11 March 2019

My Weight Loss Journey - Part 3

Day 5: I'm feeling a hell of a lot better without the sugar and definitely intend on seeing this through until I'm fit again! VIDEO SPONSORED BY INSHOT. Inshot is ...

young guys my name is drop tbh and today

is the fifth day and this is episode three hour part three of the weight loss journey and I have to say manually I'm feeling great now I'm feeling like I can I can do more and I can come up with ideas faster of how to how to support myself through this physically however I'm saw all the time you know for the last three days I've been physically saw it it's like my shoulders hurt my legs hurt my feet hurt everything hurt and not having that sugar is I don't it's having weird side effects like now that everything in my body is getting cleansed oh it was yesterday yesterday was a bad day for me there was there was gas there was wind it was a lot of disgusting things I'm not gonna talk about too much but I'm not missing the sugar anymore that's the main things I want to point out now two days ago I was having a really hard time as you I saw in the last part I was missing that sugar I was missing that intake the pot and the pizzas and everything I was missing that so much and now it's like I'm good you know I don't I don't need that and I know that or need that now I'm replacing that sort of thing with with fruits or with with

different vegetables now things I didn't think now I would like like last night I have tea some high protein low fat sausage with some boiled potatoes and carrots and I've never liked boiled potatoes in midlife so I've never I've never wanted to week something like ducks I always thought they just tasted bland but because everything's tasting bland it's starting to have new taste to me so it's not tasted blind anymore I'm tasting things that I didn't think had flavor before and and having and now they have flavor it's weird it's a weird thing to try and explain and I'm enjoying them enjoying those different foods I'm enjoying those different food groups instead of eat in a box of chocolate or drinking a bottle of Pop I'm drinking lemon water and I'm going having a banana if I want a snack and I snack two times a day so that's two bananas and then I've got porridge and banana in in the morning and then at five o'clock at night I've got whatever protein meal that I've got like I said with the boiled potatoes or anything I post pictures on Instagram every single day I bought food of eight for the tea anyway I post any picture of that my

hair looks a mess right now sorry oh I'll shower I got a list here so I'm just gonna read from the list again the sea brothers reached out to me over my first video I'm not going to show the messages but they said that they accept my apology and the whole blow-up they hope for the best for me well it's again well that aren't working so you know it's it's taken some time but I'm getting more comfortable on the camera again so that's a good thing yeah they reached out they said it looks like you've done some damage to yourself physically and mentally trying to make the skit video all is forgiven if you want to meet up and solve things out properly then we can I'm not gonna get into any of that anymore on YouTube that beef dead now and that's just something that that was hoping for so I appreciate Jamie and Luke for reaching out so thanks a lot guys weekly vlogs will be coming back obviously they're gonna be a little bit different from last time last time it was like oh we're making the drama time oh we're making a reaction video we're making gaming videos this time it's going to be if I start swimming oh when I got the

weight set or when I start moving all the stuff to the new house it's gonna that's like the first week I'm going to be recording because a lot of people in the comments yesterday were requesting mean Ashley to start doing videos again I'm not sure she wants to come back on the camera or not but it's something that we can look into obviously we can't take you swimming with us we can probably take you inside the swimming center and then catch up again afterwards I don't know I don't know how I'm gonna record videos like that but I'll work on all that stuff it says start walking to for two hours every two days so the other day four days ago no two days ago four days goes when I started or for anyone two days ago I stopped walking and it was like I don't know Ashley was in bed I was sat on the couch and then I got up I went to make my egg whites cuz I just I just woke up it was like half past 6:00 in the morning I went have made my egg whites I mean actually a fried egg on toast took it out bad I was like you want to go for a

walk you know we haven't we haven't done anything physically straining in a while so do you want to go for a walk and and see how we feel afterwards and sure that yeah that's sure so we went for a two-hour walk and then that time we came up with ideas like when we miss well when I miss sugary snacks I'll replace it for a fruit smoothie or something so get my own fresh fruits and turn it into a smoothie so that way that cup is a sweetened take because obviously the banana has been doing wonders at the moment so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna go buy a blender we're gonna buy a bunch of fruit fresh vegetables every week and just see how that see how that goes see how that how that helps the progress let's say I'm gonna stop swimming next week I don't know I need I need you guys to help me with that I need you guys to tell me what the right Mountain laps is how far I would swim I need some help with that I need some guidance work and if no comments comfort help me with that oh I guess I'll go on a youtube or on a Google or someone find out what the ideal amount is a week and see how much I can I can push through but that's it for now guys I know this

video has been longer than some of the other ones were bored six minutes or something now I just want to say thank you again all the support that you guys have been showing on the videos has been crazy and I'm not used to having that much support behind me you know I get maybe 10 15 likes on a video maybe 40 likes on a video if it was someone to do drama related and the weight loss videos - been doing great and the guys and you guys are common you know you're amazing honestly I can't I can't thank you enough and I'm truly appreciative of ya so thank you so much as always I'm gonna drop out TBH don't forget to Like subscribe and comment John okay let's go you'll find every single time I upload a brand new video go live here on YouTube I almost walked lines uh but for now guys and for the next two days goodbye