11 June 2019

Nutrition Assessment and diet Couns Julia Lijo

hey Sasha my name is Julie and I'm a

dental hygienist for today so since we did a few assessments on you and we came to conclusion on some diagnostic statements so do I have your consent to proceed to let you know yes have you informed sure firstly I discovered that you have generalized moderate gingivitis which is later to inadequate by for bio film role and diet which means your proper brushing or flossing and your food dietary intakes is causing water gingivitis in your gums and the second one you are at risk to help identify this aeronautical dime by removal because you have gingivitis there are chances that put you at risk there are things I put you at risk for failure Titus and follow that they knew are at risk for having caries because of your diet so you have more sweets and stops I have more sugar in it which can be your team to have carries and carries in the sense cavity from the die die that I gave you to plan out your three-day diet I can see that you have white rice which is not to give it I'm considered to your health and you also seem to have chocolate and cookies or your snacks yeah which can also lead to caries or cavity and you seem to have

less amount of water and your intake for vegetables and fruits are very minimal okay so if you increase that then you can see a drastic change in your overall so after we did the carries risk assessment I could I could tell that you are at a higher risk for having caries and because are at high risk for having caries I would recommend you having in that counseling having an antibacterial mouthwash I professionally applied fluoride because you know there might be some cavity in your mouth or hum future potential caries and also we will go through your software methods like brushing and flossing okay from your three-day diary I could tell that you are in the watch out zone for watch out zone and you require nutritional counseling okay and I can also tell that you need more fruits and vegetables in your diet and you also need to have the intake of vitamin C which is very good for internship no let's go through this okay what would you like to see as a change in your well as you mentioned you said that I do have to divide us but that's reversible so I would like to minimize that through a brushing and flossing which you will demonstrate for

me and also I know that periodontitis he said I'm at risk for that so I would want to minimize the chance of it getting higher you do so through a diet and the software methods so what would you like to have more in your diet like fruits vegetables and wife so I would instead of bringing snacks to school and work late chips and cookies maybe fruits and vegetables that I like like carrots and strawberries ours are I'll show you have some cookies and what what kind of proteins would you like like jelly for me well I usually like to chicken so maybe more of that instead of like processed foods exactly you can also have soy products that is also rich in 40 it's a good form of plant protein and so and you also won't replace your unhealthy choices with healthy things yeah herds and salaries and you drink water I just see that usually like the news but it's very minimal so maybe we do like to change yes for sure so - how many cups of water how often do you cook well I have a busy lifestyle with school and everything so I I usually eat at school but I want to like meal prepping and I would also recommend you to take time and eat so that whatever you eat

you eat it it mindfully and we take some good time to digest you chew everything properly you can also have a well-planned grocery list for every week on what you'll be having back so it's gonna get hungry do you have any questions um no right now no okay good