10 December 2019

Nutrition Counselling Vaishnavi LIU

Vaishnavi Chinchankar - Nutritional Counselling LIU Project.

good evening guys ambush Navy and this

is Neerja and we are here for the nutritional counseling and I am thankful that she is here to do the nutritional counseling thank you for meeting me on such a short notice so I met me a few days ago and she has a certain weight Google expectations and she's been going through a rough patch since she is here in the states and she moved here about an year ago there's the same time as we all moved in and so let's hear about her concerns what her concerns actually are so you can start now so since I moved here about a year ago my diet has suffered a lot because back home usually my mom would prepare food I wouldn't have to worry about cooking or I wouldn't have to think about maintaining a nutritional by myself because my mom particular of that next thing but the thing is because cooking becomes a difficult task sometimes I end up eating either junk of end up eating the frozen food easily available in the market so I wanted to know if and that's led to a little weight gain and hair loss and you get instant oatmeal since you don't prepare your room all right sometimes I just eat instant noodles or frozen food why do you think that is happening is it

because the Indian grocery is probably not available in your area is that your concern it's also about this I'm not yet a skilled cook and enjoy a particular taste yeah so and it's also easy to get them cooking so so what are your plans what are your goals for the nutritional counseling what do you want out of this I want a diet plan which is healthy because I think my current diet is not so nerdy and I think like I need to supplement it Multi multi vitamins and folic acid tablets and stuff which I never needed to take when his home also I think because I don't end up cooking much I get bored sometimes of the frozen food that I'm eating out of the same amount of repetitive food that I eat and I do try to compensate with cooking but I just don't know what to make or how to make it more nutritious than what it actually is just quickly run through your schedule from morning to night what all things you eat what is your typical schedule you what kind of the lifestyle do you have currently okay to work everyday is not the same because I don't work every day but then to give you a generalized idea um the

first thing I do when I wake up is I have my glass of water because I just can't do without it so after my water and I usually have a breakfast which is mostly a sandwich so it's usually bread a slice of cheese and a little bit of Viennese and sometimes is this kind of everyday breakfast is this movie less this is simpler than cooking something or sometimes I just eat Cheerios and and you go as soon as you get up mmm so I wake up and I as I said I have my water maybe after like 30 minutes or so I have my breakfast and after that I have my lunch at around 1:00 and between the two means every time if I'm at work and I get really hungry so I end up compensating if I don't carry something healthy I end up compensating by eating something of the vending machine and you don't really have too many healthy choices in the vending machine it's a do you by any chance have sodas as well no I'm not a fan of you're a big fan you're also okay that's good yeah anything successfully any of the carbonated drinks do I have the habit of eating every two hours is then having to assume there's no private research there's a thing

eat when I'm hungry and then it just becomes very haphazard because there are times when especially in the winters I think I get hungry more often and I think I eat like a little fruit so in between meals as you're supposed to eat much and then after my lunch I usually have my coffee at a 1/4 I just can't do without that and I was told that we should go to be using the coffee do you have it with sugar and cream yeah I have my coffee cream so usually in one small latte I am about 3 to 4 3 to 4 Splenda packets yeah at least 3 I mean I've been told to cut down like a really sweet strong yeah I cannot have oh my god I think you know I think I know what's going to be your first point on that I have you been working on this lately have you been making some changes small changes by yourself I start with four packets of sugar initially yeah that's that's a very good thing actually so you have started a little bit of progress is what I would say and what about your meal portion like do you eat small meals every two hours or do you prefer to eat one meal you know no I am good I don't I studied too much what do you have to plan like you have to eat okay and what

do you think is contributed to your weight gain because so far I think you're eating pretty healthy apart from the packets of sugar that you put in your coffee or something eating something from the vending machine so you don't go to college that often right you go only two to three times will be higher if I'm not wrong so then what else is adding to the weight gain of yours maybe junk food I mean whether at home especially I eat a lot of chips and chips and a pen to eat also if I am watching a movie that's usually on the weekends I and a binge eating I buy cookies and brownies from dreams usually eat when you're bored instead of actually doing something you don't rather than going out taking a walk I think so especially in the winter the oven I don't go out so often you know I do you know probably what the one thing you could do is you could channelize yourself in such a way that just train yourself whenever you are going to take a bite while watching a movie just remind yourself whether I'm really hungry just ask yourself once if you are really hungry if you're not then try not to eat okay yeah these are the

