08 June 2019



so if you guys as people Torres so today

I'm gonna tell you guys do my little morning routine I've been eating probably the same breakfast for probably like but man since high school that's populated eight nine ten years consistent of even most likely the same thing I've slowly added other things because they used us used to be eggs and then like some ham and that was it but we obviously show you the same thing over and over it starts getting nasty so I'm gonna show you guys what I do so first I have some Canadian bacon the ten grams of protein so three slices will get you 10 grams of protein first light so I normally use three of these so for my eggs I always use the last and what's the difference with brown eggs Y days I don't think it really matters this much so normally I make my breakfast with three whole eggs and then I add egg whites I'll add half a cup of egg whites which is a four ounces and that's equivalent to like 25 grams of protein and a glass is really low in calories because each egg yolk has about six grams of fat a good fat don't get your omegas help you lubricate your joints all that stuff so with three egg yolks

to county getting a lot of fat I don't really have that much fat so in the morning I get my fat in because I'm gonna go chain right after this so you gotta get those calories in there so I'll use three whole eggs today I'm probably only use more so I'm cooking for the dude behind the camera so we're gonna make a little bit bigger breakfast so start with it so I'm not trying to gain as much weight but get my calories in there I don't count my macros um I recommend you you should I used to just so you know how much like food is like when I see chicken breasts I know how much 4 ounces how much eight ounces if I see Christ I know how much it is cuz I've used to weigh it out so you get an idea of how much you need to eat but if you have no idea you'll never know you're just guessing it if you're trying to lose weight I recommend you only eating oddly one egg yolk and then having a full cup of egg whites so you're getting all your protein in still but your duty and your in your fat we're only getting about six grams and then if you're not really dressed trying to put on more muscle I'll go to two to three eggs and then

probably I said half a cup which is four ounces so let me add up to 180 since I'm making food for not just me my cameraman sought to maintain his way so I'm given two eggs there's nonstick pans like you know they say they nonstick but man they stick so I always puts on top of a little bit of oil coconut oil probably the healthiest benefit please do them olive oil all that stuff but I've heard lots of good reviews from coconut oil drop like I said it says three slices will get you 10 grams of protein it's 97 percent fat free so normally ham and all that stuff is very high you know sodium and what took effect this is a thing that's for three slices is 125 grams of fat so super low in fat and you still get protein I normally use three when I have my three eggs and a half a cup of egg whites but like I said I'm taking for the cameraman - so I'm gonna go five slices of ham a little bit oil on the pan rotate it yes I'll I just have ham and eggs and it would be whatever if I got older to say so I started adding little things I don't even like onions when I throw them in my food a little bit I don't I don't

invest at all like maybe some block do you play feel like I need to because I just don't like vegetables spinach is probably the one thing but I do like I like my hands round now anyway this is pure protein like you zero fat $75 sodium zero carbs or sugar it's all proteins liquid protein so no no I do how about a half a cup that's the lyrics I'm cooking for more people a little bit one make sure you shake these well soon full cup in this Laura and with your eggs and this is way cheaper than boxing crap just i used to crack eggs and just like get the egg white out of it in a way that you over to me that's like placing the egg so I use any Western blot super people by my bathroom of course Costco Kirkland a lot cheaper where there's no bonus it was I thought though the eggs and they just like the only green meal you'll see right here while you're waiting for the stuff to go is the best time of those stuff away let you go yeah so man breakfast it's like honestly the most important meal of the day I'm starting you off with a good your day with a good meal it's so much easier to have a good but if you just wake up you don't eat

breakfast and you go to a bagel store you will just a coffee you like you're just setting yourself up so if I buy a cookie there I kind of out like with you there to buy something but what about my breakfast and I eat it I'm just like alright well next you know it's got to be good this because it makes sense like once you work out you don't crave junk food you crave something to help you tell us a little bit about that's all my plans a little bit click right there for the eggs you go there like this out real quick I don't like my my egg burnt so right away I just I love oranges well this is cooking I'm gonna get my rice ready so I'm super lazy and I'm always on the go so my advice is this straight just frozen already cooked right if it takes two minutes to cook I get it from Whole Foods this Thai jasmine rice is fire so I'm like get my calories and I got to eat a certain amount of carbs I don't tell him but like I said I'm just I'm used to my body that I know my body wants car and then when it doesn't so I got deadlifts and some bench today so I got a part of book so I'll be having these two cups of rice with lying breakfast sounds good that's coming out

takes a little bit longer than what the egg whites liquid and it's like this bathroom is just pure eggs but yeah there we get in there see if I already look like that's not gonna cook this bought like three now coughs I need four cups of rice who else a lot [Music] breakfast is served see I just still sticks it's alright though can't forget the ketchup while you skinny people hiding you want have the bad catch of the RC coz up has a shitload of sugar think of that four grams of sugar 5 grams of carbs this is the no sugar added so it is one carb only 1 gram of sugar the calories are 10 think of the calories on this there are 20 so a little bit less if you want to say so Howard Marshall rice is done now the secret eating right here pink Himalayan salt I've so many health benefits I could go on and on yeah and honestly basic to your food taste so much better it doesn't taste like normal white salt so sprinkle song from there's a lot of rice I'll talk about it a lot there you go Oh My Fitness Pal is a free out I use the abstract my food it's the

easiest way you scan barcodes a lot of stuff what's on the bar if I'm one of the most on your honor gamers making a mess like always I never you failed always because I'll get my camera guy on on pointless to help you man there it is breakfast is served this is my breakfast pretty much I read every day sometimes I'll throw different things in there and just to make it taste like different like some something besides ham by hammers probably the most healthiest so I just either sometimes I don't like them or sometimes I do but yeah so after this I'll go work out then on you know when you do some footage of that too and then from there on Bobby since this meal is pretty high in fat for me I'm you having a meal with no there was not much about after I workout so and only you have some normally chicken your rice for this very low in fat or some fish so a lot of you get some chicken rice after we work out or maybe some fish but that's why I recommend I recommend you doing one deal with hot healthy fast and then that one meal right out there with a little bit less fat like a chicken or

some fish and then right after that switching back to you know like a red mean or something that has a high fat or even like salmon has has high fat so any meal that has good sources of healthy fats don't make you feel a lot make you feel full for a lot longer so that's what I recommend