30 April 2019

Nutrition Coaching - Megan G. Testimonial

Our CF7C 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Program is a complete Game Changer! We give you the tools you need to succeed with whatever you want to achieve in ...

so what's the best part of this

nutrition program I'd have to say the best part is just the accountability I get to interact my coach on a regular basis and ask her questions and talk to her and get knowledge and information that I wouldn't otherwise get myself I wouldn't go on Google but I can just go and ask her and the results are also really really really beneficial and I feel better too I would say a the extra money was like for me it wasn't like a big thing but it did like I had to work it into my budget so I had to deal with that but originally I think I've tried about every single other diet out there I was a keto last year the year before I think I did like a bunch of other things and so it was just for me why why try this but after a lot of consideration I was just like I'll just try it for the time being before I leave and so for me that was a big okay like I give it a set time and that was I've seen see what it does would you say good good results on this I think anybody can I think regardless of if you're brand new to working out or even just like your lifestyle to like an app like an elite athlete you can definitely benefit from dialing in your

nutrition and learning and not even just about like our nutrition coaching programming is you learn not you learn a bunch and you have knowledge like it's just important to you on the regular so all of that on top of the results on top of having the accountability not just in the in the coaching realm but also in the group that we have online is very sometimes you you don't want to answer the questions and and respond but you know it's good for you so I think everybody can benefit from it and and you see it everywhere I would say if you're on the fence about it just really go for it I think if you give it your all first and give yourself a set amount of time and not like a month because a month is very a short amount of time to to see results but when you set aside three four five six months the results and like actually putting in the effort to to gain something you do it's not quick results but when you put the time and the effort in the just even the the community and the knowledge and you apply it you're gonna see longer lasting results than like hey I'm going on a 30-day diet and dropping ten pounds within you're going

to turn around and have it have the opposite effects I've gained a lot I think I think one of the biggest things for me is just confidence like I've had people that hadn't seen me in a couple months and they just sat there and were like what happened like I had somebody last night say hey I haven't seen you in a while but you look ripped so for me that was really cool just like a self-confidence boost but also just I feel great I'm getting you know the proper nutrients I'm not like craving and going on all these binge eating things I'm a big foodie so for me it's important to eat around and see what I want but yeah I think obviously the results are a big thing for me the the accountability the community like I love checking in and seeing like what everybody else is making cuz there was the recipes are sometimes really really really good and then you make him wrong and then they're not so great but I I think just overall like my life has has definitely been changed by it and it sounds silly but like just changing what you eaten or how you eat it and all that really ends up changing how you live