29 May 2015

My Tips For a SUCCESSFUL Transition to the Raw Food Diet

Today I'm sharing with you 9 tips to help you make your transition to raw foods a success. -For the written post: ...

today I wanted to share with you my top

tips and how to have success and transitioning into the raw food diet the raw food challenge is just around the corner start in june first this monday so i hope you're planning on being there with me and so i thought these top tips can help you make your transition as smooth as possible and so you can really enjoy the experience when i first started i made a cold turkey overnight drastic change because i was so sick so i was dealing with fibromyalgia chronic pain and chronic fatigue so I knew I had to do something quick and drastic if I was going to see change so I was so desperate that I was willing to do whatever it took now it wasn't always easy but what helped is knowing my end goal where I wanted to be so my first tip and sharing with you is know your reason or what i like to call your wise for your motivating factor of doing this diet so in other words for me it was energy it was getting my life back being pain-free having a social life so i wanted it so bad i kept my wise always in the forefront of my mind so that I knew and was focused on where I was going so if things came up that word temptation like let's say a cake at a

party came was passed my way or I took a whiff of yummy cooked food and it was really hard to say no but I knew what my goal was and I visualized it in my head where I wanted to be so it kept me very strong to keep focused even when temptation came my way so knowing you're wise is very important the second reason the second tip is educating yourself on the raw food diet so what I would do was for me personally to have that conviction of sticking with it I studied the raw food diet I learned why it worked the scientific facts behind it I studied people's testimonials how help them heal from cancer others from fiber my ulcers depression and it just convinced me even more that what I was doing was right and so when you know why it works and the sign even the science behind it or why it's so healing why it's so effective then that helps solidify in your mind to really keep you focused instead of varying back and forth you have your goal set and you know why it works and for me it was just like I was a bulldozer going straight ahead with knowing these two things that was essential for me and having success um

my third tip is you know I went overnight in my change of diet but not everybody can do that so if you're just looking to transition take one meal at a time so that can mean for now you just change your breakfast to smoothies and then when you get that down and feel good about that think about lunch and then adding in a big salad and fruits and vegetables and and then when you get that down then think about dinner but instead of jumping in full force thinking of three meals a day seven days a week 30 days a month that can be very overwhelming it almost have a paralyzing effect so just take it one meal at a time number four is think focus on the foods you want to add in your diet instead of focusing on all the foods now they're going to have to take out so in other words think of all the fruits and the vegetables and the delicious salads and all the foods that you can now increase and add into your diet and it creates a crowd out effect so if you start your meals off with these foods chances are by the end of email you're not going to have the appetite or eat the amount that maybe you once did because you're going to fill up on the

good food so the more undesirable foods the junk foods or the cooked foods the meat then it'll be much less a room for that because you're filling your body up adding in all these wonderful foods and then eventually it will crowd the rest completely out number five so what help me was when I was being so new to it I didn't have ideas of meals and how to prepare them what to prepare and I was just kind of stunned by the change of it all so what I did was researched a few different recipe books and picked out a couple that and I just would get to know the recipes how they put ingredients together what foods combined together to create certain flavors because it was so new it's so different efforts so you have to educate yourself on these things and just looking at the pictures would entice me and get make my mouth water and want these foods so that helped a lot and then also um if you print up recipes maybe go online printable your favorite recipes you find write them down and use those as a base to start because I know for me I was so overwhelmed I didn't even know how to form a recipe was just so foreign to me so I just would copy recipes and put my

own twist on them but I just had a collection of recipes and my recipe books and that really helped a lot so my number 6 um tip is keeping your recipes simple so I'm a very practical person when it comes to eating I mean I like a delicious but it has to be simple and you know we're just about all so busy in our lives so has to be simple practical easy to make and easy to clean it and so you know i keep my recipes more or less seven ingredients or less sometimes it can be as simple as having one fruit as much as I wanted that for many oh so right now mango season is mingles aren't seen it and I love love mangoes so I'll literally have breakfast or a lunch of just all mangoes and it is so simple and talk about easy nope mess and yet so satisfying so keeping your meal simple is so key because the more practical it is more success you have long-term verse 7 is don't get caught up in feeling like you have to label yourself like oh I have to be vegan or have to be raw food if I'm raw foodie if I'm to eat this way that can be very intimidating and even a turn-off to people at first I know for me I'll get clients who are just the first thing I'll tell me is you

know I want to heal I want to get better but I don't think I could ever become a vegan or I can never eat like you do them as a raw foodie so just having the title is can be a setback because they people might think you might think you have to fit into this label of a title and there's no margin for error and what not put the titles aside I am totally not a person that has that is title oriented or labeling it's all about eating healthy so it's introducing these foods into your body and eating the most of them and listening to your body what it wants doesn't have to be you don't have to have a label to eat that way and you don't have to fit into certain way of life you do what's best for you and what makes you feel good and the important thing is listening to your body that's the most important thing number eight is kind of just adding on to number seven is it's not all or nothing in other words you don't have to be a hundred percent raw food raw foodie you can be what they call rato for meaning you eat raw breakfast all lunch and you can still see amazing results you can eat plant-based and you know it's once again it's all about listening

to your body what works for you because there's no point in labeling yourself for trying to fit into a raw food label or vegan label if you're not thriving on it so it's about making seeing results from a lifestyle or wave eating that make you thrive so find what works for you and thrive in it so all number nine my last tip is to be patient with yourself we we're human we all make mistakes pecially in the beginning die can be overwhelming it so new just if you slip up or have a cheat or something just go easy on yourself and love yourself no matter what because the best part of his diet is if you um slip up for lunch let's say you cheat or you eat something just you shouldn't have or whatever that you something you regret it's okay because guess what you have the very next meal you have dinner to start fresh you don't have to even wait a whole day you don't have to start a month later to reset you reset the very next meal meaning you start fresh the next meal and you keep moving forward so the point is as long as you keep moving forward and don't let it set you back and keep going back it's okay it's about the direction that you're going in

versus the pace or how fast you're going it's not a race it's about doing it long term so it's a like and endurance run versus a sprint so if you're a runner you know when your sprinter you start off as fast as you can you get there as fast as you can the race is done and if you get there first you win but in the endurance run you keep a pace that you can do you're not compare yourself to other runners and you're just thinking of a pace that can you that you can maintain long-term to get to the end of the line and that's what this is all about keeping a pace that you can maintain success that that's the most important thing not comparing and just enjoying the experience experimenting with foods and just taking it all in it's not something that's most of you suppose to be stressful it's something that is and should be an enjoyment and this is a lifestyle of abundance not deprivation and that's a wonderful thought so mote so diets when we think of diets it's why I don't like to use a term diets because we think of deprivation but the raw food diet is uh is nothing but abundance you can eat as much as you want this amazing delicious

food no carb counting no calorie restricting so that is the beauty of this diet so by all means enjoy it thrive in it and just find out what works for you so I hope these tips will be helpful for you to find success and I hope these next 30 days on the challenge go amazing for you I would love to hear how you do throughout it so please feel free to leave comments below any questions about the challenge or just in general raw foods or any concerns you have anything I can be able to help with please let me know below and I look for thank i thank you for watching today this video also if you have our an Instagram or on Facebook feel free to join me over there at just glowing with health because I share daily what I'm eating what I'm doing so that you can get ideas and inspiration I share recipes on there so hopefully that also can be a benefit to you so thank you for watching and have a great day bye