08 April 2019

NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS (apple cider vinegar)

No Diet Weight Loss is my 4th vlog entry and my 1st entry in lifestyle vlog genre. Rest assured that all pictures shown in the video were not manipulated but all of ...

good morning welcome to another vlog and

for today's video I will be talking about the things you need to know before thinking apple cider vinegar Teleca Bogner haha I had thought does it really burn belly fat and how does it contribute to your weight just like to share to you a little background about my weight loss experience and how apple cider vinegar contributed to it so this is my personal review and disclaimer ample whatever works for me may not work for you and still it depends on how your body adapts to it tension up or Mojave pop up and indigo bodies in Colombo and what a wonderful way to start your morning is to start it with your apple cider vinegar a measurement in April as a non-televised from the pusher but I need to finish this vlog this it's not overdue and I really wanted to do this and it's a good thing that I'm on my day off the bag is finally I can film it for you guys but this apple cider vinegar if you will may not mean new to you especially to those stellar telega very curious and about the apple cider vinegar and they wanted to really research about this perhaps when I keep my oh my a long videos Illuminati views YouTube about apple cider vinegar so

this review is my own personal review about it so I am to majimak regardless Susanna so if you know me personally Nicoletta are you mad about that but then but Nikita more for everyday frequently at homes a neighborhood is a hospital telugu mana notice small young wait is go to mattify chicks cabana Monteiro da da da Gama's to my Bipasha you new chunk oh that was my uniforms are getting fitter because the legate Rikke taneema work me it's gonna do matter but my own waste going by the hunk o you wet go so I need to secure another pairs of uniforms kasi in another like a higher non-chemical you mean sending both honest and and pants when uniform go I telecom explode the shy guys say Indian hire a continual because I am so here 2017 every morning so it's really a struggle to film a video night total silence another time so you're in year 2008 Phoenix I'm Alana home papaya so I tried dieting so I tried to erase rice from my daily menu pero him because I hire guys because my syrup telegin coma in a nice day bye Nicosia hire elect : imagine kyon ki Managua long rice no carbs for a holy

Nico higher in let go super I love sweets I love carbs enough rice indigo Telugu Shia the gasifier is zero so you and I also tried to eat healthy smoothie so you know I tried to blend the rice fruits and to make my own smoothies but then my Hanukkah salutes decoupage onto the same because I am you know II maintain iam gonna come behind Bhumika every written amount of fruits Paris smoothie Milan so if only Nutella guy have the luxury of money that I can muhahaha television a mundane but unfortunately his day so you're in X Yoona Nana man so you and my diet in IMAX movie because I'm a shadow maja so what I did was I came across with this apple cider vinegar it be from my on personally Nana and cuddle Akasha from my my on qussuk Umaga me Chad Mottola - up on my pyre so I asked her what's your secret so you and she introduced it to me apple cider vinegar it P and then ha ha ha fun AG research about it before I tried it personally made be searched a home just like you guys perhaps the greedy search Caillou and say you know my my personal reviews about a CV going to share to you my weight gain timeline me here 2013

major michael wagon by own old uniform continues odd 2014 Gannon / and angel pie a panini at the new at para Newman 18 score yet perennial atomo 2015 major ma no notice no major elongated orange incognito because my jawline para mahaki Taha'a in Lippitt omotchama shadow young face code so the first three years were basically my petite days hope I admire Athenian dito so basically I started 41 key look when I started working in the hospital and then eventually canta canta tamata as we become a vehicle that has a so bronchi in the guy in every afterward Hana did to you my teeth and evidence against impact Abajo so this is this picture was taken last September 2016 a year after the picture that I've shown you kameena 2015 so Keeton Keeton in yo na me Genoa wa la nawm elongated chain cocina Tata banana in fats Angelina Morocco so male genital again Mahakali toe master Muhammad Mahalo and then you know schoolgirls para the moon lowborn you know score so telegin didn't get as a picture now I was fatter than a year ago year 2017 I was my heaviest imagine I started

working at the hospital with a weight of 41 kilograms new 2013 and the new young 2017 I'm already 52 kilograms imagined I scan on Coty's you mean increase mum Tim Banco scale ahold of me pets acquired oh hopefully in viña machado my name is ed I'll give my initial s Allah sorry patella is he inconveniences at our color boy on camera so I am hello guys welcome to my vlog again potential of patella cos inconvenient so you nanny search a call about apple cider vinegar Nana you know my testimonial see YouTube para telega para at is aware of a new human positive and my negative effects benefits advantages disadvantages because it's very important to inquire first before trying it for you to yourself but then since its organic and it's natural so you don't have to worry too much about its artificial side effects casaya park organic shah and telega made up with your apple vinegar can say your apple cider vinegar it is made up from apples and a thinner mint guys so it's really made up of tarragon raw and organic and natural apples so ala moana

