21 July 2019

My weight loss journey (Week 183)

This video is about me completing my 183rd week of my weight loss journey. We'll see if I've manage to lose any more weight, when I complete another weekly ...

hi guys I hope you're all well it's

currently Sunday the 14th of july 2019 and welcome to week 183 of my weight-loss journey well in last week's video we all saw I had lost three-and-a-half pounds or 1.6 kilogram which in turn saw my body mass index go from forty eight point three down to forty seven point eight I'm going to begin by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week which you can see in the graph of both the average of this was two thousand four hundred and seventy seven compared to the previous week at two thousand six hundred and twenty three so it's obviously still within my two thousand seven hundred allowances come down a bit from last week but it's still a good result my food consumption has also slightly come down to three thousand five hundred and forty six milliliters but again it's still above that magic number of three thousand milliliters that I set myself or try to achieve on a daily basis if I now look at my step count which you can also see in the graph of both the average of this was 9527 compared to the previous week at eight thousand nine hundred and sixty so it's got above that

nine thousand target that I set them soft just overall I won't forget so obviously I'm very pleased with this result I did mention in last week's video that I was planning on going to Wolverhampton for a couple of days for work purposes that trip didn't materialize it didn't end up happening and so obviously I was able to stick with my work walking after work and of course going to the gym on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and of course because I wasn't away from home I was able to stick with pre-prepped meals so on that side it was all on the good side that time of the week where we all get to see if I've managed to lose any more weight so here is guys here's mine [Music] I now weigh 160 3.2 kilograms which is three hundred and fifty nine point seven pounds or 25 stone nine point seven pounds this means in the last week I've seen a loss of one pound or point four kilogram they've a compared this result to the result I obtained at slimming world you can see this right here as something more this week I also saw a loss of one pound or point four kilogram I honestly don't believe that I would

have seen this lost this week if I had done my trip down to all the Hampton because I know I would have had a lot of pre-packed sandwiches a lot of carbohydrates it's inevitable that would have happened and I don't think I would have come back to seeing another lost result this week but bright side is I have seen a result this week which is brilliant so yeah pleased based on this week's weight loss it sees my body mass index go from forty seven point eight down to forty seven point seven they will combine third weight loss target last week it was fifty seven point nine percent complete and after the loss it goes up to fifty nine point three percent complete so in the one hundred and eighty three weeks have been doing this weight loss journey I have lost a total of 181 point five pounds which is eighty two point three kilograms or twelve stone thirteen point five pounds next week is going to be an extremely busy week for me I do have another work trip planned down to stoke-on-trent for a few days so the back end of this week Wednesday Thursday Friday is not really gonna be on plan I just know I'm not

gonna be on plan and pre practice and wages carbohydrates just as I mentioned what I would have done if had have been them all the Hampton this past week so yeah it's gonna happen so next weigh-in I think it's gonna be a game result I would love those lost result again I was say I'm going to try my best to make the best and right food choices throughout the whole of the week and try and minimize any damage that can occur from this work trip but other than that guys that's it that's the end of this week's video as always if you'd like to continue follow me alum or weight loss journey and hopefully get to see a lot less of me in the future why don't you subscribe to my channel so you don't get to miss out on any future videos that I post I wish you all a fantastic week and I'll see you all again next Sunday