14 November 2015

My personal weight loss journey-Ideal Protein Phase 1

This is the first video in the section of our channel .... Behind the Tzu. Video's in this section are not dog related, but are just things I would like to share from the ...

hi guys today this is going to be a very

different video from our normal videos on this channel this is actually going to be the first video in a new section that I have labeled behind the zoo and it is going to be a section that I will do occasional videos not very often of things that I would like to share with you guys that are not dog related so if you are one of my subscribers this video will have nothing to do with dogs so feel free to just skip this video and we'll see you for the next dog related video however if you've stumbled across this video because of the content or if I send you the link to the video because of what we will be discussing in a few minutes and you are a dog lover then you might want to look at my other videos because this channel is all about grooming tips favourite dog products and everything having to do with things that dog lovers love so if you look at the other videos and subscribe we would love to have you follow us here alright so this video is a little bit of a personal video it's a lot personal actually and it's all about my journey with my weight loss and I've had so many people ask questions about the program that I'm doing and they wanted me to do a video

and so that is why I'm doing the video on the program that I am just to give you a little bit of history of my personal journey I started my weight loss journey a little over two years ago and to date I have lost 99 pounds actually I may have lost a little bit more than 99 pounds I think I'm probably over a hundred now but my last weigh-in was a few days ago and I did I was at 99 pounds a few days ago but I think I'm okay so anyway I'm gonna tell you guys how I did it and what has worked for me now first of all the first thing I want to say is that I love food probably more than anybody who has ever walked this earth I love food I'm Italian and I just love the way it tastes I don't emotional eat I don't do any of that kind of stuff however I just love I love the way that food tastes so for me doing this the right way and not having surgery or taking diet pills was very difficult but I have done it and I'm going to show you how first thing that I want to say is that it is all in the mind it really is it is all up here until you get it in your head that you are going to do this

like I did you're not gonna do it it has to be a mindset and it wasn't until I got really pissed off at myself because I knew that I was you know creating health problems because of my weight and I mean a 100 pounds heavier that is a lot of weight I still can't believe that it is embarrassing it is disgusting I just cannot even believe that I was that much overweight I feel fabulous I cannot even believe that I was carrying around 100 extra pounds it is just it's surreal to me it really is and to think that I you know didn't really realize how overweight that I was is just unreal and I look back at the pictures and it's like who was that person so the real me is finally like coming out so I am I'm just so happy and I'm so happy to share with anyone who you know wants to know what I did how I did it and that is why I'm doing this video so many people have come to me and said that you know you're so inspirational I mean so many people have told me that and I appreciate that so much but really to be honest I don't see myself as being like any like inspirational at all and I just it's

really you know it touches my heart because I know the struggle I and I will live the struggle for the rest of my life so for someone to say that it just really it touches my heart and I want to share with you know you guys and anyone out there who struggles with this as well because it is something that so many people struggle with so let's get down to what exactly I did first of all I did not have surgery I did not take one diet pill I've done everything on my own I started out two years ago buying healthy meals I would buy three meals a day six days a week and then I would have a cheat meal on Sundays that worked really well for a while but then I kind of really got tired of eating the same thing and it was I don't know I was losing weight as fast as what I should have been losing weight and so in April I started Ideal Protein and I know that a lot of people have had questions on Ideal Protein and so I am going to explain exactly what it is okay the first thing I want to say is that I am not affiliated with ideal protein at all I don't work for them I don't have a

interest in their company nothing I don't get anything for free I pay for everything myself I am only doing this video because I've been asked to do this and to explain the program to to several people so because I had this channel and because I have the means to do this with the equipment I am making this video so the first thing if you are interested in ideal protein is go to the website it's ideal protein calm and look up a center near you they will tell you exactly where their centers are so that you can find a center to you near you you will go to a center to get weighed in every week and to get measured and to buy your food and your vitamins you are doing this one-on-one so you don't sit with you know other people it's just you and your coach there is a coach there that that measures your ways you in selling your food and also she is there to answer any questions that you have as far as my success on Ideal Protein like I said I did start it in April and since April today is November 12 I think the date is today and I have lost 55 pounds from April to November so that has been my success

with Ideal Protein and i love it it is absolutely the easiest diet that i have ever been on and it is it works it is very very strict there are no cheat days at all but it works so basically what you do on your first visit you will go and meet with your coach get weighing in get measured in you will buy the supplements and food for a week that is your most expensive week and it costs me about three hundred and fifty dollars but I got all of my supplements and one week's worth of food now how most centers do this is your first week of food is usually a bunch of different items so that you can see exactly which items you like and which items you don't like I will tell you that there are a lot of there items that I hated but there are some items that I loved and those are the items that I eat every week over and over and over again so this is one of the vitamins here this is calcium magnesium potassium a multivitamin and your omega-3s so you get a month supply in your first week of all of those vitamins now I personally take biotin and this is to help with my hair so that I don't lose hair and I also take b12 which keeps me healthy so