organic and natural charm Angeline Michigan Academy no side effects compared to those mono artificial weight loss regimen so you in Paragon I wanted to go for an all-natural weight loss regimen so I tried it for myself so what so what's so amazing with this apple cider vinegar aside from its being natural it is also very affordable because sky emotional million guys the supermarket stores in my name in a month today Amarnath agenda - oh I am well aniseh so your apple cider vinegar guess sky mahjong bill hints I had a new supermarket it's a Halligan 250 pesos above Burleson 300 pesos ample humiliate neva tell Yo Ma him but Menjou Michael Island sure but India national a person 500 vessels and what's so good about it is because economical shock say it per purchase madam China ones and this bottle could last up to a month or more depending on your frequency supply in on them apple cider vinegar so you frequency caucus a guys in in uncle inshallah wants a day better new Yuba nuclear recommends allowed to drink it twice a day and usually before meals

so you sashenka say you should share cups in your home I know your personal preference s co a session break a lot more in young ages a just school Sanka here unique Hindi big Sabine since yo neguin ago and any bar in the new gagawin MO so Cara Mia and I am examining apple cider vinegar as a weight loss regimen beginnig am opinion and a brand is human Bracknell again because mansion alveta know with the mother so it opened a UN panel mug and then a brand new apple cider vinegar tea because aside from its organic yo u mu and pasteurized empanada neshama so how do I make my apple cider vinegar mixture so a lot of the people are using warm water because it helps with the absorption of the apple cider vinegar in your party but I personally love to mix it with water so I think it has its own effect namond cold water in genomic mom can say personally I witnessed many the effects so I personally use cold water and then I put it in a glass or enough in a mug and then I add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then I mix it with one tablespoon of honey just to brown sweet

and a bit in peak I say AHA Lhasa sorry it's normal to say it's vinegar so but you mean lasagna again upon an honey so it is advisable I mean it's not advisable to drink the apple cider undiluted in parent Coco Mahayana to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar then you just drink it just like Parham syrup but advisable guys lamination a dilute because you apple cider vinegar tip number one or precaution number one haha erosion and evening guys so it erodes your enamel of your teeth so that's why today lesson pneumonic evening apple cider vinegar no o Allah o Muhammad earth yeah but you don't need to worry because there are other management to counteract that side effect so your goggle in Ohio - even your chance to be para at least in concentration yeah I in my lesson another way to counteract the animal erosion side effect of apple cider vinegar is to drink water after drinking or is EVP so okay now you know guys para marine semana not appear on Omaha apple cider vinegars a bit more so para telugu aruna Marines out named ECB especially - and Samaha teeth no and then 30 minutes after taking your apple cider vinegar de

l'alma superior you have to brush your teeth so parrot el retorno your teeth is well protected even after drinking apple cider vinegar ND caution number two guys apple cider vinegar is very acidic their stock I think it's very normal because of its acetic acid content however since it is recommended to drink it before meals because it is proven to have this pattern it decreases your appetite effect so hyoscyamine on that but before meals pero para and personally in Nicosia you know before meals casts a mandala sparkle mega hyper acidity so high mmm kosher with meals right after my meal however there is no scientific background or research that supports the best time of the day to drink your apple cider vinegar it be so that's why you have to drink it according personal preference in Yahoo apple cider vinegar can say it is also proven to burn belly fat so my momma pictures a whole papa fetus in your Nutella gum even be a homonym now apple cider vinegar another Mikey the new effect but I know module my do me eternal decreasing size than channel so although it is proven that it burns

belly fat what come on expect overnight or along our alone a Telugu macaron final ads remember your abs guys in the early on I won't work out get on your crunches get on you mock sit-ups Macarena abs you apple cider vinegar because vinegar wanna be near Birnam million extra flex system a new emission of a form nominal muscles of AB simple goose happen at an epic story on another effect apple cider vinegar in a piña colada little rice is my ranch an antioxidant effect so you apple cider vinegar contains also bacteria that helps in our stomach digestion so telegin ah happen detox television another proven benefit of your apple cider vinegar tea is it regulates your sugar level of your body so in effect Ksenia in the increase in sensitivity in and intervene sabaidee whoa so however precocial and caution caution persimmon a diabetic giant well aware of goryeo minim again apple cider vinegar without consulting your doctor or your physician [Music] [Music] like share and subscribe and if you want to know more station for the next

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