30 April 2019

Nutrition impacts 70% on cure of Lifestyle Disorder


privilege that we have today dr. G went to not who has been invited to be very famous pudding University in China for five years starting now to teach hybrid especially a question that arises doctor that China has its own traditional medicine and has adoption of modern science usage heavily whenever I get my eyes up into the picture yes sir thank you good afternoon so this is I want to clarify you have been depleted by the espresso in diversity of economy to teach yoga classics but in the meantime they took my profile and they kept all the time and I rather basically directly to them and go to the Ridgid in Havana to the booty and computing etc so they wanted to take me full advantage of making Ayurveda also being introduced to the people there and in addition to my task offer teaching Tokita trio calsilica yoga Vasishta but until yoga sutra an introductory note for them because all those four subjects are are they are vast in this it's an ocean of knowledge but they have been given these four subjects victim little inputs of the syllabus there to make them stimulated how to make them orientated towards the

opinion classics of yoga subject so in that regard I was there for that it is almost 230 days so weekly five days a week so they have programmed my tentacles and have given them the basics trafficking in fundamental philosophy so in addition to that all the classical texts of yoga was introduced to them then they asked me to give an teaching the faculties for those teaching practicing yoga Department you see them okay they called actually from outside that vision practitioner software to have an introduction away them so I started I'd with because they are very much interested in either as much as they have faith in cesium thus a bit equal faith they're having your immediate medicine so they're Monterey explode more for almost payments so we act Iceland India founded Foundation which got registered in 2016 are singly focused on healthcare but within that we are looking at how to integrate our ancient wisdom and bring it to the addressing the today's modern day challenges which includes lifestyle disorders and so and so forth yes one of the things that we have focused ourselves is that after learning the

nutrition alone impacts very heavily on lifestyle disorders so we have come and formed a program called super paratha which is well nourished Indian and see how we can solve the problem sushi have nutrition for which our country is very famous with a variety of vegetable the seasonality and so forth so why not use one of the best chance we have so what do you say from an ad with the perspective as to what nutrition has to clear would see the fundamentals of wide weather has profound advice charaka susruta and vagbhata so especially what butter we have to take from y means because all the highway the text they prescribe some exclusion topics for exclusive personalities like I tell you these four topics are divided into account the whole big pillars of higher winner so did Aria mother was fish knows who touched on each one pata chala cottage pizza haha where these four personalities have been identified as the best part of that particular term and among them for diagnosis of any disease there can be no other text which can be equal to mod funny done so mother Cara is the person who has excelled in

when giving the diagnosis of a disease superstar h1 but aha so the basic fundamental principles of oil whether if you want to know you have to study one butta butta is the one who has the wonderfully he has given the fundamental basic principles of 511 so in that don't mean the part of nutrition will come so that's why we have to study well but I'm here I will tell other to also sharing a sort of proto if you want to know the anatomy of human body you know most assisted Sushruta Samhita where he is you went till today by modern medical science he has been considered as father of such even doing the modern subjects they consider who is the father of such daily means that is the social path because they take the time to that era where he used to operate on human body even when the producers were not so just nothing but I'd like to bring you to this again very important because here which is the impact of nutrition nutrition that sort and coming to that one where again now the chalica is considered as the best physician among the all the texts and so that's why if you want to go anything

about the treatment so you must challenge so that's right now among these four now what butter we have to take as you talking about the nutrition right what but our DJ's about the nutrition because there are theses three important principles in our human life ah Hara and very mature so these are the considered as are your first impossible in spinach saloons aha in there means firatli seppuku builder that's why you thank you many people say that fire weather means something something casaya tyler massage but it is a totally misconception with a of life it is not only teaching you the miracle knowledge or the medical science dairy beauty how the purple thing but it is actually a way of life so that's what is at the heart of the home at what time you should get up in the morning or tell me which vertical sex teach you this in a previous do you get the knowledge of but one thing we should get up in the morning I want you to know this is what I weather recently of life and in that for these are very very important aspect

aha nutria equally take importance to the steam box and that remote area is very important so reading it we celebrate life celebrate see is very important that means purity of body and mind is necessary don't enhance even the sleep on sir if the sleep is proper how long we can sleep purple only when you have a beautiful nutritive intention so that's all they give importance to by the way that even in China they are very much interested in this way that because they are attracted by the fundamental concepts because what I give in three our workshop on highway the fundamentals if they were completely they were mesmerized they wanted to have more times I just wanted to ask you since you've recently come back from China and now you go to the Queen ball yeah did you notice is there something called street food like we have street food in India - definitely - how did you find the street food there was it of good quality or was it poor party like we have because no no no because I think their food design is entirely different from our right from India CV India also we find so many food

categories and so many food that is as follows it changes every 100 kilometres like the phone is dying right is it not according to the region inside you take in manually away from Bangalore Syrian food he says it is not just looking at me alone yeah my question is that I am looking at our street food can be tasty but it's not healthy there's a gap there did you notice in China was the speed poutine which he could not eat the tower today's video no no because I was very much I'm skeptical okay about that okay I won't get pure way the restaurant I intended because the bacon Chinese or breagan breagan continental continent I see okay okay it's up your weight and continental AHA this time your vegetables not even onion and garlic is being used a how do you not be invalid right it's like a chain right it's like a chain foot pure vegetable just let me ask you let me give you another question yeah like supported palette no Ashman India is now focusing on it's another big movement is called sugar sub-segment basically a fight against diabetes I

want to ask you a question what role and what percentage role doesn't algorithm nutrition at first sorry Ayurveda and I'm a nutrition plays on diabetes management that person because it is mentioned in Shastras in high weather and even the operations and Vedic wisdom says that a horizontal should be some good-ass routine this means you fear - to be pure your food must be P this is the food is pure it maintains its sanctity then your mind will be pure so body and mind are intimate so sugar or diabetes what you speak is not innocence sit disorder the difference between this is and same disorder right this is this pathological disorder is physiological super disorder is physiologically this so that means variation in our physiology how can that be taken only by your lifestyle so tackle your foods type tackle your Vihara that's why AHA Ravi Karan I add another one concept here are we which are which are which are is also very important that which gives us because if you pay if you stay in Suffolk foot sign your mind will become something if your

mind will become something you were a teacher will become private and here I want to ask you take you to another question like you saying because for emphasis we spoke to somebody from the National Brain Research Center which is an apex body or brain research for a country headlamps I'd marry sir modern science confirms that mutation plays a very big role for depression example talk more specific disease Oh desires with us talk about how hara aha i say they won't water to relieve depression yes ah hara is divided into two parts Sushma have got a fool about but in our body the strewn about is going to nourish the body tissues the sukshma bad guy is going to nourish the mind so mind is an important concept within depression thank you so this is the most importantly our food is going to nourish your mind also and God loves well on behalf of - India myself our own booty Raja and all my colleagues to thank you very very much thank you thanks [Music] [Applause] [Music] you