22 March 2019


NEW CAREER | BACK WORKOUT JON SHEPPARD FITNESS #newcareer #backworkout #personaltrainer Hello and welcome to my channel Jon Sheppard ...

Hello YouTube welcome to my channel Jon Sheppard fitness. oh it's like half 6:00

in the morning you can tell summer is coming it's light already I just couldn't sleep at night that's why I'm up at this time because just me I never get up at half 6:00 in the morning and so forth stead of trying to get to sleep and then sleep it all day Oh quite wide awake for might as well go to the gym but as you know I do not drive and booties are not running yet so the first thing that's running is a train so I'm now walking to the train station doing a little bit of cardio yes cardio which I don't like doing and I think I'm gonna do back today but before that I've got some interesting news to tell you obviously I'm doing a fitness channel yeah if you're watching me you're probably doing a fitness channel yourself um but if you followed me for a long time I need to rant quite a lot and it knew you because of YouTube haters people in my local area saying I don't know what doing bla bla bla bla bla bla well starting from next month I am beginning my personal training course and obviously they're quite expensive I've been looking around didn't really want to go on online because there could be anything but the manager at pure Jim he ones it's old personal training course with pure gym so I'm doing the course the good thing is I can pay installments so I don't have to find massive amount of straightway and for 1,300 quid it's pretty much of a bargain I'll be a level 3 PT then and no one can say anything apparently it's going to take about three multiple I will not get the certificate until I pay off the actual course so if I actually finish a course in the premium well if I finish the course in three months maybe one of them do I just work the rest of my wage just to get it out and then I can begin my new life as a PT the course also provides a job interview for a pure gym probably won't get that because I'll see there's only one pure Jim in my area and that's rammed full of instructors so I'm probably gonna start looking around I might do a years experience in a gym maybe a small gym or probably do online coaching get the name out there and just do what I did with my gardening business

doing leaflets how it ties in around my local area dropping them through doors em and you never know my get few and see what happens oh I'll see you in the gym and then after our little talk to you cos they blew the faint light such people they do no good what I do know in the zone well there you have it my little back workout don't be ashamed don't don't be disappointed by the weights I wasn't doing for weights obviously I'm still coming back for my little shoulder injury and I'm not going to go heavy everything I'm doing probably this week and next week it's gonna be like half of what I actually can lift but let's go through the actual workout before first of all I went on to squat wrap if you've never tried B these are a great movement for working the back mainly the lower if you having trouble with deadlifts it's the last phase of the actual pull you want to really start around the mean level and you can put more weight on this than you actually can probably deadlift if you're not doing a deadlift basically go on through a rack pull and just pull and pull and work up the weight it's also going to improve the deadlift in time and like I said it's a great compound movement and I obviously went on to isolation moves and I did dumbbell rows again there's different ways of doing it I decided to I couldn't be bothered to go on a bench so I I just wrote on the actual rack itself it saves energy so there's a little tip because obviously when you start doing heavy weights you don't want to be lumbering around these big heavy dumbbells all the time because it's wasting your energy for the actual exercise itself then I went on to a barbell row I did on the rack again because I sort of basically used the same weights there's a couple of methods you can use you can put heavy weight on and jerk it up and then just release or you can do what I was doing just doing normal reps and it's also another movement to thicken your back and I went on to the standard lat pulldown and I think well you never will you know as well a pall down you just gotta make sure that you don't start swinging when you're trying to get the actual bar down

and just make it sure it comfort about chin level it doesn't mean to come all the way down to your chest and just make sure that your back is straight and you're not leaning all the way back because then you're not engaging your actual back this is obviously a great exercise to build the lats and finally I finished with a close quick row this thickens up them lower part of the back more than anywhere else I think that's where I feel it and you've basically Stu want a row make sure your back straight and row to your belly button area you don't want to row it towards your chest of course there's lots of other movements I didn't do today but you don't want to do every single back movement all in one day you've got another day to do a back day where you can do all the movements of who like why grip row clothes flip pull downs start doing too many actual workouts in one session you're just got to burn yourself out and obviously the later exercises you're not going to have as much strength you're going to fatigue a lot easier you're probably not going to lift the weights it's good form we'll go so I would say usually do about four movements maybe five movements in one exercise obviously if you're doing a compound movement like a deadlift or a rat pull you're going to hit a lot of your back in anyway anyway I hope this was useful and I will see you next time goodbye