09 June 2019

My Weight Loss Journey Eating Clean and Healthy I have lost 98 Pounds in 5 Months

Welcome to my Channel My name is Jessica aka Warrior Jessica. I recently started my journey in January and have lost 98 pounds all natural by eating healthy ...

hey guys so I am back in the kitchen so

I'm going to be making a little spaghetti squash I've never done it before this is gonna be my first time so hopefully I'll come out good but I'm going to saute some chicken with some onions on bell peppers then I'm gonna cook some zucchini too because I love the fresh vegetables so first I'm gonna start off by just cutting it back time now that I have it cleaned out so instead of using like olive oil I'm going to use I cannot believe it's not butter okay zero calories so I'm going to spray it baby season salt and pepper and then I'm going to use a fork to poke some holes in it chopping your hands a little smile [Music] and just like that now we're going to put it into the oven pre-heat your oven to 400 and we're gonna let it cook for about 30 to 40 minutes and then we'll check in and see now that's the squash is in the oven I'm gonna go ahead and get just a teeny spray some I believe snap shut up onion to it this one's going to so come before my chicken and this one is Adams reserve as

peppercorn and garlic front got it from a TV a while back so this is definitely great to saute loser your meats but I use it for my veggies too so we're gonna gotta get that going man get the meat going some of this here yeah out of it it's just so amazing so it's sizzling you so we are done and put about an hour and a half of cooking but it's all good every day I was like messing with it while ago I've never I gave mentioned before never a good spaghetti squash so I am definitely very interested to see how this is going to come out and I've already sampled like the squash and the chicken and it's just like yeah it is fabulous I mean and this kind of like what I do I just kind of throw something together ever they don't follow too many recipes even back whenever I wasn't eating healthy I did the same thing too but I wasn't going to do this I was just gonna make like some chicken and some broccoli like oh I did at the beginning of the week I was like you know I love spaghetti so I love to tell you food and I was like oh I popped up in my head I'm like oh yeah I can at least do some some

of this right here the spaghetti squash I was like what is it called again but so far him down 96 pounds as of the fifth of what is this month June oh my gosh was already June my birthday is like right around the corner so look how fabulous that looks and this one oh this one cooked really good but this sucker it was hard to cut I was just like yeah I had to stop the video because I'm like oh it was tough so as I yeah okay gotta work out cooking fabulous so you just kind of work on the outside and just use a fork to kind of scrape it and it comes out with that texture or spaghetti and what's super nice about this and it is 31 calories for a cup I just looked it up and I'm just like what not too much fun not too many carbs Wow where have you been all my life Oh specially for that pasta trying to mix that up so that seasoning gets in there so there you go there we have it let's get a little closer look at that oh wow isn't that nice okay so I'm going to make my plate so this is my half a cup because my marinara is half a cup for 60 calories so I'm just gonna go ahead and use this one oh it smells so good - it makes me think of the bread

stuff got my marinara I'm gonna measure I put mushrooms in it because I like I found some organic ones that were actually good never you know everything that I do it was perfect half a cup sixty calories that's 31 and then it's like 20 calories for like half a cup of the mushrooms I believe so or maybe two tablespoons so there you go but 60 maybe eighty one hundred ten hundred twenty calories right there of course as you add the chicken is gonna you know go up but I'm gonna sprinkle just a little mozzarella on it to give it that look where's you know it's fat-free so fat free of course there's a whole lot lower calories carbohydrates sugar this light wonderful forty calories for 1/4 of a cup I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit on now then I'm going to bring put me some chicken on top of it and I ain't worried about calories because zucchini you know that it's like a lot you know after you after you diet you know it's like your stomach shrinks and it's hard day to eat but let's go ahead and get in there and take a look at that it really does look amazing so let me make sure cameras

right I'm gonna give it a try real quick uh yes you have to try this I already tried this father God is there hmm delicious so I'm gonna get it beautiful again so I can home get a nice picture it's delicious who is really good I'm glad that I ventured out and tried something new so yes so that was amazing oh my goodness that definitely takes care of the pasta spaghetti you know that Italian craving that you get but I told you I couldn't even finish it off probably would go with a half a cup like a cup is like a lot so good I hope that you get to try it and let me know what you think of it if you do all right I just want to talk a little bit more about what I did so while the squash was cooking I went ahead and got the sauteed at the onions the bell peppers and then I did the zucchini with some onion and a little bit of water and I cannot believe it's not butter spray and just let that kind of saute for a little while while it cooked and so then I chopped up the chicken breast make sure all the fats off of it and cut it into dice put it in the little bowl and then I season with salt pepper some onion powder garlic

powder rosemary Thiem Italian and mrs. - garlic and herbs and it came out superb it came out delicious so definitely a great thing to try it was so delicious I loved it it's like one of the best like healthy dishes you