31 December 2018

Nutrition In Cud Chewing Animals and Amoeba

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video ask you both mazon IL ahead please is video goodnight cut here shaky recommend become nice cavalry man or please subscribe Kalina well I can go be the body and takia Posada updates media so let's start so I'm sure you got the HQ video message from doe topic sparingly it took our case structure give our email or do sir on me back about him so subsidy I'm sure to cut the hem nutrition in cud-chewing animals you need to cow Jota Oscar by remembering him culturing herbivores and herbivore animals are called ruminants these animals are having a full chambered stomach these animals first swallow the food quickly and store it in their first term the chamber sorry human the rumen has some microorganisms that help in partial digestion of the cellulose of the plant materials this food is now called cut the ruminants bring back card to their mouth and chew it thoroughly this process is known as rumination the last chamber known as cecum the Nunez cecum the bacteria present in the cecum happened for the digestion of cellulose so it's my habit I ahead did you cut

chewing herbivore animals here Munakata head ruminants ye animals for in animals keep a spore chambered stomach attire especi a cotta hair human subset Bela oscarbot hota hai omasum sir oh boo mesm or last man Sikkim up gomez diagram sabotage oh yay Winky oh so fake oh so tau happened guru lumen chamber water you happy oh my son you happy oh boo mesm or Eng small intestine ho TN the be happy jockey in KY Sikkim with cecum chamber water Hazuki large intestine or small intestine k-beach Murata hair fair large intestine European audience affair in Kajol undigested food Jota have Oh barnacles out the hair large intestine the help say okay food ballet I say under what the hell lay up a Torrisi digestion of the area hopital ECOT yeah Humble Tx or lastly freeze seek immediate air jump escapes gotcha bacterias core fully digest care that they are undigested food left without large intestine help say AHA jalaja the Hasty Pudding definition team i'm nakaka properly i so i remembered an amoeba ki taraf so nutrition in amoeba

amoeba is a microscopic unicellular organism it is surrounded by a cell membrane it constantly changes its shape and moves with the help of its sido podium sido means false podium means feed false feet mo amoeba fields on small microscopic organisms like bacteria and algae when amoeba comes in contact with food it produces cedar podía around the food particle as the cell membrane of the cedar podía fuse the food gets trapped in the food vacuole digested juices are secreted into this vacuole to digest the food the digested food is absorbed and used for production of energy movement and maintenance of the organism the undigested food present in the food vacuole is exiled from the amoeba by the process of ejection so nutritional amoeba amoeba ik microscopic unicellular organism here he surrounded her egg cell membrane say chicken he constantly opening shift-change gotta retire or move Carter Hazuki pseudopodia ke helps A&E Falls field key false food key helps him amoeba field Carter has small shoot a microscopic organisms per Jessica's bacteria or algae Java me become in contact Miyata hair

amoeba food key contact math ahead he produced kurta has pseudopodia whose food get around Jeff cell membrane of pseudopodia fuse gotta have top food pseudopodia k helps a foolish man trap wood at the head would that I have food vacuole man your digestive juices what ahem whoa secreto they have food wacky okay under or would the food hotel food digest order time Joey digested food otha he absorbed with the kids who smell energy producer Takeo sand nucleus any a me back and that energy producer documentary or maintain Kazakh apne up your undigested food or time food vacuole me to present hotel who expelled any mechanical gotta amoeba say process with the process of ejection so a map whisker diagram Ducati whom you have own nucleus or he have a cell membrane a footpad food particle Joby is contact matter hey dubby pseudopodia a MATLAB panna cotta pseudopodia is film around short I our future is car cell membrane pseudopodia castle membrane fuses ahead taboo trap Colette ahead food co-op net food the kurma Theory food vacuole and under your digestive

juices with a voice a this couldn't digest kata-kata is go undigested with your food what I have one say expel all that the process of ejections are yellow t-handle trician and amoeba agar up quad ki shorty video percent I hope please like eg share kg command key