08 April 2019


In this video I discuss about MY BIGGEST INSECURITY OF LOOSE SKIN, one of the hardest videos that I ever had to make just because I am not comfortable ...

right now I'm going to show you guys my

physique update and how I look right now right before I start my boat okay so let's get ready to boyo keys on how are you doing today anyways guys I have a video today that I really consider you know something special for me just because this is actually a very hard video to make um based on basically the title right now you guys can say it's a physique update but I do have you know insecurities as well you know I should boy-girl keys on right my insecurities just loose skin I used to weigh 210 pounds and you know I've been carrying my insecurities for the longest time now I don't really talk about a lot but you know I mean I always just kept it to myself but for me to able to do this show this year I need to be able to face these insecurities because I kind of go upstage you know facing my securities without facing them now so this is gonna be my way of doing it I'm gonna be showing you guys a physique update and how I look right now with my new skin it's gonna be a very difficult one and I hope I inspire you guys to face your insecurities or whatever obstacles you guys got going on because this is gonna

be my way of doing it and I hope you guys can see where I'm coming from and hopefully get inspired alright so here's my physique alright guys imagine getting into my physique update right now you know I mean so I started my cut January and my cut actually ends this week so I've been dying for a couple of months I'll also show you guys some pictures on how it looks before and I'll be also talking about their and BC yeah right now I'm pretty sure you guys read physique update and how I look right now right before I start my ball okay so let's get it ready too so right now this is how I look right after you guys the top I am average speed on my chest [Music] but I also have new skin in my lower half [Music] see yeah basically that's basically my physique update this is how I look right now how do I feel about my insecurities well I'm gonna talk about that after for my clothes cuz I ain't gonna talk about this when I'm naked so chill um in terms of my legs my legs are just saw but yes it's basically how I look and so

let's gonna get right into my story time your feet but let me put on clothes first cuz your boy ain't gonna be naked during the damn story right okay let's get right into it so how do I feel about my Louis skin to be honest with you guys um I consider it's a big part of me but I only consider that something that I want to hold in the future um what I mean by that is I don't really consider it as part of me anymore and because I was 310 pounds before and I'm not 310 pounds anymore and I do you guys have the question right now man do you plan on getting rid of it question is yeah if I do probably getting rid of it why not but my goal this year is to be able to face this insecurity of mine by stepping onstage but you know why do you have to do it on the stage why don't you just face it you know just on a regular basis or to be honest with you is because I want to compete you know I've been wanting to compete for four years but I just never had the courage to cuz that might be skin you know I would tell my friends about it a lot of them would say no you just don't do it only not one person to say no but we

said no to me but in terms of that like I've always wanted to do the show for the longest time and you know if I'm gonna ever do the show if I'm ever gonna wait when is that time gonna come so I decided that this year to really step out of my comfort zone and naturally really compete in a bodybuilding show you know I love this sport a lot you know I breathe this sporty sport change my life I used to be turned to ten pounds you know it was probably one of the most like I said hardest moments of my you know basically my whole life in general you know in high school 17 years old 310 pounds having a hard time grocery shopping with your mother and your father just cuz you're so overweight that's hard walk hard to get up in the morning I had all these things and it sucked right but bodybuilding this whole fitness thing changed my life like a whole 180 and it's something that I can never ever be grateful for even though I do have your skin I'm so grateful for this experience and being you know that being said I hope this video really shines a light to you guys out there that's you know going through

something whatever it is in life you know it's it's probably like you know this is really it's a really like I said it's like it's something that I'm not used to doing you know I love recording I love everything about the camera but showing my insecurities like this is very difficult so you know I just want to just put this out there say like guys you know whatever insecurities you guys have what our obstacle you guys are facing you face it 110% and I mean and I'm saying this based on what I'm doing right now because this is like I said something very uncomfortable to do and I hope you guys get something from this and hopefully that is are you guys at least in any single way that you guys can apply to your life all right so yeah that's basically um pretty much it guys so yes the goal of mine is to look my best on that day even with your skin you know so if I do let's say for some reason I do tighten up on that show day and I'll be grateful for it but I don't plan on getting in surgery or anything like that before the show I don't think I want to do that because I think it beats the

whole purpose of me facing this insecurity but I'm still gonna go upstage you know and yeah I'm gonna be basically gonna give my you're not gonna give my best on that stage um I know that for a fact that people be like oh skin your skin will play a factor on how you get judged which I told you understand I mean but the point is for me to go offstage you know I'm not here to I'm not here to try to beat anybody but I'm trying to beat myself because the only person I'm challenging this whole prepping on that stage as me so I hoped that you know that the time does come and I'm able to step up stage so yeah guys I don't know I feel like I'm all over the place but I even had like a damn outline it's knowing what I'm gonna say but at the end a guy's it's too difficult one so yeah I hope you guys liked this video that'd be basically pretty much it for me for today and I hope you guys have a great one take lessons from this and also apply this wherever you guys alright in life okay to borrow your keys on join me in this prep my 310 to stage-ready series

doesn't start until my actual prep but I'll be throwing some vlogs here and there during my boat you know show you guys a day in the life with me alright hope you guys like the video thank you so much subscribe that I'm going to comment down below let me know what you guys think thank you so much I'll see you guys next time anyways guys I was even going through the damn video just right now I know I already said I'm gonna end it but dude I look like a damn mess right now I didn't even realize well disclaimer though if you guys are watching this video and you guys finish the video thank you so much watching like I said don't mind how I look cuz I just literally woke up I wanted to be straight here to the shop to record this video so give me some slack for that okay thank you guys so much I hope to see you guys next time