22 July 2019

My supplement corner - pre workout, fat burners, protein powders ect

Today I'll show you what's in my supplement corner, what I like, what I don't like and generally why I take them! Enjoy! Majority of products purchased from ...

hi guys welcome to my supplement corner

today I'm gonna run over everything with you that I've currently got in my supplement corner products I like products I'm taking why I'm taking them what the general idea is now these products are supplements you don't need to take them you know required to take them they're gonna give you the best gains then I'm gonna cut body fat they're designed to help you so if your diet is on point you're eating and everything as on point of trainings on point these might give you this extra little kick obviously your pre-workout is gonna kick you in the ass to get you in the gym if you struggled eat your protein powder is gonna help out there now let's run over everything I take why I take it a few things that I don't like that I've got currently here now I've got a few things that I like that I've recently run out and stock back up on go for a few things with there as well starting with protein powder I'm currently not taking much of a protein powder and unless I'm running a bit short on my protein intake for the day Optimum Nutrition gold standard it's a kind of mistakable

protein in any sort of supplement store usually in Australia it's the best bang for your buck Eric and $79 you're going to get a 73 serving tub multiple flavors tight rod majority of them they all taste pretty damn good this is the choc malt this is 24 grams of protein as I said form currently not taking a protein powder as I'm getting all my protein from my foods unless like for example the other day I went out had a bad lunch ate a load of carbs didn't really have a lot of carbs and fat left set a protein shake afterwards just to top me protein up now the other protein that I do like that I've just run out of is the e HP labs I so pet had the ISO kept in Strawbery if you had Nesquik which is basically this stuff got this for the daughter she loves it milkshakes it tastes exactly like that you remember having that as a kid it's fantastic even with water it tastes fantastic the ISO kept is fast-acting protein when you've got your your way which is a mixture of iso whey and casein it's gonna be slower digesting not acting slower digesting you say a HP Labs ISO pepped probably be a better tasting than nice but that gold Sanders pretty good I've tried a few

other ones up but you don't want to get cheap protein powders filled with crap and they don't taste good especially if you make some move water for many many years I never mixed him in the water I always mixed in with milk almond milk it's only recently I've started mixing them with water and they're actually quite nice moving on to fat burners now again fat burners and not going to help just design to you I use this is basically a coffee replacement I don't drink coffee but I need caffeine to wake up in the morning especially if I work out at 4:30 in the morning at them doing at the moment this stuff I'm taking at the moment the x50 Showtime in sour coming flavor tastes great the good thing I like about this is you have to add a lot of water six hundred mils of water per scoop you once group and I believe it's 200 grams caffeine yep caffeine androgynous 200 milligrams six hundred mils of water so helps you get your water in first thing in the morning which is good now it's not gonna make or break it's not gonna make you sweat all your fat out it's just something to help

a little bit it's again a supplement I take this for my fasted cardio in the morning depending on the day otherwise I said I'll get to my pre-workout later I would take before I'm doing a big weight session I'm taking this at the moment great flavor I've tried the Kiwi Surabhi tastes pretty nice to do anything with this one it doesn't look great when you mix it up I'll show you I currently go on because I'm sipping on at the moment it does look a little bit like muddy water don't let that throw you off it tastes great this is where we've got my supplements prime as well fat burners only calm Australian company based in Perth as well which is where we are you're not going to get many of the emphasizing they deliver really really quickly prices are great as well always if you off buy it they always have big sales on always do promos and runs on their Instagram and Facebook pages so check them out moving on we have these are currently the wipes that there's that she likes we're both gym junkies at the moment we've got that was so at the standard

oxy tread ehp laps this has been a staple in our house for come on three years I think now we've tried every flavor this is like two ago of a paradise what I say I love passion for it it's a fantastic flavor this one here 60 servings its $79 a tub from supplement Mart you can usually get them in stacks of two or with the l-carnitine on it on a sale usually really good prices the HP labs again stackable safe caffeine in it good uses a wake up thermogenic supposed to heat you up inside a little bit and help you get go a little burn that extra little bit of fat there's not going to be the be-all end-all it's good if you don't like to use this as a pre-workout if you don't like stimulants as well users a copy replacement zero calorie not going to break you fast which I fast to a lunchtime anyway so but as we'll get onto that a bit later you know the new one in our house is the oxy shred hard core ultra concentrate this the new one we're trying all the wife's trying I've tried it a couple of times taste really really nice doesn't actually tell you on the back if it's

got more caffeine or anything in it but this one here does say do not exceed one scoop per day when the other one tells you to have it twice once in the pre-workout on train days once on a pre-workout and then once afterwards in the afternoon or whatever if you have workout in the afternoon have one in the morning one in the afternoon but this one do not exceed one scoop a day it's got doesn't actually say but it's getting great flavor took at the other day yeah myself sweating a little bit more on the treadmill don't know if it was just me or just the day but yeah seems to be pretty good I want to like that she takes it quite regularly at the moment she says it's a new favorite flavor yeah and then Nexon we've got our pre-war my pre-workout I'm trained at the moment is the ghost legend lemon-lime flavor again pre-workout not going to help you if you diet everything is not on point this is more to kick your ass and get you into the gym I used to be very reliant on pre-workout because I didn't want to go to the gym after work if you can hear that one of

