24 September 2018

NEVER Go on Ketogenic Diet || Reality About Ketogenic Diet

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hi guys welcome back to my channel

little curves and just ignore this charge which I'm wearing like a heavy dress and I'm sitting here you will see in my lookbook but today I wanted to talk about a very important thing so let's get started today's topic is all about ketogenic diet it is so much in train like sub cookie totemic diet corny hair but if car mat Lepke hey ricotta cheese a vocation a Jonna initially when I was in my graduation years ketogenic diet safe hoon patients koji DJ et janae epilepsy hair yeah Fitz party hey taki or hobby but choco Oh strip leb blood test EHR today as ketones ketone bodies shaky grtt Yunque blood may are you reading me or sa there's a long procedure but no one wants to know about it today it has become such an important thing that everyone everybody wants to run behind it just because it leads to weight loss and that too a very what do you say a quick weight loss so sub-q a hacky weight loss shall do china to compare ehe trigati I get so many messages therefore I thought that I should make this video and let you know what it is now ketogenic diet is like where you have just 5% of carbs then 10 to 20

percent of proteins and mainly that a 70% will come from fats okay so you are having more of fats in a healthy manner but Indian context mia grab deco so hamari died raga Kirk a Indian food case are like there are more of cops in our food like chapati Hokulea cha valve ok we are back Rico the official bread we start our day with more of carbs less of proteins and then comes like when fat then protein ok so we have such kind of thing fine enough if you want to include a ketogenic diet how will it fit in like one day I pegged in mckessie it now but I change concept a rock opera Cobb Hatake a fat horse made all do you see by their affordability up please bad case Sochi a hum occur non-vegetarian houses we had tobe affordability Kurata hemorrhoids nahi afford Cossack a non which sit for safe non-veg Khanna whenever we eat non which also we eat it with rice or else it chappati or bread or anything naam see Kassabian cotton I'm self or safe no enrichment he dependence at a affordability kovitch a carpenter do see by the fact hung kidnap Adam tell me peace again Butterick Nanak hazard pay how many aboard a Maha Maha

Ricardo rationing he escaped our MMB Sojin apart ahead and that's really very important when you want to do it for long term staking thing just initially weight loss what ahead that's just because of the water content after water deplete on a charge attack Isley await lost or that or up over he weight loss lfhe hey Mary what do you say my ketogenic diet result so it's not ketogenic diet result it will show but later uptick made in Texas teen kerpow cave up Ali Sochi a UK whoa effect could Stein dr. reyga but Barney Fred sahaja yoga job opposite shores okay and back to normal an issue Raja so what is it use so my point is you're up they say a cha healthy diet or a balanced diet cuny Charu carp a penny if you see our food primate we all know about it can eat a sub rise to party and all those things carbs are there Vittoria proteins and milk are there fruits and vegetables are the nursery less to operatic mohair your fat butter and was of sub succumb leaner why don't we follow that how many pura pura change Guardian each a caboose uske change car key who say bilko a fat kiss at transfer cardi ahem shift cardi I know how many vitamins or minerals

hibari make a soldier even that is very important we only are into that target is this way that weight loss there is nothing else in the mind that if you have to give your 100% in a physical activity also up office BJ okay agura Percy died fall okay okay a little body goes back to me Annika leave our time lagaa there will be nights when you will face sleepless night just because I'm a Pagano tsk idiom the pair coach of Khan Academy 9qr Jyoti a heavy lunch connect apart because cars Johnny say could you say chemicals were not a hand yeah as a proteins were not in here you say how many not the etiquette when you will have fat you will like nighttime also you're having a high-fat diet or hype like protein and fat diet so aku Vernon ana.k chemicals nee burning you will have sleepless nights then comes up cabe raincoat 'no cops Joe shahira Taos a fuel technically ever nahi milega you will feel very lethargic you cannot do more of physical activity when you are into this kind of guide because your body needs to adapt FK potassium or sodium level PHA Asik pain so you should have lots of fruits a fruits PR dekha hai toh katana up Logan

or swathi sack other hunky affordability the each other article fruits we afford cognize a very big thing so you know just keep I'm not scaring you but I'm showing you the picture of this ketogenic diet I haven't followed it and I will never ever follow it just because I want to go in practical basis I don't want short term goals to be achieved I want long-term goals to be achieved I want I don't want to play with my body because it's my body it's not a machine that's working ok it's my body and I should respect it should give it time eggs in my up mutiny okay hey akka who's process may be just a time legato said how can a may be time lagaa to just give that time too then comes another point that when you eat more of protein now people who have kidney diseases for them it's not normal to have so much of protein other after uric acid poly se para had to up quit now protein nahin Dana changer body co yeah up Co I would mention that up of net doctor say be consult kg if you are bold enough to get into this just consult your doctor do not experiment please get into someone who can guide you for this and then do it so I get so

many messages that you know I'm ketogenic diet cannot array is it gold may doctor nebula Aki doctor doctor hey and a dietitian is a dietitian so there is a difference you go to a dietitian and then consult but still keep all these things in mind also it loses that charm you know sometimes like family gatherings are there when you come together you sit together and you eat okay at that point of time you're losing that charm ness or that fun from your life just because you're just stressing yourself into one direction it's better to have a balanced diet less of you know a broad it can fit just because they have proteins they have a lot of variety there is beef which is plant band your there are more of non-vegetarian people whereas your we are more majority are vegetarians okay so there's our difference you know then comes they don't they eat cops cops they eat the refined one like mad I know so they have to cut down that okay for them it's like cut down that but here you have so many options you have your art earth at the whole V data you have millets like you know corn then Java this Bhadra there's Wragge there are so

many steaming foods which you can have so there are lot of variety that we have in our diet so why not to go with this and rather than just you know focusing on one direction and this was a small kind of jabbering session which I wanted to give if you want to know more about it or anything they do write down in the comment section and if you want like any other trending diets which have come into the market and you want me to talk about it do do let me know I would love to give the knowledge which I have as being a certified dietician so and I hope you enjoyed this video too to subscribe to my channel hit the button like and stay tuned for more and more videos thank you so much for connecting buying [Music]