19 July 2019

My Weight Loss Journey! Health vlog#6 | Really taking this seriously!

Hi! If you are new here, my name is Brittany and I am on a weight loss journey! I have wanted to lose the same 60-90 pounds for over 10 years and I'm tired of it!


[Music] [Music] [Music] out here it is day one and I'm going to be doing yoga for 30 days I'm not even gonna worry about any other workouts just stick to yoga for 30 days high fruit fast it is a Thursday July 18th I did weigh myself this morning I'll put that you guys will have seen it before this I was very pleased I already lost this morning I did my yoga and meditation outside as you guys kind of saw I tried to like roll my mat out and film it for you guys but one-handed that's really hard to do I just wanted to let you guys know a few things yesterday I started counting calories it was my first day counting calories I just kind of wanted to try it and see and I learned a lot like it just taught me a lot about like how much I eat and how many calories things are and anyways you just really don't think how much things add up and so that was really interesting me my husband went to lagoon and I got 10,000 actually I got like 1200 steps so that was lovely sighs I am gonna daily vlog I my weekly vlog was too long for one thing and I only did

blog like two or three days so it's just too long but also I really really like vlogging every day because it keeps me accountable um you know I it's in the back of my mind when I'm vlogging my help to be healthy and to eat better and you know I want to do it for myself and I am doing it for myself but this just helps me it just reminds me so I'm gonna be doing daily daily hull fogs or like weight loss vlogs and then I'm gonna do a weigh-in Wednesday every Wednesday so that's a promise there will be away and every Wednesday I was gonna wait till I get like 500 subscribers to weigh myself but honestly you guys not weighing myself didn't give me the results I was hoping for I was like I won't weigh myself I'll just focus on being healthy I'll just work out and eat healthy and I will have lost weight no I gained also I'm not gonna force myself to do any kind of workout right now I'm really I mean if I want to if I feel like doing a workout I definitely will I'm going to really really focus on three things that's counting the calories and staying under my calorie deficit every day that's getting 10,000 steps a day so

being active anyways and practicing yoga every single day oh and also cutting sodapoppin so those are the things I'm really focusing on right now and everything else is kind of just gonna go by the wayside so if I don't like full-on work out I'm not gonna force myself to because I really just want to stick to yoga for 30 days and every day that I'm like okay it's time to do yoga yeah but then I have to work out so I work out first I showed you my yoga first I do them both at the same time but I'm going to gym to do my workout and I can't really do my yoga at the gym there's not really any place to do it so I have to do yoga when I go home do you see what I mean so I like overcomplicated the past few days I was like so hard on myself about the fact that I was so tight and it was so hard to do yoga and like just because my body is tight and I not used to it anymore so then because I was just disappointed in myself about like not being able to do the best yoga I was like what's the point and then I'm Michael if I can't even do yoga I can't work out and I you know I'm trying to say so it's like I'm so

all-or-nothing that it's either I do yoga and work out or just don't work out at all and I want to change that so 30 days of yoga that's the plan that's all I wanted to tell you guys I'm counting calories again which at the end of every day I if you guys would like I can put like a log of what I ate and how many calories and stuff if not I'll just come in here and check in with you guys like okay I stayed under my calories today or whatever yesterday was a big win for me I had a really big urge to get a soda pop and binge and I did not do either one hi guys how are you um so I'm on my way to work I just spent like the last two hours of my day like okay so since I talked to you guys I obviously did my hair and makeup got in the bath and all that stuff I did do like a little bit of a walking workout it was like 15 minutes but my Fitbit didn't count out as anything but I I'm at 3,000 steps now 3862 to be exact so that's good I did make an effort to get some steps this morning I mean uh my nails which I'm in love with this white so we're here because of this cell on backpacks this one what are you excited yeah okay so Stevie found her backpack

it's is like really cool mustard yellow color and our yellow orange color and then this shirt we're obsessed with this show we've been watching well she's obsessed she's seen all of it and I just started watching it with her the Sun is setting so it's like glowing on us it's really pretty but yeah take your kids to the park and while they play walk around or chase them around the playground or whatever you know whatever you have to do to get those steps you gotta get those 10,000 wait what [Music] okay I also forgot to show you guys that I got this shirt isn't this so cute so it's got like cactus cacti and then it's like it ties in the front City will you hold it up so they can kind of see I just think it's so cute yeah it's gonna be a dress on you then it's really cute do you like your stuff she just got one shirt in one backpack so far we've mainly just went there for the backpack sells yeah but then my mom lost at Kohl's so yeah okay so that's all I got my 10,000 steps I've logged my calories I stayed under my calorie limit for the day I'm

doing really good took my kids got some backpacks that's taken care of yeah had a pretty good day stand under my calorie limit did my yoga this morning everything went great so thank you guys so much for watching I love you all fruit fan make sure you make sure you subscribe before you leave hit that Bell notification so you're notified every time I upload a video and I really go but to bed after I clean off my makeup so tired but I said remember to always live fully loved well and let go bye guys bathroom fan