10 March 2019

Non-Scale Victory! | Weight Loss Journey 2019

ANOTHER Non-Scale Victory! | Weight Loss Journey 2019 I have yet another non scale victory! It's something really small but I was excited enough to share it.


all right so I have another mascot victory it's something really really small but first of all when I was pregnant I lost my Apple watch and I could not remember where I put it for the life of me and seriously pregnancy brain is so real so fast forward eight months later Danny and I I wanted him to mount a TV in our bedroom and so he did he moved our dresser and there it was my Apple watch behind the dresser in our bedroom so before my pregnancy I was able before and kind of like during my pregnancy before I lost it I was able to put it on this hole right here but it was like way too tight and it was not comfortable at all so I had to put it on the last one the very last one and now that I lost like what almost 20 pounds I am back at where I started which is very very exciting for me it's something small but I don't know little things like that like adds up to my motivation I forgot to show you guys we are pretty much finished with the kitchen with it just need some touch-ups here and there but I love it so much so here is the finished product all the cabinet doors and and I love it so much

idiot white made it such a huge difference I feel like it's a lot more brighter and more open I think Jenni's explanation was is because it was it yeah is reflective and dark colors like black and brown absorb more light hi everyone I haven't vlogged in a while so I decided to vlog today and also because I'm feeling pretty because I did all my makeup and all that and my hair is just a mess right now because that's all you get for me anyways I think I did pretty good this week I except for today I broke my intermittent fasting because we went to McDonald's Danny has a day off since no it's appointment today but anyways we went to McDonald's and I saw that they had the donut sticks and so I was like oh I have to try that so Danny got that for me and it was a disappointment so if you're ever thinking about getting those don't get them it was not worth it there's a little baby now Oh crawling I feel like at this age they're like like around nine to ten months and so it's more mobile they're like a lot more fun like it to chase them around and the other part is that I'm exercising while

doing it so that's even more fun - yeah you made it to your room so amazing news danny is now to 11 to 11 pounds so altogether he lost 35 pounds how much did you lose but if you were to count from December of 2018 he was at his heaviest at 254 pounds is that what it is 256 pounds and now he's 211 and you could totally see a huge difference it has like his face and like his body alone it's amazing good job Ben but here's me and I've lost a mirror what 15 20 pounds ish I'm getting there slowly but surely I was at one 98.5 yesterday and I don't know how much I weigh tomorrow because I think I did pretty bad today but we'll see I really wish I had more time in the morning to do my makeup and my hair and just my nice because I'm feeling myself right now I feel good I think you can really tell my weight loss in my face because my coworker went up to me I think this morning or yesterday morning she asked him I lost some weight and I said yes of course I said yes but it was exciting and it was very motivating because I want to lose more

who lives in a pineapple under the sea under the sea under under under under under the sea under the sea under under under under under the sea you're done no okay well anyways I I feel like I'm gonna go I feel like I'm going to hit a plateau civ please I've been doing the same thing since the beginning of my weight-loss journey which is January first so I feel like around like a thirty pound loss mark or whatever I'm gonna hit a plateau and I really don't know where I'm gonna go from there we'll see we'll see when it comes to it I'm just preparing myself I'll just go ahead and post what I weigh in tomorrow morning which would be Saturday morning and then post the video all right so I think that's it for this video it's been a really really fast week so I haven't blocked a lot and I'm just gonna end it here and we're gonna go ahead and hang out with my little man so if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel or more updates on my weight loss journey and I'm gonna keep zapping the weights bye