my dogs having a dream yeah so I dropped off pre-workout for a little while taking the oxy shred or the Showtime so I'm not stealing stimming myself out all the time had a few bad experiences with a couple of pre workouts as well I'll get to one in a bit and I get to the ones like during like that are currently considering in my house really loved the max's labs better pump ran out of that everyone had a few mates to say try ghost so give me the car I've taken a couple scoops is it and it seems to be great it comes to me some good pumps good workouts in them that's one we haven't got at the moment is one I need to get reorder is the e HP Labs psi pump formula non-steam vasodilator to be honest to me especially on armed a fantastic for your workers give your insane pump on while for my PT always laughing because I'm getting always get really good pumps on it see ya pre-workout so I'm taking at the moment now a few things that I'm gonna get to that I like that can not not required BCAAs people say they break you fast they don't break you fast I take it because I do not like normal water it's

just me I prefer something to flavor on it I'm just sipping on all day so I take a couple scoops scoops this and a big jug sip on it throughout the day make sure I'm getting my water intake this again best bang for the buck I've found pink lemonade flavors taste great extends got a vision it's 90 servings I think it's $89 for the tub so best bang for your buck sort of price I've had the PHP labs beyond BC as well good flavor and good pricing but you can't get past the extend next we have the creatine creatine I'm currently taking five grams a day I can hope to you what your muscles to absorb water yes you might feel get a little bit of bloating but I have not had any bloating really pharmacists depends on the person creatine not essential but the science says take it on your cups take it on your bulks one of the few that the science has proven that a day is beneficial for you for your workouts again though this is a big 333 serving tub I think I paid $40 for it another cheaper brands but again it's creatine creatine is cheap no matter what brand you go unless you go the flavored creatine which I don't see the

point when you're sticking in your water and stuff anyway next up is multi foods I'm taking this at the moment as I do not eat a lot of veggies never have probably never will besides like you but you bell peppers so far though they're chucking me my mints and don't really take it down a veggie this is something that's helping me out [Music] one of the few greens that are tried that I actually can tolerate the PSC tropical flavor it has got a little bit of a tropical flow but you can still taste the hay sort of taste over it I had one a while ago that was mostly a pomegranate flavor but not from this company different company and it was horrible it was disgusting I was gagging on it when I was trying to drink it but this one is not to that it's only 300 mils of water with it so I can down it pretty quickly doesn't leave a horrible aftertaste you're not burping green stuff afterwards it's not horrible it's actually quite nice so yeah taking this at the moment just to get myself going a little bit bit a bit of nutrients yeah

not bad pricing as well it was 30 bucks I'm supplement month and vitamins you know I'm taking multivitamin again with the Greens is probably not required but just actually a little bit of help not overall big brand but Swiss general sort of Australian company you can get from super supplement Mart's you can get them from your shop pharmacy so sort of stuff take one of these day and vitamin D it's currently winter in Australia so winter I take two to three of these a day just to get make sure I'm getting some vitamin D I see ice in an office at my work between office and car office and car all day so I don't get a lot of Sun even in summer I'm not wanting to go sit at the beach and just burn myself to a crisp so yeah take a couple days day I've found I take these it helps with my anxiety a little bit I don't know if it's a mental thing for me but if I stop taking these and my diet goes to crap my anxiety goes to crap so anything that helps me anything that helps you it could just be a mental thing but for the price it's now few other things we've got up here fish oil take three days a day the joints started getting a little bit

joint pain my shoulder so I backed off my bench and stuff like that as well and I did a stupid metal fit class my wife the other week and hip saw him Sean my age 32 now a few things that are my wife's and this x50 green tea not big fan of green tea but we got this free when we did an order not long ago so she takes a couple years to work and tips on them while she's fasting now I was ESA with fasting PCAs break fast don't break fast there's a lot of controversy on it it's water I don't care I'm fast until lunchtime anyway it's just how I do a studio mad now I do and back down at two meals a day now a few things I do not like that I have here is my supplements pre-workout mr. Hyde this is an intense pre-workout it is very heavily steamed I got recommended this guy this is probably missing in my cupboard for about a year and a half now by a guy at a local supplement Mart because I was taking at the time Max's labs better pump Red Alert really like that to de fruta flavor grasp great flavor great workouts great pump they'd sold out so he recommended this for me saying it's very similar oh

my god this is horrible i well if some people might like it I found it was too steamed for me too much caffeine for me I did my workout early in the morning I felt horrible all day it's 419 milligrams and the caffeine matrix and yeah there's a lot of other stuff all highly potent gives you the major tingles what gave me an amazing tingles then it was good flavor but yeah not for me I this is basically had about three scoops out of it I haven't tried half scooping in it and it's same thing didn't sue made me feel so I won't be touching that again I don't know why I've still got it sitting there and this is one the wife likes Delta zone sleep formula I've tried this a couple of times and for some odd reason it does not help me sleep this thing keeps me awake it keeps it's like it puts my brain on a loop and I'm constantly thinking I'm trying it to sleep I'll doze off for half now I wake back up those are five now and it's constant throughout the night I have the worst night's sleep and yeah I might get into a deep sleep for that half an hour but I wake up and I'm Restless my wife says she finds it great

she conks her right out and she doesn't even wake up but to me no I have had the HP Labs oxy sleep before and compared to the to the oxy sleep used to knock me out nice to take that 15-20 minutes before bed jump in bed get myself all comfy I would have a great statement even if I didn't sleep well I slept I felt rested in the morning so if I was gonna recommend one to try definitely in the HP labs he had to be allowed to have some great products obviously the oxy shred as I mentioned before the ISO pepped they've even got an oxy way with whey protein all general stuff you can find now I got majority of this stuff from fat burners only said on hmm burn your fat not your cash now they're not only fat burners they do proteins that are greens that have pre workouts they specialize in fat burners but they do a range of other products I'll drop their link in the description check them out don't forget to Like and subscribe but I'm going to be doing a few more of these videos maybe a few recipe videos some gym videos if I can get into my gym and work out what times there's no people there or less people we'll see how we go you have any questions drop me

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