07 April 2019

Nongu Delight | Summer Coolant Recipe | Ice Apples | நொங்கு | Healthy Special

Here we present you a summer special recipe called - "Nongu Delight". Ingredients: Ice Apples (நொங்கு) - 8 Milk - 1/2 litre Sugar - 2 Tablespoons ...

Today, we will show a summer special recipe made with "Ice Apples".

Usually people make Payasam or Sherbat with "Ice Apples". But, this is going to be a different, sweet and spicy recipe. Ingredients: Half Litre Milk I took totally 8 "Ice Apples". Out of which 5 are large and hard while 3 are soft. 2 to 3 Cardamoms. Here we took "Nat Cardamom" variety. And, Sugar (As per requirement) Badam, cashews and Rose Petals You may even add Saffron flower instead of Rose Petals We have taken Fennel seeds, Black pepper and Cinnamon for spices. Here we have powdered Cinnamon already. Kaskas. If you don't have these, add extra cashews. Let's soak spices and nuts in water for some time Let it be soaked for 30 minutes I'm pressing cardamoms to add in boiling milk. You may mix this with spice mixie otherwise. Add 2 Tablespoons of Sugar But, you may add as per your requirement. Milk boiled well Since this is full fat milk, I will leave it like this. If you are using watery milk, reduce it till you get thickness Switch off the stove Allow the boiled milk to cool down in a large vessel When milk is cooling down, let's peel skin off "Ice Apples". We should not add these with skin. Otherwise milk will go waste. So, we will peel the skin off completely. After peeling, we took 5 hard "Ice Apples" to be mixed in Mixie. And, we crumbled 3 soft "Ice Apples" with hand Let's mix these hard "Ice Apples" now Now let's add soaked spices and nuts with this and mix again We can add these with infused water Let's mix this again It is a fine paste now

Now, we can mix this with cooled-down milk. We can now add our fine paste into our cooled-down milk. Milk already has sugar and cardamom. We have added all. Finally add crumbled jellies of soft "Ice Apples" Mix it well You may want to mix this again in Mixie if you cannot mix well manually. Now it is mixed well and is in liquid form to drink. Let's garnish this with rose petals and cool this down in fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Let's keep this in fridge for 30 minutes before serving. "Nongu Delight" Ready! Subscribe to our Channel Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod