07 April 2019

Nutrition After It All Falls Apart

Nutritious foods and supplements will be extremely hard to get after it all falls apart. Invest in your health today while you still can.


in today's video we're going to be talking about a few items I think everyone should have in their preps in an shtf scenario in a long-term grid down event especially something that affects a large area you're not going to be getting the nutrition that you are today healthy nutritious food is going to be hard to come by healthy nutritious medications supplements will be extremely hard to find especially after a big shtf type of event so you want to have these type of things put back in your preps now I've talked about medical prints and things like that having vitamins and things on hand in the past but I've never talked about supplements and this is something that I take very seriously I take most of what you see in front of you here every day and these are some of the better supplements out there on the market that you can get at a reasonably that are reasonably priced not to over expensive and they're good for boosting your immune system and your digestive health they also do a lot of other things but just wanted to go over a few things that I keep in my preps in case of a long-term shtf type of event

if it was to happen I'm gonna make sure that I have all the nutrition that me and my family you know we need so just to go over a couple of things here I'm not going to go into a lot of detail you can go and you can look up every one of these supplements and what they do on your own because a few of these does a lot I mean are really nutritious and will help you a lot when it comes to your health but one of the most nutritious superfoods on planet earth it's in the top 10 both of these are in the top 10 of the most nutritious superfoods on planet earth is right here spirulina and chlorella now these both are two different things I just got one that has both of them in the same pill spirulina and chlorella chlorella are both algie's spirulina is mostly grown in salt water chlorella in fresh water and like I said they are two of the most nutritious superfoods on earth their health benefits are off the charts encourage everyone you take that on a regular I take it every day I'll tell you four times a day something else is very nutritious good for your immune system and your

digestive health along with a lot of other things is tumeric and I take tumeric every day three times a day really like it and does a lot for you like I said you can go in look at all these things individually on your own just want to give you a few ideas you know Tamera is good for its anti-inflammatory pain relief joint support and it boosts brain function and it supports your immune system and digestive system I talked about black elderberry all the time I haven't got sick one time this year and I've taken black elderberry three times a day for the last eight months and have it got sick yet this year encourage everyone to get that put in your preps if nothing else you see here get that put it in your preps another thing is vitamin D just about every person in the United States especially is mostly vitamin D deficient vitamin D is fairly inexpensive you can get it about anywhere recommend vitamin d3 you can get these or chewable tablets but you can get the powder you can get regular capsules I'll take that every day another thing I take every day is black seed oil this is really good for your

digestive health in your immune system encourage everyone to look into black seed oil one of the things you want to remember when you're bias up limits you want to buy the the supplements that don't have a lot of fillers and that is GMO and that's non GMO and it's organic and it's grown and it's here and made here in the United States in a fact in a USDA a certified lab something else is really good I've really come onto this was tight and that's talking about mushrooms in the last few months all kinds of health benefits when it comes to these mushrooms this one here is a 7 mushroom extract it's got a turkey tail it's got chaga it's got lion's mane cordyceps shiitake and maitake in it this right here has a lot of benefits especially supporting your immune system another mushroom that I take every day this is being used now and a lot of cancer research this is a great supplement and it supports your immune system your digestive system and does a lot of other things when it comes to medical benefits I'll take it every day I take lion's mane every day this is for cognition and immune support

especially if you have nerve problems or things like that and the Rafah these and things like that lion's mane is excellent for that kind of thing I can't rave and talk about mushrooms enough this the mushroom supplements have changed my life as far as my physical health and if you ain't never looked into those mushrooms like chaga lion's mane turkey tail released hey look into they they are wonderful when it comes to smart supporting the immune system they're using them in the fight against cancer now you know I'm not a doctor I'm not giving you medical advice but I'm just telling you what and what I know and from what I experienced another thing that I take quite regular is Moringa they call Moringa and Africa and over in Asia at the Tree of Life the no die tree and there's a reason for that great immune support and contains amino acids and all kinds of vitamins and that's right here's really great and it's helped me out a lot when it comes to my physical health another thing that I take every night before bed is apple cider vinegar make sure you get the organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother don't go get the

cheap stuff get this this right here is the best you can buy right now on the market it's fairly inexpensive and I encourage everybody to get that so when you buy supplements you want to make sure that you're buying top-notch supplements not just something that's full of fillers especially stuff that may be made in places that are quite not quite as healthy is what FDA certified facility is so do your own research but I encourage everyone invest in supplements to put in your preps everything I showed you here I personally take pretty much on a daily basis every day a couple of these that I don't take every day but just about every one of these I take on a daily basis and let me tell you something the mushrooms and the chlorella the spirulina has changed my life when it comes to my physical health I can't recommend them enough but do your own research just don't take my word for it there's plenty of information on the Internet you get on YouTube there's plenty of information on there and I encourage everyone do your own research take a look at the mushrooms I mean I has really done a lot

for me physically but invest in supplements put them in E preps not just a multivitamin these things that I got right here in front of you or some of the best that I have found and I have went through a ton of supplements and I mean I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements over the years trying to find something that works for me that really works it's not just some way to make money these things really work and I encourage everyone take a look at supplements to put a few whatever works for you whatever you find best suits your needs physically you and your family put some back to have on hand you're gonna need them because if the SH TF type of event was to kick off and especially if it's a long term over a large area these types of things are gonna be almost impossible to get you need to have things like these put in your back in your preps to help protect you and your family to give your self the best physical health that you can get and these some of these things right here this is what me and my family takes this is what me and my family has back in our preps along with a few other supplements that's not on

the table here but these are the ones that's most important to me that's benefited me the most and I wanted to show them to you and just wanted to encourage you to take a look at getting supplements to put back they can be expensive some of these right here are expensive but they're the best that I found with the best quality and the most potency and it's done me the best job I've wasted a lot of money on the cheaper supplements that you can go to Walmart things like that order off Amazon the cheap ones and then just because they're cheap don't mean that's what you need so some of these things are fairly expensive but I encourage everyone to keep prepping make sure you have plenty of food plenty of water mains of self-defense medications is very important especially if your own medicines that keep you alive to keep you healthy you want to make sure you had those up to date and that you have plenty of them thanks for taking the time to watch the video we'll catch you next time [Music] [Laughter] [Music]