10 December 2019


My goodness ANOTHER video?!?

what's up y'all I was recording today we

have a doctor perfect so we had to slide the Walmart real quick let me show y'all some bread that I've been eating number one I'm not eating no more white bread I'm I'm getting more into science eat things those videos is coming all right but check this out I'm with this day's killer bread Finch slice per slice we got 1.5 grams of fat 3 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs and it's not white bread so these cost about $5 a piece though so I'm just gonna grab two at a time and show you all the sandwiches that I make with them run y'all through these groceries before I go to work we got the bread the low-calorie bread this is 45 calories per slice right here this right here this is the truth okay this is 70 calories per slice which is really good but this 45 calories per slice which is even better all right obviously it had to just reopen some eggs we got a hell of a eggs here but I had to get the eggs now these I could see us eatin one pack of these per day Alyssa's getting back into the diet and training life and everything so turkey burgers are always silent for people who are like trying to

hop into a diet don't taste like diet but it is died in 93 7 7 per patty we got 8 grams fat 22 grams of protein solid okay I can see me coming in from work having to 'ti sitting around and getting up and going to the gym making a list of two as well okay now obviously we just had the ground con the ground turkey so if we want to make some tacos or whatever the we'll just make some crumbly meat put it over some rice with some sauce on her web and always good to keep around breakfast breakfast you already know you already know what it is no fat eight nine grams of carbs and grams of pilgrims protein always I like to adults for breakfast great way to start the day I always sip one of these every day didn't do it today cool my schedule is kind of off me ELISA grabbed a bunch of different races for like this I saw some really good Rice's so I didn't say you know what I'm saying that diversity is always gonna be to play this right here this line is cilantro lime this is red beans and rice if that taste anything like Popeyes red beans and rice does she gonna slap Spanish style rice slap I saw this I've got one

pack of it coconut jasmine rice it look like it's gonna be kind of good macros are kind of ass but it is what it is and then this right here this right here I feel I just gonna slap spicy Korean I feel like that's gonna be that's gonna be a play so I got three of those okay Alisa is gonna be doing the apple cider vinegar shot she's making hello um Sally's so she got the Walton farms that do you know harms okay obviously y'all when you're dieting you want good seasoning this right here is good on my own bro you can put this on due to it I better do to taste good chili lime seasoning oh my god oh my god and this right here is always good for cooking anything smoked paprika ooh got the bread-and-butter pickles for the turkey burgers always keep that this is a protein shake I know they call it fair life milk but it's a protein shake bro Co grams of fat 6 grams of carbs 13 grams of protein I use 2 2 cups of this with 2 scoops of protein and that really takes the protein up every single day Alyssa really with the cold brew heavy had to get the zero sugar creamer to go with that because what's the point of

this without debt you feed me um salads for a listen right there and that's pretty much it it's just like a little slight ha got some onions is she she'll be here doing that thing she'll be here at Starbucks without being at Starbucks what a big hit ass look at her head look he got it down swish it down here that's pretty much it y'all got a solid little hole right here no now I gotta go to work don't really feel like it but it is what it is [Music] [Music] [Music] look what I get to come home look at my dead dog he's been giving his momma hell today because you're their life obviously she got down put your hair down what is that so you see a little smoke I see smoke sorry check me out you know Sonny's this morning $3.14 right each patty is hugging at 50 calories we got 22 grams of protein to 8 grams of fat per patty i'ma do cuz this hello hi just a hat I left half last middle of the day right and I'm the season these the closer they

get to being done so put them on press them down there's only four patties in here so it's not it's not you know not a lot of food but this is great value for what you get you know understand like I know I used to always say when I need to make videos never remember that time long time ago in a jam in video always get food that's easy to make quick this is one of those foods bro did you get free mini burgers healthy lean burgers 8 grams of fat into these patties 22 grams of protein last another $3 bro for $3 after you know with the brands and stuff like that for to slate that's like a Plymouth like a $2.00 meal so the same macros you get at Chipotle for $10 a bowl you feeling like we're showing out what this is all looking like when they get done good this is so our middle you might wanna think about investing this couple friends you fool me I shot checking it off check me out so I got the bread and butter pickles deep these things they dangerous ever oh my god oh my god every every people check has a card so I was going to spread y'all see the spray we bout to make this good as hell check me

out I was gonna get it real cheddar cheese but they got eight eight grams of fat per slice and did these American slices fake processed cheese has 3.5 grams of fat per slice it's just way better caloric is just that's just how it is I'm gonna take a couple bread and butter pickles not gonna count these and be honest cuz I only use four big fat as hell they're just sweet right I'm a whole objective right now is to make this delicious so if you're not gonna cheat till Christmas you gotta make these delicious let me hurry up for this boy no I have to body song baby already checked me out this is low-fat Mayo bam bam boom boom toast is a bread check this you know that is dinner that's a hell of a dinner alright anybody really we dinner like y'all thought I was gonna leave y'all without a taste testing this time [Music] mmm Oh seasoning put a little chili lime and a little smoked paprika here hmm good day [Music]