09 June 2019

NUTRITION DEPOT PH HAUL! (Protein Chips, Protein Puffs, Protein Bars, Fat Burner, Sleeping Aid)

Nutrition Depot Philippines, located at SM Megamall and also online. Is my favorite shop for protein snacks, healthy food, and fitness supplements! Checkout ...

hello guys welcome back

okay Jessica TV I much a mom and you're with and today we're going to unbox other but we're going to unbox our home from nutrition Depot Philippines okay well then have a power super simple guys I'm just gonna show you all Europe in America Online sanitation Depot Kasane an issue bodyto my little mug snack so make myself a nice percussive comedian in Bamako so nigga vote on the whole fight like we belong upon democracy central well I have a little stocks of I don't food and akihiko you wanna be squid at Sharia none anaconda sanitation deeper I really got to use anabolic ahora even snap particularly this one I suppose in the boot of upon my building around midnight snap this is so good it doesn't taste like you visualize a healthy very healthy shallow Langham soon improve in 12 grams of protein barrel initial corporal McCadden three videos Superbird so trapped in the net in lament so I have two boxes this is the first bar and this is the second box I ordered the second box cafe la bas opening first box so the first one Anabella Manito I want organic protein chips conformation

column these are super good lots of the videos you can we eat eating healthy super crispy and crunchy you know what let's open one right now [Music] [Music] it's really crispy Amazon promise the Muslims are amazing he's hoping for a decided you know something because in a good time of a no meddling errand to look at the condom is a snap so of a telegram and stock up on protein chips telling the president is okay but during our own next one is I won protein puffs now these taste like Cheetos yum yum pal Dona param Hakuna Matata gasps I'm sure it's not a bad batch I'm sure it's how it's me gonna tell again texture now it's not puffy in imagine Kousaka Singh Lamba in cheese curls but it's not Belgium a coolant so I'm not sure if I'm gonna buy this again pero saya ha ha Kabaddi Kabaddi - and then I got a few of my favorite protein bars from quest s'mores apple pie s'mores and then your muscle muscle about muscle Pharm come back come back to impress

Massa please have like in the new supersonic play with it come back crunch and birthday cake it is like vanilla chiffon with an orange citrus flavor super yummy super healthy I usually bring protein bars when I go out on events or meetings or work because I find myself eating out and eating a lot of junk the super low protein so we need that extra room in a Jennifer Pindar say was an attempt at snappy more amplified super-compressed I put this sometimes and put this in the oven [Music] I ordered a beauty dream it's a sleep aid and a fat burner at the same thing I think I'm going to do an individual review on this one cuz a I have insomnia I have I have really big problems so Java sitting from you so this one is a sleeping aid it says it promotes relaxation so I am comin to say thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed our quick nutrition people Philippines halt please do like and subscribe I would love to know and hear from you go uncle sohn jung-in feature called interview ho I say I love me the mind

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