01 October 2019

Myths Vs Facts - III

And I am back with another interesting segment of myths and facts. Let's throw some light on these astonishing facts!

then eating out salads are the best

options stevia is good for health fat can be easily converted into muscle mass so here is another session on myths and facts let's get this started you cannot turn an orange into an apple same me your body cannot turn fat into muscles the reason being fat and muscles are two different types of tissues and one cannot be converted directly into the other what you can do instead is lose fat and gain muscle mass to lose fat you need to lose weight but to lose fat and not lose muscle mass you need to eat the right food for this I would recommend you to consume at least point eight to one gram of protein per kg body weight every single day [Music] avoiding cops altogether is not a great idea cops provide energy and they're the only fuel used by the brain having said that not all carbohydrates are the same with pcod it's important to focus on high fiber and low sugar carbohydrate to stabilize insulin levels now a good source of high fiber low sugar carbohydrate include complex carbs like amaranth jabbar or broken wheat so the

bottom line here is that we should avoid refined carbs like maida but complex carbs should be cured in the life the idea of detoxifying your body through a cleanse might sound appealing but starving it by drinking only juices sounds miserable you know as they eat drink and breathe we are building up toxins in a system also our body already has a system for filtering out those toxins our liver and kidneys as healthy they do a great job of cleansing a body on an everyday basis so inappropriate fasting will only lead to lack in energy and not some magical plants the most of the times the salad you order are in no way heavier than the other dishes on the menu you would be surprised to know that the amount of calories these fancy additives like croutons thick creamy dressing or canned fruits they add to it these yummy culprits return your healthy meal into a fiesta of calorie overload so make sure that you're mindful of what you're ordering and it's possible it's always advisable to customize your salad studies on stevia raised concerns about to control in blood sugar levels and

also its effect on cardiovascular reproductive and renal system there are some health concerns surrounding stevia plant safe because low blood pressure which might be a concern for someone who's taking blood pressure medication and also there are research is going on into chemical that naturally occurs in stevia plant that may cause cancer so always remember just because something is coming from a plant source it does not make it harmless or wholesome so when it comes to your health do not fall for these patrols try to be more conscious and eat mindfully [Music]