09 October 2019

My Weight Loss Journey

Hey guys! I've been getting a lot of questions about how I lost weight so I decided to record this video as a little tool to help you get started. Make sure to watch in ...

it's your girl I am back after like

months of being m.i.a I am back with another video so let's just like jump into it so I've been getting a lot of questions about how to get started losing weight I've gotten people like asking me just like where do they start like what did I do I actually had somebody like messaged me on behalf of his sister which I thought was like weird but like sweet I don't know so I decided to do this video to just let y'all know what I did what works for me what's working for me so let's get started I think lost I have lost a good amount of weight I have lost about 90 pounds 90 something pounds through hard work and dedication you're heard they're going to be talking about how I lost a bunch of weight just a lot of weight I just lost it you know so let's just start from the beginning the very beginning so it was about three years ago 2016 I moved out on my own so I decided you know this is like my chance to actually get serious about my weight loss I wanted to lose weight forever like I've always been like a bigger chunkier person but I was like alright girl like this is getting out of hand so we got to do something

about it so I started off really simple I was doing six small meals a day I don't know I just always heard that um you like get your metabolism go away and like I like to eat so like six more meals a day like I'm constantly eating and that's that sounds like a dream to me so I was focusing on mostly like high protein I don't think I was like paying attention to my carbs but I knew I was paying attention to protein like every meal like I protein I don't really know like the science behind that but whatever that's what I was doing I mean I was drinking a ton of water especially compared to like where I started like I like what's the juice Queen like that was my thing water was good for like you know the few times I did go to the gym or like a hot summer day but juice was especially the Tropicana I think you guys shouldn't know what I'm talking about it whatever but juice was like my thing but I switched over to water like a straight water I didn't buy juice like at all and as far as the gym I was doing I really started off like bottom I did I think my first time in the gym being that

consistent I did it I think I did like 20 minutes on the elliptical and I was like alright time to go home but that's why I started and eventually I was like okay like I could do more so I bought a workout plan actually I think it was a four-week thing but I stretched that baby out like I would just mix it up um I did that for a while but that workout plan consisted of 30 minutes of cardio and then a bunch of strength training I think it was broken up into like back legs arms whatever that like got me like going you know that got me like dropping pounds I think that helped a lot so this is when I was at the YMCA and they offered classes like multiple classes every day so that's when I started doing on my thumb is one class that I really liked it pushed me a lot it was more like a circuit training or like a boot camp and I really I loved that class that like it pushed me especially like for me working out around a bunch of people in the same classes people doing the same thing it like pushed me to like go harder than my RA I don't need her or this guy over here to be lifting more than me I don't need them to be like you know going

without stopping so that like pushed me you know to go home you know I think I got bored after a few months of doing this and then my roommate actually introduced me to a gym that is that was like two seconds away from our apartment and that's when I got introduced to different classes I got introduced to UT rags I think TRX was like a couple times a week I was doing more intense boot camp I was doing what else was there like a absent booty class so like that was good I think I did it like a year that's when I started doing low-carb because I felt like I was reaching my goal but like I was stuck like I couldn't like I was just like fluctuating like I hit my goal which was I don't think I told you guys how much I weighed I guess what I have was probably so I got to 170 and I was like I know yeah I got some 170 I was okay I like Manik it's a 160 like that like where I wanted to go so I would like get to 170 then like shoot back up to like 175 and like I would just watch sometimes I get to like 180 so like it was just like there I would like fluctuate me to me was 10 pounds that's when I started doing low carb and I was

thinking about doing hero for months and then I just I was like I can't do it like I need carbs like sometimes like I was like a baby about it um and then I ended up doing keto for I think three weeks I just wanted to test it out um I did it three weeks like I started three weeks before Thanksgiving that was like my goals like okay if I could make it up stinks giving like I'm good I ended up losing 10 pounds no keto I love it but it's just not for me it's not something I could do long term but I felt amazing on keto I dropped weight so fast like I just overall I loved it but it's just not something like mentally I just I couldn't do it for like long term I decided not to do it it was one day I left the gym and the gym I want to I think I did like a free class there and they have the most delicious protein shakes and I got one without thinking because I'm like okay protein shake like I got it with like good ingredients healthy ingredients and I'm drinking it and I'm like this probably has so many carbs not like I was freaking out I'm just like I can't take this way I don't want to like not

eat carbs like sooo bad when I'm eating them and then I was like I was like basically crying cuz I'm like freaking out about being on this diet and then I was like no life I'm done no but I did it and I stopped and I gained all the way that loss back so that was fun after I did Kido I was eating just regular like I was just walking but you know like eventually like you know what's healthy and what's not after you know trial and error or whatever and as far as like in the gym I was doing a little bit of cardio I'm mostly lifting so I was doing like the Stairmaster maybe like 15 minutes or or I do the jump rope like I do like maybe like 40 seconds on 15 seconds off and I could do like maybe like 10 rounds or something or I would do Springs which I find that I like surprisingly because I hate running like it just I feel like running like breaks my body down like the farther I run but Sprint's I've become like something I really like so that's what I've been doing in the gym so was doing that now um and I started counting macros so I like phone actually my friend gave me it or threw me like this link and I put in like my weight my height my goals like

how much exercise I got it and it told me I needed to eat like 1800 calories which is like I can't wrap my head around that like it's eventually I'm like is this right like I don't know like I was just like oh all over the place at this point so I went to a nutritionist and I told her you know I gave like my history of what I've been doing and I asked her like do you think like this is okay like I am just like I don't know like I thought there's so much information out there and I just don't know what to do she actually agreed that you know what I was doing was fine so the only thing that she suggested was eating something when I wake up oh I actually missed this part so I did intermittent fasting I think right after noon I think before I did keto so I would eat between 8 p.m. no it was stop eating at 8 p.m. and not eat again until 12 p.m. the next day so I did that for a while it was so hard at first I had to like ease into it um so I don't know if like my body like just adjusted because now I cannot eat in the morning like I have to eat I get hungry around like 1011 most of the time it's 11 some days it's not

until like 1:00 p.m. I am currently about 180 and I'm like I haven't been 180 in like a while so it sucks but I'm working right now I'm not counting macros I think I'm just I'm trying to like intuitive intuitively eat eat intuitively intuitive eating I'm like trying to figure out a way to eat whose weight and be comfortable and like not stressed about it because this weight-loss journey has been like it hasn't been a struggle like it like I there's been points where I've like felt so defeated mentally but right now I'm just trying to like find a balance especially because it's the end of the summer I have like two more trips to go on and then I plan to like go ham you know like I'm gonna be the definition of what is it what is it summer bodies are made in winter that's next summer I plan on showing out you know so like I said y'all I'm up it kind of sucks but I don't know right now I'm focusing on getting back to 170 and then we'll see how I feel because I just want my body they'll be like popping you know so your girl's still working I'm still on this weight-loss journey but you know

eventually I would just want to get to staying fit so we'll see you pray for me yall because it is a struggle out here oh don't forget comment and subscribe don't