17 June 2019

My other favorite supplement company

hey guys and one of my previous videos I

had you know had my animal shirt on and had talked about you know I felt like I was part of team animal which I do because I do love animal and more than likely they'll always be one animal product on my shelf but I felt the need to say that there will also always be some sort of bread cotton one product and I'm a really big fan of both of them they're the only two supplement companies I use and redcon one has some really amazing products I will say this about them and you know they'll be upset at me for saying it but they'll never watch this video so it doesn't remember their prices I feel like are just a little too high and as much as as much as I love them you know I can't I can't now that maybe over time maybe as the company goes on they will fix a bunch of that because there is just no reason for some of the process they have on stuff there should be no multivitamin that cost seventy something dollars or which they change that now it's 60 something there's no joint support that should be $60 $70 unless you're getting three or four months worth but I said I have not tried the med kit or the Foxtrot yet mainly because of the

process and there's just there's others there's others too but very good products I love them I will continue to support redcon one and I will always wear their apparel use some of their gear because I do think they're a good supplement company and I do think that I do think that they are doing some good things and they're bringing some cool stuff some very good pre workouts good BCA's you know for the most part everything tastes great MRE bar is one of the best protein bars tasting protein bars I've ever tried I can always try their breakfast bar but anyway guys I just felt I felt the need to recognize redcon because you know really it's unfair to say it's just animal you know for me cuz it's not and I don't I don't like I don't like not involving a company that I do think very highly of and you know red comb one is a very big supporter of military families and the military in general and I am too I never was a part of the military but I do I do like their theme and I do like the fact that they recognize military and hopefully one day soon you know their their product prices will go down and they'll be a little bit more affordable

for people you know and it's not all their products and I'm saying all their products are horribly Frost there's just some that it just doesn't make any sense why they would be that much but anyway I I do consider myself part of also a part of the red cotton one and I said I love love their products and but they have some really cool here they come out with and I think all around it's just a very good product and I'm gonna get off here rest in peace Dallas McCarver and that's it that's it I'll see you guys next time right on one