08 June 2019

Nutrition Assignment #2-ACT

Applied Clinical Theory.

hi Ruth thank you so much for coming in

today my name is Alyssa your hygienist we spoke last week about everything so we did talk about how we're going to do a bit of nutrition counseling is it okay if we look at your diet and speak about it tonight yeah perfect thank you very much okay Ruth so at your previous appointment we did talk about your diagnosis and you did kind of speak how they were related to your diet yeah so you brought me back through a three-day diet their diary and then from here we can kind of go through it together and then we are going to be comparing it to the Canada's Food Guide okay um so start here so I noticed the first thing it doesn't look like you're eating a lot of breakfast in the morning is there a reason for that I honestly just have class early in the morning and then I also work overnight so a lot of times I'll either be working anymore I'm sleeping early in the morning and into the afternoon so it's kind of tea on the go so you're doing this yeah after you brush your teeth yeah okay and then another thing is notice that you're not having a lot of lunch is that also because of the classes busy schedule

yeah okay let's take a look here and then for dinner um it looks like you are cooking at home but it looks like it's relatively processed food pizza pocket some grilled cheese it bets is that with whole wheat bread or is that with white bread it wasn't right okay good that's that's a good choice you want to be choosing whole grains um and then we do have a little bit of snacking okay so from there we take your diet diary and we're gonna take a look and see what your risk kind of threw your sugar intake is for carries and what your in cavities and it looked does look like you are at a high risk and the reason being is you do have the frequent stacking so you're just kind of sipping tea throughout the day and you're not having anything you're not brushing your teeth um in between that and you're not having any food to help kind of disrupt that sugar and the bacteria that's forming on your teeth yes um every one just something with sugar in it for 45 minutes our mouth is susceptible to something called an acid attack and what is happening is the enamel is actually being attacked by something called cariogenic bacteria which is actually

formed from sugar and processed foods so if we are having tea without brushing your teeth or eating something to help disrupt that bacteria it's forming on the teeth in its gonna present in the biofilm or the calculus like we discussed um so from there we're gonna talk about Canada's Food Guide and what they kind of recommend so on your average day if you were to fill up your plate do you have fruits and veggies on it okay so according to Canada's Food Guide what they want is they actually want you to have about a half a plate worth of fruits and veggies per meal and that's two servings of vegetables yeah and then what they're also looking for is about a quarter of your plate to be coal grains so quinoa brown rice whole wheat bread things along those lines and then an other corner of your plate would be your protein so legumes soy protein you can have any sort of meat and this would be one serving each and they do recommend to choose proteins from plant-based food so that is something that we can kind of discuss so what we also want to look at doing is talk about kind of different recommendations you can make to kind of

implement into your daily life so the first thing we can kind of talk about is I noticed that we never talked about who you weren't eating a lot of lunch because you were too busy and then kind of had you know some on-the-go things coming in yeah yeah um so have you ever thought about maybe bringing a lunch with you to school um I've considered it yeah yeah okay and is there any sort of you know fruits and veggies that you enjoy I mean okay so maybe you know we could look at doing is have you ever heard of like a bento box no okay so what it is is a basically a bunch of little things making a meal so you could look at doing maybe some turkey breast slices a couple of things of you know strawberries some peppers maybe a few whole Greek crackers to help you create a balanced lunch that you can actually take with you and snack on throughout the day so it's a really easy way to kind of implement a luncheon and it's really easy to make at home you know cut up some stuff throw in a container and you can take it with you and the other thing we could probably look at doing too is I noticed that you weren't having a lot of breakfast do you

enjoy any sort of smoothies or fruit smoothies okay I just like I like to avoid okay do you like yogurt I do okay I'm so a really easy way that you know you could have a quick breakfast you know chop up some strawberries or some fruit the night before and take some yogurt throw some fresh fruit in there maybe a bit of whole-grain granola some nuts and that's a really thing you can take easy if you don't wanna eat it first thing in the morning take it with you to school it's you know in a container super easy is that something you think that would be easy for you to implement oh yeah definitely perfect um and then it's a big thing to you because you are having tea throughout the day with sugar in it um you know instead of you know it sometimes it's impractical to expect you to reduce the amount of sugar in your tea so maybe we could look at every time you finish a tea having some water maybe going for a quick mouth rinse if you have the time is there any other ideas that you can think to help reduce your sugar intake in the morning and you suppose maybe try having the sugar or

yeah happy that sounds a little bit sounds clapping it sounds better okay I don't think I want to go with no sugar and she really easy way making water here drink a choice so if you're gonna have that she incorporate the water in it as well helping flush out that mouth yeah um and then be mindful if your eating habit so that's just basically a making sure you're having three balanced meals a day you know trying your best to implement the Canada's food guys kind of my plate idea we also spoke about how you if you have the high-risk carry is related to your diet I think that you know if we do implement some changes we can help reduce the risk for you and they are you know very easy changes that I think will benefit you in the long run do you have any questions about what least look at that today don't think so okay for thankful thank you very much Ruth and I hope you have a