27 June 2013

Nutrition Education Session with Nundah PFI Group

so I'm welcome to our very first

nutrition education section as you know I Claire and this flora if you do have any questions please feel free to us so firstly i'm just going to talk about the importance of healthy eating especially in our marriage so by consuming a healthy diet you can prevent many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes osteo arthritis some cancers hypertension and struck and we know that for people over 65 is often they have better health if they carry a little bit extra weight sometimes people with chronic health problems they put themselves at risk of malnutrition by restricting what they need so we have a look at this jalen guide to healthy eating now which we've got a big version in front of you so I don't know how many can sort of hear me seems to be a pyramid this is kind of replacing the food pyramid so instead of a pyramid we're looking at a plate so we've got as you can see most of your consumption should be vegetables and grain products notice that lesser amounts of dairy protein and also fruit and then off to the side we've got how plenty of water which is really important and also use less amounts of oils and only sometimes

have kind of your junk food sale dahlia chocolates sports drinks alcohol and where there's those kind of things so firstly we're going to talk about grades right past up or two-thirds of a cup of cereal and so this is just a single serve and so if we look at your your age and gender vegetables show you this is what a certain vegetables my god so that's of your bed cheese and surprise your potato are you well that's just the single server but yeah you know it up here you should be having five five and a half cents a day we're just going to talk up for it how many examples of fruit because he's a frequent client so it's true serves a day for all of you and so that's something like a a medium-sized apple or a banana or if it's a kiwi fruit or I'm happy to that makes herself so meet an alternative so here's the little pieces so that is a of red Peter stay that's a certain poor so if you kind of think about it's kind of like the size of your partner is about these are 65 grams yeah so you have masses yeah the women's you have 32 of the other day and they have to

alcohol is can effectively war ii can also cause brain damage high blood pressure and can increase your risk of developing some answers it also includes a risk an injury through trips and falls if you had a bit too extreme so one standard drink contains ten grams of alcohol I'm if we look here this is approximately the size of one standard drink of wine we're going to follow you yeah bout a hundred meters one standard drink so it's not much the guidelines what they recommend is that for men and women only have a maximum of two drinks standard rooms a day to be two glasses one that size they also recommend if you're going to have a lot bit more on one occasion have no pool no a weekly briefing it's it's not yet more than that going every day for now that's some tips to reduce your risk of poor health if you are a king is to set limits for yourself and to stick to them it's to start with your drinking with non-alcoholic drinks and then alternate refill your own glass drink slowly charger into the lower alcohol content so some drinks to be a lot lower alcohol than others don't drink if you have eaten anything this will affect you a

lot bigger and have try to have a few alcohol three days each week so we just personal health healthy eating tips so there's no system playing ahead meeting is often more healthy unstructured eating pattern often includes too many so but if you plan your day we often will include all five food groups don't skip breakfast and if you skip breakfast jumping get hungry are and then you're likely to overeat at the next meal or your life better may be true chocolate bar or something when you could be more nutritious food did you a wide variety of foods if you don't enjoy cooking or sometimes you don't feel like cooking when you do feel pretty um make more freedom from the freezer for a quick meal up another day manage your portion sizes eat a variety of colors of your fruit vegetables so don't always just have one of them try to commit mix and match it makes a muckle on site and limit your intake of what they call the discretionary foods that these qualities are the some time students in the new diet regard lantic for now it's calcium calcium as you is osteoporosis as your little ways of this problem in Australia tempore the major

health problems logging takes of calcium which I found your dairy foods have been associated with osteoporosis and that can result in BO infractions you know right arm fall over as you age it's a really key weaker because as you age and you lose bone us so as you age you really make romance so you're going a lot week that's why it's really important that we do have a lot of calcium yeah that's good so women as well we lose their biomass a lot further than men will so its extra important for women as you get older but by the meeting the recommendations for calcium you will reduce your risk of other diseases including coronary heart disease stroke hypertension and colorectal cancer might surprise some color over a retro let's get behind our like your vows yeah alcatel so some sources of calcium it's traditionally always know that it's in milk milk based groups such as nuclear is cheese it's also fared in garden fish legumes are your leafy green vegetables so lettuce your rocket those spinach now some nuts have a low calcium 45 45 so it never it is and also 45 breakfast cereals have some calcium so you must

like it just ride or something like that and usually says like adding calcium or increased our to prior year so it starts cussing to be an incorporated normally there so the recommended daily intakes of man at the 17 and women over 50 is 1300 Alvin make incredible milligrams per day but that Polly work made much to at the moment so probably focus on service license so as you can see depending on you between two and a half and full serves of Derek per day so what contact is our server or gets they'll get some examples so we've got 40 grams of cheese that's usually true slices but if you've got a small-block like ideas three come from God consecutive check their fighters they're 40 grams equals a pretty great yeah yeah yeahs lose life and it's going around the fire that's your answer for usually yes this is true thirds of a cup of yogurt but generally about it looks like a yogurt yet to throw a book allah ma3 grease ok one last three I can see them yeah or one cup of film so that's just a travesty so we go to the super age they are 12 so we need for of the world

but it also is in your mouth thank you some of your vegetable some of your fishes well if you have cereal for breakfast maybe 30 that's fortified with calcium so you have your cereal ever imagined it when I tribute to that might help you increase your calcium intake we'd better try to have canned salmon or canned sardines we make sure you put little buttons and then because they can take part of your calcium I've got your get two soups and salads and things like that you can add milk powder to soups and casseroles because it you can't catch them if Charlie to that phone brand Doyle and spoon of characters added in you can take the difference but it's got the calcium you can drive soy products like soy milk tofu that have been mentally fortified with calcium very leafy green vegetable salad or in your diet by juices and cereals that are fortified like thursday have yogurt as a snack or you can make a smoothies or milk shakes as a big snack and there are a few things to a caffeine alcohol and more vitamin D will affect the absorption of calcium socially important to note that the body of a concussion thank you for even two yet alright where

is the caffeine and alcohol deep it's good you're having a you recommended earth as usual I get the just healthy from your time as a first resort and in two out of ten so next we gotta talk about me so what we're going to do is we're going to pour the mix on the screen will read it out and then just tell us where do you think it's true or false so carbohydrates alone by making that into excess consumption and carbohydrates of a very important source of energy and they'll keep you fuller for longer and they'll provide energy for your brain which is the same as shooting station shoot yes definitely different oxygen deficit next food me feel at your season at night are more fattening than those even earlier in the day Oh matter what time of the day they're eating carrots are good for your truth through yeah the site of an alien they're very good provision that's all that's a bad thing I rather thought so there's different types of fats so what's up shredded fat and trans fats which are linked to poor health outcomes where is the unsaturated fats are really good for

you and they're primarily found in plant breakfast is the most important meal of the day group 3 so starting your day with breakfast will provide you with the energy you require your day breakfast skippers are more likely to overeat later in the day and make and egg Sabathia the eggs are a good source of quality protein on omega-3 and set and contain ten vitamins and minerals so the Hart Foundation recommends having up to 6x a week so you can see it's wrong yeah right but not for you all right but that is our great source of complex carbohydrates and contain lots of vitamin shouldn't eat potatoes or pumpkin yes something is wrong yeah so it's just because there are starchy vegetable I said pumpkins actually on the starchy later they considered it save this lettuce famous carrot saying this cucumber put potatoes are