these are two things that I got from GNC that are not associated with the plan but I take these so you'll get your vitamins during your first week and your first week of food and then after that you go to your Center once a week to weigh in and get measured and by your weeks where the food of the items that you like and that usually costs me about ninety to a hundred dollars a week so that's um that's the cost so it is pricey but it works and it was a lot cheaper than having the surgery so and healthier so that is kind of that's what the price is on the program so this is how the program works until you will start out in phase one and you will stay in phase one until you get to your goal weight now what is in phase one phase 1 you will get or you will eat three packets of their food a week and a packet could be a ready-made drink like protein shake it could be a snack like the vanilla crispy square it could be a soup like the broccoli and cheese soup mushroom soup leek soup chili so it could be soup or like this wafer here which is one of my favorite it's the lemon wafer so you eat three of these a day how you eat

them and what you eat is up to you it doesn't matter just that you have three okay so what I normally do for breakfast is I like to go and get two shots of expresso from a local coffee house and I have them fill it up with ice in this extra-large cup and then I add in a vanilla pre-made protein drink to that and that is my breakfast and then for lunch I'll usually have a soup so that's my second packet that's actually my third packet let me back up I have my breakfast which is the 1 packet with the drink you can have they have oatmeal they have pancakes they have all sorts of things this is just what I choose to have for breakfast then about mid-morning about 10 o'clock I will usually have a lemon wafer a lot of times I will just have half of this because it's kind of big so I'll have a half of the lemon wafer at 10 it's important that you eat something every three hours and drink lots and lots and lots of water so that's what I have at 10:00 at around one o'clock during the day I will have a packet of soup usually the broccoli and cheese soup now along with your packet you do need two cups of vegetables and what I do from my

broccoli and cheese soup is I will add in two cups of chopped broccoli to the soup and it makes it like a really chunky soup and then there are a list of unrestricted vegetables that you can have as much as you want and cucumbers is on that list so I'll always have a cucumber salad with vinegar and sea salt and pepper and I'll have that to kind of fill me up so I'll have the soup packet the broccoli in or the two cups of broccoli and the cucumber salad for lunch then mid-afternoon at about four o'clock I'll have the other half of this wafer so that's you know keeping with my every three hours and then you are your day on your three package you have all three packets that you can have for the day but then you make your own supper and supper consists of a lean protein two cups of vegetables you do have to have little bit of olive oil to get some fats in there and that's about it your lean proteins can be chicken steak like lean steak sirloin for uh filet mignon shrimp scallops fish pork tenderloin any lean meat turkey so anything lean and you have 8 ounces of your lean protein and 2 cups of vegetables from an approved

vegetable list so you can't have all vegetables you can't have sweet potato you can't have corn there is a list they give you a list and it'll have all of your vegetables that you can have such as broccoli cauliflower asparagus mushrooms all of those vegetables are listed on the list so you have two cups of those and then you can have a salad from your unrestricted lips you know lettuce cucumbers there's not very much on that unrestricted list but cucumbers is what I go to because I'm not a real big lettuce person and that is what kind of fills me up so I like to have a cucumber salad with supper as well so that's it that's phase one very very easy I love the fact that I can throw up my three packets in my bag to come to work and I don't have to think about all I need to do a lean protein for lunch where am I gonna find that I need to cook it ahead of time no I just worry about that when I get home and cook that for supper and then as far as what you do with your packet and your food at night there are many many current resources out there Facebook Facebook has an awesome group for phase one supporters and they have all sorts

of recipes ideas help from other people on Facebook that are doing phase one and you get a lot of good information like that there is also a group on Facebook called Geneva's cookbook and she is a great person who has lost a lot of weight on Ideal Protein and she makes things with these packets so I have made lots of her recipes I have her cookbook and I will do things with the packets that you I mean like I'll make muffins with the chocolate chip packet pancake packing it in the chocolate pudding packet and she'll give you a recipe to make that and she'll tell you how much you know if it counts as one how many you need and all that stuff so there's lots of things that you can do with the foods that are not just straight out of the packet so you can get creative to be honest with you I haven't really gotten really creative because I don't have the time so I've kept it very very simple I tend to eat the same things all the time but if you're a person that wants to get creative in the kitchen there are plenty of recipes that you can do with the packets that you can use all of your packets to make you know special things so that's great

and then we have phase 2 and phase 3 and I am NOT gonna even talk about that in that vid in this video I will save that for another video but that's it that is all that it takes to do phase one you stay on phase one and two you get to go away no cheat days it works its strict but it's worth it I hope is helped by however if you are grooming tips and favorite product reviews and everything having to do with dogs so please stick around and subscribe no no fabulous I am there's the phone if you've come across this video and you are if you cover and I have a little Shih szu and I give all sorts of grooming tips for her and her sisters and hi guys I'm here today to give you a little bit of a different video than normal this is our first video no no first of all if you go wait first of all let me say this I am not affiliated with Ideal Protein at all I'm sorry there's a huge plane outside sorry I'm filming in front of my studio and we get rude noise plane noise and everything else