31 December 2018

Nutrition 102 : How To Set Up Your Macronutrient Numbers

recording all right so this is nutrition

102 I'm going to be going over how to set up your macronutrient numbers so the first thing first things first is you want to learn how to first track your food you wanted to learn how to track how many fats how many Gardens of fat how many grams of carbs and how many grams of protein you consume average on your day to day basis chances are you're eating very little protein you're getting a very high fat diet and moderate to high carb diet as well you're probably really a little fiber as well so I want to get that fiber number up and that fat number a little bit less and you're approaching a little higher if you're going to start weight training now as far as setting up your macronutrients you want to track it for about a week I like to encourage my clients to tracker for at least seven days every day and you weigh yourself every morning after you finish tracking your your weight yourself fasted see how your body responds you know if it fluctuates day to day like if you're a hundred pounds one day and the next day you're a hundred and five or something then the next day you're 103 and then the next

year 100 then you need to have some sort of consistency with your diet so that's number one it's tracking your food once you have a base and you know how to track your food then you can go into the little gimmicks such as percentages so let's say you eat fifty four grams of fat 200 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein and like 10 grams of fiber okay you want to do I would suggest you go to the smaller number so if you get here in 54 grams of fat try eating 50 grams of fat then if you're eating however many grams of carbs that I said you don't you round it to the nearest zero or the nearest tenth once you do that then you can get into the it is so there everyone's different so whether or not you like a Pelayo style diet there's a lot of people that have a lot of success with that style of diet if you don't know what the pill paleo is basically you're eating high fat diet and very minimal carbs I personally have tried it it doesn't work for me I love carbs so I have a high carb to moderate fat high protein diet that just works for me so you have to figure out what works for you are you more of a fat

content person do you like things such as almonds peanut butter olive oil fatty fish anything that has a high fat content or are you more of a carb person do you like rice spaghetti cereal you know I'm that type of gal so once you know that then you can figure out what kind of diet you are willing to adopt so you can like I said you can do paleo another option which is also known as keto we believe the other diet is there's really no name for it but I got high carb diet and that's really it all these detox diet it's also kind of a side rant it's good for and I'll make another video on this inflammation reducing inflammation but it's not gonna help you lose weight so I wouldn't go much into that I've read detox diets and it's the type of diet when it's not really a diet so anyways once you figure that out then you can figure out your percentages so the first thing tractor food seven days second one is figure out what kind of diet you want to dot paleo high carb whatever figure out what you like best - I car or high protein and then number three is to figure out your percentages so if let's say you eat just like your average person average fat

average carb average protein whatever that means whatever average means to you generally speaking you want to keep fat on the minimal unless you're doing a Paleo diet so you want 15 15 percent of your calories coming from fat 15 to 30 depending on what other night you're losing weight or gaining and then 30 percent of it from 30 to 50 percent of it coming from carbs and then the other percentage whatever is left over minus 100 from protein so that's a little bit more in detail oriented I can get to that into another video but this is just generally speaking I'll leave notes in the description so that you can take notes of what I've just said cuz I know it's kind of complicated but I hope it is your question and it will do you the justice yeah thanks for watching and I'll see you in video 1 nutrition 103