23 July 2019

Nu Skin 180 Face Wash Comparison with Vitamin C Discount Price / Wholesale

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hi I'm FB and we are going to show you

different face washes all containing vitamin C and you may be wondering well why don't we need vitamin C in our face wash vitamin C contains a lot of different antioxidants that protect ourselves and generate cellular renewal so it helps with an anti aging process so what we're going to show you here is this is this is a jug filled with water and this is going to resemble our skin and we're also going to use iodine which resembles free radicals and you may be wondering well what are free radicals so free radicals are hit our skin every day and free radicals come from different elements such as stress or toxic chemicals or pollution just to name a few and so what we're going to do here is we're going to pour the iodine into the glass jug and now our skin has become contaminated and we're just going to stir this up a little bit so now our skin actually has damaged from outside elements such as the pollution and stress and different free radicals so we're going to pour a little bit in here in each cup and we're going to actually test how each face wash neutralizes needs free radicals and this has a

vitamin goodness in it and we're just going to use as much as you would to wash your face we're going to stir this around and see how well that neutralizes the free radicals so it looks like it cleared it up just a little bit but so little brown and the next one actually is a resurfacing scrub with vitamin C so we're just going to screen as well we're running out of this so that's how much you would use to wash your face all right so what we have here is also some murky water there so your skin is you know not as clean as you maybe thought it would be okay and then this one is a bit runny and as well all right and this one also contains vitamin C there we go this is a long process but we will see the results of each wash okay and let's see here and this one also is a detoxifying porous grow okay last but not least we have this face wash okay Wow so what we're going so you hear is that the different face washes all containing vitamin C and how they neutralize the free radical so some of them you know did lie in up and this one completely cleared that free radical isn't that

great so what we can do here is actually pour this into this cup as well and I'll show you how just that little bit of face wash also cleared the next wash up