13 January 2012


I had a few requests to share my weight loss story! Are you going through your own battle? If you've lost weight, how did you do it? Please thumbs us up, ...

hey guys so I'm frozen absolutely frozen

and cold today the cold January 8 frozen morning for about 25 degrees and I just want to show you this beautiful river that waterfalls sometimes is frozen over but it's not today but get this river this is where I was baptized in August much different conditions but that's where everybody stood on the bank and we all sang Amazing Grace and just our family and our friends cheered us on as well me on a group of us were baptized but it was a beautiful moment anyway so I am here to discuss a very personal subject with you about my weight and the weight loss that Josh and I have have done together and kept off but some of you would like to know and I kind of just him and haul around it and I don't go into detail and so I'm going to share our story my story with you finances and weight kind of do go together and in 2009 Josh and I had great it had our two kids grace was a baby and our marriage was like barely barely hanging on and we were in debt and debt up past our eyeballs we were stressed out and we were overweight and we were having health issues as a result and to be in our 20s and having that many health issues was unnecessary and

so we decided that 2009 was going to be our year and that we were going to become financially healthy and physically healthy and so I joined Weight Watchers and we were too broke for both of us to go so I joined and weighed in and he so crazy and so cold uh-huh but yeah it's so pretty out here anyway there's another log truck I joined Weight Watchers and our finances didn't allow both of us to go to the meetings so I weighed in and he worked it from home and we just we did it we took financial peace in that January 2009 and as we started watching where money was going and really pinching our pennies we realized how it just became easy for us to be able to put our weight and our money together and to really make the best choices for us I don't I don't know everything just clicked we prayed a lot we I think we just came together like we agreed that we needed we needed help and we needed someone to show us the way and the someone was Weight Watchers for our weight and Dave Ramsey for our finances and so we just kept plugging away week a week we went through financial piece and every week we just

were like this is the truth this is the way this is it makes sense and we just didn't fight it anymore we came together which didn't happen hardly ever because our marriage was was hurting it was hurting really bad it was scary it was a scary time for us but we just kept going week by week at financial peace we learned something new every week we applied it we went home and we applied whatever the topic was and then my way is I just my most productive during the time that I lost my weight I was losing about 2.4 pounds a week which was pretty good and I got down I lost 70 pounds and it took me a little over a year to do it about a year and a half and we just we changed our life you know Dave Ramsey put us on track for our finances he gave us a plan and a goal that we both could could come together and work on and then Weight Watchers just showed us how you should eat how how healthy you should eat it taught us about portions how to put better foods in my kids as bodies we were going through the drive-thru all the time and almost everything was out of a box and all of a sudden we started you know living this way our health

problems went away like we had really bad Josh especially had really bad heartburn and pretty sure you started having heart issues because of our diet and the way we were eating diabetes runs in our family on both sides and we just we were really seen in our late 20s what our future was gonna hold for us and it scared us and we wanted better for ourselves like we wanted to we want to delete a healthy life so that we could show our kids how to do that and we prayed a lot we just really prayed a lot and so now it's about three years later since we started everything and we've cut our finances on track and we have dreams and goals we don't fight anymore our kids see happy parents happy parents who love on each other and go on date nights and just are working for the same goal and I think that's important for kids to have that and then the weight like it's it's easier now because of our lifestyle we we're on a budget obviously in a really tight budget till September but like this is only temporary it's only temporary and but these these money saving habits we're learning are gonna stick with us for life and we'll pass

those on to our kids and anybody who will listen pretty much but our weight you know once you retrain your mind you guys on what to what to put in your body and I think personally if I look at a food item I think how is that going to make my body feel after I eat it and I'm not saying you can't ever have chocolate I love chocolate I think it's a food group it's one of my favorite yummies in the entire world is chocolate but um just think I think about how it's going to make me feel afterwards I remember the health issues we had before and it becomes a way of life just like being on a budget saving money it's what is important to you it's how you prioritize and so this weight watcher this weight watcher thing is easy it's easy for us to be healthy now to maintain we work out we work out for about four times a week both of us doing yoga or yoga or running or the elliptical machine we do it all out of the house and it doesn't cost us a thing to do any of that and so it fits into our budget really well you just have to find the exercise you guys that matches your life matches your budget if it's going to the gym I think

that's fantastic my goal down the road is to be able to pay for yoga classes I want to go to actually a yoga class I actually want to try Bikram yoga but that's a goal but it's really just about finding what works for you and starting little and then you add more to it and then you add more to it and you add more to it like your budget you know maybe it's tracking every tracking where you're spending your money how much you're spending going to the envelope system maybe enrolling in FPU those are all starts that you build on and with weight you do the same you kind of just say you know what no more for us we cleared out our pantry and there was no more packaged garbage boxed garbage in our house and then we built on that we added more greens into our diet and I started cooking a lot more and having more control over what my family ate and so it's just talking it's overwhelming right it's overwhelming to think about how much you have to change to be healthy and have money and really it's just simple you just start with one one thing at a time and then you build on to

it and it's wonderful it's so wonderful to be healthy to be financially healthy and to be physically healthy and to know that at our age we've got many many years ahead of us that are gonna be good years and so anyway you guys have asked me to share a little bit about our weight our weight loss and well my weight loss Josh goes along with it we both have lost about 70 pounds but it's taken time and lots of soul-searching and learning new things about ourselves so a very personal subject but hopefully you guys can get something out of it it's an honor it's really an honor to even be asked because we don't go around broadcasting it you know on our foreheads or it's just kind of something we don't discuss but yeah so there it is a little bit about us that you maybe you didn't know you