07 September 2017

My Personal Supplement Stack | Only legit, quality supps

Supplements are polarizing, many swear by them while others think they're useless. Hard to call a billion dollar industry useless, but the answer does lie ...

so I worked in the supplement industry

in some capacity for my entire adult life so I think if there's one thing that I can speak on with confidence its supplements so I want to show you guys my supplement stack what I take why I take it I want to let you guys know I have no affiliation with any company so all my recommendations here are legitimate the first thing we'll some of the wellness stuff first these are digestive enzymes and the probiotic so I would say in my mid-20s I started noticing that I just wasn't digesting things as well as I used to and also for someone that was never really sick throughout their entire life there are two or three occasions where I got really sick so these are two things that I take I don't take it every day I want to become reliant on it but the digestive enzymes like I said take is needed it just helps me to digest and absorb nutrients and it's something that's often overlooked in our diets it's not just about eating the right foods if you're not digesting and absorbing those nutrients then it's it's a wash what's the point so you have to be mindful of what your body absorbs

well what makes you bloated things of that nature and the probiotic also has an effect with digestion but it also has an immune system boosting effect as well don't like to take it every day but something I take as needed next thing also sort of in the wellness category is a multivitamin this is an a fight by gooseberry nutrition multivitamin is just gonna kind of fill the gaps in your diet no matter how good diverse and nutrient-dense your diet is you're gonna be missing something particularly if you're active you're gonna need a little more say magnesium so multivitamin just fills in the gaps is something I like to pay up for multivitamin prices range a lot and the quality range is a lot as well adabot has really excellent forms of each individual vitamin like pharmaceutical grade stuff so you know you're getting a good product it also has two grams of carnitine carnitine is I've never considered amino acid or B vitamin derivative but it helps if fatty acids into mitochondria to be used for energy which of course it's a good thing and it has beta alanine which is good for muscular

endurance in the form of two servings if you remember I've mentioned it in a previous video about this which I'll get to in a second beta alanine is something you should take over the course of the day and not in one shot so with this obviously it's a to serving multi you going to take it probably the morning at night so that's the best way to take beta alanine these next two are pretty much interchangeable they're both stem free pre workouts this is carbonate saline Norton's company this is actually going away so I don't want to spend too much time on it I actually bought this while I had this because I didn't know who was stim free I just made the assumption that it had caffeine in it but it doesn't it's a stim free pre-workout good formulas six grams is citrulline three grams of creatine which is enough by the way most people don't need five unless you're particularly large betaine this has carnitine as well theobromine which i believe has a a thermogenic effect and this other herbal herbal extracts which are good for mental focus and things of that nature there's some good comprehensive product

like I said it's going away so I don't want to spend too much time on it green magnitude a rather simple formula but it's it's one of the first supplements I ever took and I had success with this so it's something I always kind of stuck with it's 5 grams of creatine in the form of die creatine malate and magnesium creatine Kili now some people tell you that it doesn't matter what form of creatine you take which may be true but I've had success with this and I figured I would stick with it just because all the research has been done in creatine monohydrate doesn't mean the other forms are worthless or not potentially better so this has been beating as well touring and tyrosine simple formula just a quality stim free pre-workout and there are certain days where you don't want stimulants or work late at night and both of these are pretty solid options this I reviewed in a previous video again I won't go into too much detail on it but this really packs a punch it covers all your bases it has 15 grams of clustered deck string which it is a carbohydrate explained with this is first of all this entry served by a new

company called intra Army it's something you take during or even post training so 15 grams of clustered action which is probably the best carbohydrate on the market right now six grams of ranch in the US is five grams glutamine two point four grams of citrulline and 1.5 grams of electrolyte it's really good electrolytes really hard to find a good electrolyte formula nowadays this has a little bit of beta alanine as well so you'll see you know some things cross over a little bit but that's okay you're not going to not gonna overdo it on any of these particular ingredients one thing you won't see in my arsenal is a protein powder now for any particular reason relating back to the first supplement I just don't digest protein very well so it's not something that I'm gonna spend my money on I don't have much of an issue getting protein via my diet and protein powders essentially what essentially you're buying is convenience there's nothing to inherently special about protein powder it's got a great amino acid profile but sodas eggs and chicken and beef and fish so this that's other options you don't necessarily have

to take a protein as far as a pre-workout that has stimulants I'll try things now and then but to be honest I work out in the mornings I usually have just coffee with some coconut oil and some heavy cream just get some facts in my diet so I'm not training completely fasted and I'll probably take the intro Reserve intro workout or if I'm trying to keep my carbs low I'll even take the the carbon intro workout that's the way I do it pre-workout so fine like I said I've tried but I don't go out of my way to purge anyone the better ones you have to pay up for and I just don't feel I particularly need it the coffee does be fine in the intro workout does me fine there you go guys I mean let me know what you take let me know if you're questioning anything to take I'll be happy to give an honest recommendation of the label because odds are you know I haven't tried everything but I can look at a label and tell you if it's good or not so let me know what you take in the comment section and I'll get back to you guys thank you guys for watching I appreciate your time as always have an

excellent day