03 July 2017

New Orleans BEST FOOD 🎭🇺🇸 Crawfish, Cajun Food and Affogato bar in NOLA French Quarter

New Orleans FOOD TOUR: come on a journey you won't regret! New Orleans is a fabulous city located all the way South of the United-States. Known for its ...

I always come too late sorry too early

to the airport I have this phobia of missing my flight so now I guess I'm going to meditate all right short layover in LaGuardia because we're on our way to New Orleans and we're here to celebrate Alex you know Alec by now like 7:00 we just graduates of his master's degree he's graduating next week and I can't be there because of work so we decide to organize this little getaway to celebrate in a civilized way su-hyun efficient so I think I have about I have about like 15 minutes to eat blueberries [Music] we plan nothing much except eating a lot looking at some great architecture and just indulging into warm because I don't know what's up with the temperature go back it feels like spring or fall all the time and it's do say I'm crazy sitting on the balcony of my hotel nothing fancy but just cute enough I'll show you inside q bathroom coffee machine and then you can clean bathrooms and also just mention that's a little flag from the city let's check what's in here and I sort of a quest to take note of everything I ate official visitors

guide that's the last thing to do fully there's my name on to escalope whoa thank you so much Maria like a handwritten note but I want all right I am starving Alex doesn't get in before midnight that's about six hour term out I'm not going to wait until then so I think I'm going to be under hunt for food [Music] we finally made it to the phoney old house which is one of the oldest watering holes in New Orleans it used to be the mayor's home in the hundred whoo thank you thanks so much it used to be the mayor's home in the 800 and apparently story was that you operated as sewage or an f-1 who never made it but in any case they are known for their prints apparently they felt the most attention is North America or is it America Alex double-checks but I have the original tip water balances yeah they didn't have water balancing stuff and nice texture you think it's healthy because they'll bring in a pretty nice but you know there's butter from the avocado and a little bit of Miami's on

the French so you're like I know Eddy life [Music] so the trick is to go fast otherwise you lose balance now on my way back to the hotel you don't imagine what I bump into is help enough picado bar I look at hello everybody's well the street and there's this very exhaustive list of potential Alcazar don't trouble Janka you can have machado give me coffee avocados build your own up God Oh Cookie Monster Oh God I am in control crisis which I don't know which one I want to do which one's your favorite okay give me one better I like it he'll hug you let's do that one of you yes [Music] so first we're going to start with the dark cherry coffee a bit lighter but send the espresso partly for the smell a strong [Music] I think these prices my favorite subway service the satisfaction [Music] look what I found not sure how we would get it though I'll be super okay then can drop it again

hurry I have this nice s I love it ok let me go purchase this and I'd come back for a demonstration let's go to our master class on out - promise [Music] I'm just matching it instead of stealing and I'm getting later puree of drugs coming out mom thank you sir bye where is he lemon alex has a ride we can out-eat and let the weekend video [Music]