06 April 2019

New healthy breakfast options via Tractor

There are new healthy breakfast options for Vancouverites on the go thanks to Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods. Harper Yungwirth joins Our Vancouver host ...

now in a busy city full of commuters

breakfast is often eaten on the go there are a lot of grab and go places and tractor everyday healthy foods has just started its breakfast menu we're going to give you a taste of that today Harper jungwirth is here from tractor to give us a little bit of a simple how are you I'm wonderful all thank so much for having us thank you for having so this is you know this is breakfast time for a lot of people who are watching right now why did tractor decide to you know expand the menu and go for earlier hours and an expanded menu yeah absolutely so we pride ourselves in offering delicious healthy very vegetable focused menu and I know that you know breakfast time can be super hard for people to eat healthy and usually we're super time poor in the morning looking for something quick and convenient and we wanted to bring some healthy options for those commuters who are on their way to work and wanting to pick up something quickly on the go okay I feel healthy about it I think we started this early so these are through breakfast parfaits so we have three different options for you I'm this one we call the minimalist it's just very basic it has just plain yogurt I'm a

little bit of honey on there some house-made granola and some blueberries yeah we also have the works which also incorporates our blueberry chia pudding as well as our vegan muesli in there and then of course your pudding I mean it's so delicious it keeps you full it's gonna stay ribs I know these ones are all refined sugar-free as well so you don't need to worry about having too much sugar in the morning and having that you know mid-morning crash where you're reaching for an unhealthy muffin or another cup of coffee or anything like that I see and what about some of these sandwiches what's in these for sure so we have on our breakfast sandwiches so these are on a house-made brioche roll some nice scrambled eggs in there our veggie sandwich has our crunchy watermelon radish and some arugula as well as some aged cheddar cheese we also have don't worry we have the bacon for those of you are going to say I looks that's real bacon it's really good absolutely so you know we eat healthy we have lots of vegetables their menu but you can still go for the bacon once in a while okay you definitely have that on our menu

okay we also have a turkey sausage which is better for people who wanted a little more of a lean meat in their breakfast sandwich so yeah these are delicious maybe not an everyday thing but definitely often how can we be talking about breakfast in Vancouver without bringing an avocado toast this is this is the tractor version absolutely so we like to keep it pretty classic here we have smashed avocado on a thick slice of multigrain toast I love adding poached eggs on top so so good exactly so when you pile it high with arugula as well as I'm just a little bit of chili spice on there with some yeah chili flakes chili powder and a little bit of cracked pepper and salt what about this one yes absolutely so this one is our brand new Southwest breakfast wrap that's actually vegan so this one incorporates tofu scramble and hummus in place of the traditional on eggs and cheddar cheese in there and it has roasted butternut squash black beans charred corn delicious have to try please go ahead I cannot believe this one's vegan it's so good I'm getting the corn and I'm getting a really nice hit of spice as well delicious really right yes just a

little bit of chili and some fresh lime juice that's delicious I love okay and what about this this looks sweet but sweet but especially it is breakfast on a cookie this is our power cookie so this one's refined sugar free lots of different seeds in there it's actually not free as well so yeah pumpkin see seeds hemp seeds some sesame seeds in there oats a little bit of wheat flour delicious I love that idea now is this kind of a set menu or is tractor willing to sort of change with the seasons as different things coming to come into season and get right absolutely yeah we do change our menu seasonally so on this is kind of our launch for our spring spring summer menu so we've incorporated the watermelon radish very seasonal ingredients our seasonal greens tend to change as well with these seasons so right now we're taking the advantage of arugula but you know later into fall we're probably gonna be seen a lot more like kale and like hearty greens like chard on there we've got them all laid out here Harbor which one is your favorite my favorite has got to be the

vegan breakfast draft but I've already taken a bite out of that one I'm with you on that one but I I can't go wrong with avocado toaster you can't love it thank you so much for coming in thank you thanks for having me