01 January 2019

My weight loss JOURNEY! Day ONE!

I've been gone for a minute now I'm back with the... Yetunde Effect. My weight loss journey was one of the most epic, incredible, difficult and rewarding ...

hey y'all it's your girl vitória tonight

and you are watching as we get tomato cents okay I'm back hopefully my hat doesn't cut off I'm so glad to be back on YouTube I honestly didn't struggle in like what am I gonna doing this YouTube channel right but I finally decided what I will do my youtube channel on and I'm really excited to start this journey with y'all and like take this to a whole nother level so let's fast-forward call shit no let's rewind and kind of tell you guys how I'd arrived to doing this tune so um last year I moved to California and I'm alone I didn't know anyone there I took a leap of faith after I got my master's degree and I was like mm-hmm my bitches oh I don't want to be here anymore so I went to California and it was not what I expected it to be I can't California I was great and the weather is great and I um the job was really stressful and I ended up gaining Halloween I mean like my heaviest was about 267 pounds like oh so I moved back home something like November of last year and I just was like I can't do this anymore like I need to take control of my life

and my health and just be on a greater journey so I decided to start working now and eating right and I lost Holloway like I got down to 220 218 you know and there was such a drastic change and I'm gonna post the picture you'll see the picture so the picture with me in the white shirt and the shorts that was my lowest weight and I was about to 20 to 80 and the picture with me and the black-and-white striped shirt I'm stripe dress is me in California being a just whale at 267 and I had to love my slur to love myself during this journey it was really really hard for me and then when I moved home I was going through a lot I was unemployed I just went through a lot so I after I lost all the weight I gained about maybe 18 pounds back and I was again stressed about that but you know what it's okay our body fluctuates things happen and it's like not in our control sometimes sometimes it is good you like to eat but um I don't know so here we are at in this YouTube channel and y'all are just gonna hold me accountable in 2019 I'm gonna share my health journey with you my goal weight is 185 um but I'll take

190 cuz a bitch can be a beggarly I'm not picky like I'm saying what any you know but you guys are gonna help me through this journey if y'all are losing weight or y'all are trying to lose weight or whatever and you have tips or tricks things that are working for you that you want me to try I'm down to try it and show you guys and talk to you but guys about it on this channel I wake myself today today December 31st I'm 238 I weighed myself this morning I'm the pictures I'm post I'm putting up right now as me this morning what I look like right now so y'all are gonna see my progress in my journey throughout this weight loss um I think the most important thing for me is not to be hard on myself not to hate my body I'm in a really good friend of mine told me like your body listens to you so if you hatin on the bitch like she's gonna retaliate lay your hand on your body in you're being nasty to your body like you're not gonna see any progress so my biggest thing right now is to love myself in the current way that I'm in you know soul at 2:38 I love every single part of me every inch of my body every single role I'm still a badass bitch and when I hit

my goal 185 I'm still lumpy about him I'm just a batter bitch and now I'm taking on man's but that's beside the point so I'm really excited I will do vlogs and I may not show me at the gym cuz I always look like a gorilla and I'll be panting and looking crazy and sometimes I work out alone so it's like kufan and recording me but like I will like put up blogs of me on my way to the gym I usually work out at like 5:00 between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. I'm at the gym I rather do it early and I'm gonna go back to doing two-a-days maybe twice a week so I will put up lots of me doing that what else I will put up vlogs of me going grocery shopping when I started my weight-loss journey in December of last year I started a keto diet and I did that for about five months which is what helped me lose a bulk of my way if you guys don't know what keto is I don't want my videos to be too long so look it up um it's really like meat based vegetable-based diet where you're not eating grains carbs sugar it's hard but I think I'm gonna go back to that I'm trying not to be on a diet or a strict diet I'm trying to be I'm trying to

create a lifestyle change for myself and I'm really excited I'm really really excited for this journey and I want to try to go in it with me I ran into a bomb-ass girl at the gym today and she told me I couldn't win myself every day so I will be weighing in every two weeks so today's the 31st Monday so in two weeks on Monday I will weigh myself again I was showing off the scale um and we'll see how I'm doing so I'm really excited to start this channel and I just hope you guys walk with me through this journey and we see what I could do because of some this times per minute but she's gotta get her body ready so yeah love you guys so much thank you for joining subscribe to this channel and Instagram Victoria underscore yet today