11 March 2019

My Secret Public Weight Loss - Early March 2019

Meal Prep! And the struggle remains real.


hey everyone welcome to my secret public weight-loss I'll be honest it's been a rough couple of weeks we've had a trip to st. Louis we've had lint start so it's kind of a easing into this new diet thing I haven't done the greatest just to be completely honest it's kind of like if you think again like we mentioned an alcoholic can pour out the alcohol can try to avoid the liquor store the bars all that stuff someone who's smoking trying to quit smoking throughout the cigarettes make it as hard as you can to have access to those things at home or elsewhere but when you have to eat to live it's easy to get your hands slapped by your wife who says the same thing she says the kids which is Andrew chips are not a snack so I appreciate having that this time we're gonna in this episode take a look at some of my meal prep that I like to do so I hope you enjoy that and find that a little bit fun so the first part of my meal prep is I start with the rice and have my wife dude [Music] because this is real it's like real life you have to rinse this out [Music]

rinse the rice you have me do it because I don't want you doing this man's turkey cutlets so here's our turkey cutlets I'm gonna put a little bit of this I have light salt make sure that I really enjoy white female they tell it's salt so I'm just gonna kind of salt paper these like one sides here a little bit and then so it's a tricky meal we're gonna basically I just put the frozen cauliflower that's broccoli the frozen broccoli directly into my container here but we're going to try this stuff this is why I said cauliflower mashed cauliflower we're gonna see how this stuff is gonna make this my wife made a good point I don't need to cook this all the way just in order to get it to soften up and up but in our portion containers over here so so we're doing efest mashed potatoes mashed potatoes actually it's cauliflower mashed potato it's pretty good actually here's the results my turkey slash cauliflower mesh - in broccoli here usually like to fill these portions these portions are pretty good unless you have you know carbs protein and lots of veggies in this case so though I have all veggies tricking

myself and the thinking that's a car and some protein so looking forward this turkey looks really good visions tossed in a stir-fry veggies here I don't know that stir-fry I'm just going to kind of keep them mix them around a little bit kind of sort of stir-fry and then these paper packets come with these things but they're not the healthiest things in the world so I'm just going to use one of them just to kind of flavor those a little bit there we go 10 these in the church freezer and alright everyone thanks for tuning in I hope you enjoyed that and just some pointers on maybe some meal prep I know there are some people out there who do a lot better job with that than I do don't forget to Like comment subscribe hit the bell for notifications and share this and thanks for being a part of my journey you