're not really considered proteins but there are some other options protein powders again look for a quality protein powder rather rather red rather than a yeah a attraction for our cheaper one carbs oatmeal rice potatoes fruits just about every fruit is looking at carbohydrate oats rice potatoes complex carbohydrates fruits simple carbohydrates so remember the difference they're faster Lunchables your meats meat fat supporting her dairy cheese milk those are all your fats and everyone use those macronutrients and coordination with what I taught earlier to try to base a diet and and sort of play with those numbers and see what turns out for you hope this helps hope you don't help you reach your goals having a being in shape or having quality nutrition all in good for your mental and physical health but also your emotional health at will nice to look at their own body and their confidence to themselves so this is very important hope it helps you guys have a great day