small changes which you can make on the go try not to eat when you're hungry okay and you're not hungry yeah all right and then tell me how motivated are you to make this particular change in your life I think if I get the type of guidance which actually which I find actually genuine and convincing I might stick to it you might stick to it right so you're really motivated to make this change in your life you have to see results I've seen Nutella plans but I don't know how to just to be around some of them seem sketchy that's nice and how confident are you that you can make this thing work because if you have anything you know there's gonna be a part of like there's going to be a problem to a plan like there are certain habits that you have habit of stress I think if you are really in the blue of the mood so too high you're happy hi so is there are there any things that could affect the meal plan or that could affect the counseling which I'll give you you know I will be will be making some changes to the everyday life you're gonna plan out a thing for you so do you think that there's something I should know

might give a month or two so my name is Oren yeah I'm here oh you constantly need a booster dose yeah how are you again for refuel okay so you know what we are gonna do if you're gonna start by making small changes I will try to eat at least one healthy meal okay in a day you know you don't have to do it every day say from Monday to Sunday the whole seventies of the we see you like every day at dinner you're eating something junk you get something from the apni bazaar or you have having instant hot meals or maybe some day you're just having Doritos for dinner you don't really have then and then you end up eating late at night so what we are going to do is instead of doing it every day for rest of the week we are going to eat healthy at least twice a week or thrice a week and whenever you achieve this particular small goal reward yourself on that Sunday with a cheat day ya know me that you stick to the plan even after the cheat day and don't get carried away with the cheat day the tiny days only for one day as a small reward rocky you could eat an ice cream probably you could eat one junk

item which you really like okay and then we'll move further like you could eat you know two healthy meals a day instead of one start by eating two healthy meals a day and slowly will progress the frequency like two healthy meals in a day for five days a week only on weekends probably you could try and let me ask you something do you have any other habits like smoking or drinking do you enjoy drinking I usually buy a form of cocktails which are tend to be much sweeter than the no that's good that's a good thing and okay so this will be it so you will start by making small changes okay because challenging yourself to make a very bad change you know you might go back on the track that I don't wanna do anything so we will start by making small changes in LA and that's how you're gonna get so we will achieve small goals first that will be rewarding to you you know start dealing with changes in somewhere about four to eight weeks the thing is you have to be consistent every - yeah sure how long so they said that you have to be consistent for about eight to twelve weeks you know there is a thing

they say that in four weeks you began to feel the change in eight weeks you began to see a little bit change in yourself and out and about 12 weeks you start hearing from your friends and you know you're really reduced in size so you're going to get there but it's a long journey and you should be consistent that's it and if at all you feel that you have certain problems there are certain problem area which might occur to you later and not right now you could anytime call me just make a list of your things that you know which bother you you think that this thing is not happening there are certain changes which have to be made note it down and so that we can work work on it later and do you work out do you have any workout plans going on currently like probably brisk walking or something like that do we enjoy working out and that's what five minutes away no it's a 15 ok so do you plan on working out too along with the diet plan I'm not sure now consistent you know what one thing I could suggest is you only go to school two or three times a day and we have a free gym facility at Liu yeah so

you could really use them you could just do cardio exercises like you could do the cycling or the ropes you know any three exercises you like on the three days okay okay so at least some exercise 30 minutes of exercise thrice a week you could start by doing once a week if you want to work out on the leisure day you could start working out on Sunday you know you could do some basic stretches we we might help you with the exercise plan as well so that's how it's gonna go you know like I said we'll make small goals we will achieve those goals we'll record ourselves for the goals and then keep on doing that over and over I like that the sound both sustainable and suddenly changing oh that's right it's difficult to adjust and sometimes gets overwhelming so you might you know jump back right to back to square one yeah that happens all right was really nice talking to you and I think that this is going to be helpful for you and thank you for being here thank you so much okay all that it was nice talking to you see you soon