01 September 2015

My Top Weight Loss Tips & New Workout Program

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plant-based calm full-length yoga classes private videos group coaching daily food journals and a whole lot more hey gang so today's the day I'm starting my last week I did a video about I'm going to start working out again I did that workout and it's been a week and that was the only one I did but that was kind of for a reason my wrist was bothering me and I was waiting for my friend Caitlin to get me her workout because and the last time I worked out I'm just kind of doing the same old crap I used to do it just not motivating when I worked at last time I worked out like almost 4 years ago and I needed a new program so I asked my friend Caitlin she's pretty badass she has her own gym in Arizona she's a vegan called evolve athletics and she does training so this will be more like a kind of CrossFit type workout I think it's gonna be a lot of lower body stuff a lot of major movement exercises and yeah a lot of power stuff so I'm excited it's gonna suck for the first month or so because I got little chicken legs now from doing no lower body stuff for years but I'm excited to get into it my personality is very kind

of OCD so I'm ready to get lifting again and we'll see I'm looking forward to getting some lean gains but you should check out her channel she just started a youtube she needs to be more consistent Caitlin but she's got a few videos up but she's really funny and I think she'd be a great inspiration for a lot of women because she's not that you know tiny tiny you know cyclist runner yogi type vegan she's she's pretty jacked and she's really into lifting and she does do yoga well but I think she could inspire a lot of women so check out her channel I'll leave it in the link below thanks for the workout Caitlin so it's gonna be a three day program where I do you know day one I'm gonna lift here's my workout program this is gonna be my workout program Monday through Friday I will be at the Academy Monday Wednesday Friday they have a competition class with the guy at 11 a.m. train really hard so I'm gonna do that for jujitsu Monday Wednesday Friday and then on Tuesday Thursday they have a wrestling then / noogie open mat so I am gonna go to the Academy and lift on

Tuesdays and Thursdays and and on a weekend so on Tuesday Thursday I'll lift I'll go there you know 45 minutes to an hour before I want to do the open mat and I'll do my workout that Caitlin gave me Tuesdays are gonna be more lower body and then Thursday would be some upper body and then the weekend workout will be looks like a lot more lower body as well a lot of explosiveness stuff squats lunges single leg RDL squat jumps floor presses z presses all these things I've never done so I'm excited to try some new stuff gonna be heavy weights and so forth so kind of gonna ease my way into it I don't know if I'll be able to even train today after doing legs for the first time in years but I'm excited for that and then the weekend will come and I'll go to an open mat either Saturday and Sunday Kash plays football on Saturday so for the fall I'll probably be going down there on Sundays for Saturday but after that probably Saturdays there's open mat at 11 a.m. and the ghee and I'll go down before the open mat and get my weekend lifting one of those days so my program hopes to be five days of

jiu-jitsu 3 and the ghee - no ghee and then three days of lifting yeah training jiu-jitsu in Hawaii I would train sometimes seven eight times a week here they trained so hard that four to five times is sufficient and I'm getting a lot of roles in when I do go and then I might sneak in a double session here or there like go back at night and get another jujitsu session or something but that's going to be my program I'm excited and then what I eat today I woke up I had a green juice I just had a honeydew melon I haven't had a honeydew most of the summer it was super good and then I'm going to have a big smoothie of bananas mumait and flax seed probably about an hour and a half before I head out to work out so I'll keep you in the loop on that I want to touch on a few things on weight loss if weight loss is your goal I highly recommend not doing these things because a lot of us in the community you've been on this lifestyle while you post on Instagram you do you YouTube videos you do your snapchats and you see a lot of people eating out you see a lot of people doing juices and smoothies and I just want to reiterate

if your goal is weight loss if your goal is not weight loss don't worry about it but if your goal right now is weight loss and I know people say your goal shouldn't be weight loss just be vegan too whatever this is the reality people want to feel better they want to look better it's going to give them more confidence I wanted to lose weight years ago and it made a big difference in my life so if you're overweight it's not healthy to be overweight so if you're overweight and you want to lose weight these are my tips for losing the initial weight because I'm going to pick on durianrider but I'll give you an example like a 40 second 47 second bit of what he ate yesterday on YouTube he ate like I'm sorry you know he ate out every meal and there's lots of fat in those meals there's lots of sugar and there's lots of salt that's just the way it is I've worked in restaurants my whole life they want the food to taste good and those things are not gonna help your weight loss so he it doesn't matter for him he's been on this lifestyle so long and he exercises a lot he's just a lean guy but if you're overweight and you're trying to follow follow someone's advice

and will that be even me ordering Ryder or anyone and you see them eating out all the time they're drinking juices and smoothies it's just it's not good for weight loss so my tip 5 tips I'll give you for losing weight ok my 5 best tips for losing weight if you're already on a plant-based diet already on a vegan lifestyle number 1 eat out as little as possible try to make all your meals at home because you're gonna know what's in those meals ok and I know it's fun to go out to eat if you need to do it do it once a week and make sure you know what's in the food because of those foods are loaded with oil they're loaded with you know salt and they're loaded which added sugar so we want to avoid restaurant meals if your goals weight loss if you do it once in a while no big deal so number one avoid eating out at restaurants number two I'll get some flack for this but if weight loss is your goal you should probably avoid juices and smoothies I'm not saying that green juice isn't a big deal I don't even count that as a meal you know it's 100 calories but if you're if you're trying to lose weight and you're drinking a 40 ounce glass of fruit juice

and then you're having a big smoothie and then you're going out to dinner in my opinion that's not a good recipe for weight loss at all you want to eat your food in hole form you want to chew your food you want to eat high water content foods okay high fiber content foods if weight loss is your goal so avoid eating out at restaurants minimal minimal fruit juices and if you're going to do smoothies I'd say one a day a couple a week one a day the most a couple of week minimum because yes they do have fiber in it but it's not the same it's blended up it's broken down and it really example try to just sit down and eat 10 bananas and then make a 10 banana smoothie and tell me what's easier to consume the 10 banana smoothie so you're gonna want to really minimize drinking your calories if weight loss is your goal so that's number two number three get out and exercise daily it's a must move your body doing something you love it doesn't have to be anything miserable you don't want to over train you want to work up to it but you need to move the body daily if you're not exercising you're kidding yourself okay those are my three

main tips I'll throw in number four get early night's sleep is super important for your metabolism people do not take sleep seriously as they should I get less sleep now that I'm living with Michelle and it does affect me I'll admit that you know she's up really early with the kids and then when she puts the kids to bed sometimes it's hard for her to wind down she needs less sleep than I do sleeps really important and then the last one you obviously want to stay hydrated I'll add one more just obviously stay hydrated keep your water and take up don't be afraid of fat yes we want to be on a low-fat diet for sure but don't be afraid to consume 10 to 15% of your calories from whole plant fats that's going to help Stacy HU and be sure to get in your greens as well so those are some tips guys this video has got a little bit longer than I wanted but those are my 5 or 6 tips if weight-loss is your goal on a plant-based diet and an update on my workout program so we'll see you guys soon thanks for watching have any questions leave them below and I will see you in the next video

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